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Complete normal difficulty

Complete the game on normal difficulty.

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How to unlock the Complete normal difficulty achievement

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    Solo Boss Tips Below!

    This game is setup in the following way:

    World 1: 8 Levels, Boss Level
    World 2: 8 Levels, Boss Level
    World 3: 8 Levels, Last Boss

    You have to beat the last level on Normal for this achievement. You change the difficulty on the Level Select screen with the cn_X button.

    I haven't tried this in Co-Op but solo, you ONLY have to complete the last boss level on Normal, Hard and Nightmare to pop the achievements for completing the game on each, no need to beat all the levels. Once you have done the 3rd difficulty, you'll also unlock the achievement for completing every difficulty.

    Note: Game is Local Co-Op Only. Also achievements aren't Stackable, meaning if you beat Nightmare, it'll pop the Nightmare Achievement, but not the Hard or Normal ones. I STRONGLY recommend you beat the whole game on Normal, then just do the last levels. Forest 6 is the easiest level to level up heroes.

    For anyone seeking tips on beating the Last Boss on Solo Nightmare, here:

    - First off this took me hours, and I got screwed over a few times.
    - You're limited to Level 90, make sure to be this level at least. (This is Max Level)
    - Your best bet is to run around avoiding the flowers and kill the gremlins but keep away from the boss until he gets an exclamation point over his head. He'll begin wandering and I suggest if available use any of the 3 shot weapons and run right up behind him, shooting goblins if they get too close.
    - If he turns red, he's buffing all the other characters and is invulnerable. Fight off the goblins.
    - If he smashes the ground, he slows your movement and will walk towards you and swing his arm which is an instakill. You only have two options.
    A - If you're right behind him, walk slowly into him and he should swing over you and miss.
    B - If you're running around the arena you should be keeping distance, if you're 3/4 away, you should regain speed before he gets to you.
    * - IF YOU HAPPEN to be in that weird mid-range where you're pretty much screwed, guess which arm he's gonna use (no indicator) and walk sideways to try and avoid where his arm will slam to the outside of his body.

    That's it. Keep going.

    If you'd prefer a video, I AM CULLY also posted this:
    Here's a video showing me easily beating the final boss on Nightmare for anyone who prefer a visual. If he's following you -run away. If he's not following you, run up to his ankles and spam.
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