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Provoked and defeated the security forces in Central Production B

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Achievement Guide for Secret Achievement

  • LuffyXxXhugoLuffyXxXhugo920,377
    19 May 2017 19 May 2017 19 May 2017
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    After defeating the first boss, you'll take a train to a new zone.
    In this zone just head to the right of the safezone and before you can go to the right, just in front of you there will be a little zone with stairs. Inside there will be two ennemies with staff. Kill them and the achievement is yours. They are tougher than the other ennemies in the zone and they can parry so be prepared.

    Note : if you kill one of them and you die, you don't have to kill him again because they don't respawn.

    Calex dEUS said that you should go for a right arm cut to obtain their weapon because you need it for Irina's quest line

  • cooper101183cooper101183684,673
    22 Aug 2017 22 Aug 2017 22 Aug 2017
    5 0 0
    You will find these guys in Central Production B near the medbay.

    Take your first left after medbay and you will see these guys behind some crates.

    I discovered a really simple method for defeating these guys after numerous attempts.

    Use your drone to lure one of guys towards you. Make Sure either his head or body is targetted (really important
    He will begin to run towards you, Now sprint towards him hit RB when you are close (not too close) and you will begin to slide then you will hit . You should notice his health down by significantly provided you targeted a specific body part. Back Off he will return to his position. Use the ranged drone again as a lure and repeat the slide attack. This allows you to inflict great damage probably 4 hits. Utilise your drone when the energy bar is filled enough and this will also inflict good damage. Repeat this around 4 times.

    Here is a clip I used this tactic on the second pair of guards

    I was able to take both guys down without losing any health or taking any damage. These guys also drop Gorgon Blueprints so target the head of the first guy then body of the second guy and hit X when available and try and get these blueprints as they offer great defence and as they permanently die you won't have many opportunities

    Once one is dead he is permanently removed, so you dont have to kill both at once.
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