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Complete all Skill Checks.

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This solution focuses on the more difficult Skill Checks in the game. Most of the others will either unlock along with these, are self-explanatory, or are easy enough to get simply with or without practice. I will also assume that you're getting these alone with a single controller unless a 2nd one is required (although using 2 can make a few of these of these (like Twice Removed and Put That Away) easier). I would also like to point out that all Skill Checks can be unlocked on the Easy difficulty. Plus, if you need to know what the weapons look like, refer to the Weapon Glossary in the Extras menu (I forgot that existed too).

Taking The Back Roads
Remain in Backward Driving Mode for an entire lap of any event.
"Turn right to go left."
I believe it's easiest to do this in Fireball Beach Sprint during a Best Lap Challenge event (which has no AI opponents.) Make sure you're in Backward Driving Mode before you cross the checkered line to start a new lap.

2-Wheel A While
Fill 2 turbo meter units by driving in 2-Wheel Driving Mode while "In The Zone."
The best way to get this is by going "In The Zone" a second before you hit a 2-Wheel strip and then immediately go into 2-Wheel Driving Mode and then stay on the strip all the way through to get the turbo bonus and then continue to drive in 2-Wheel Driving Mode as needed.

Twice Removed
Use a Side Bash to Transfer an attached weapon target or Magnetic Mine to an opponent 2 times in a single Battle Race.
What I did to get this was to keep hitting weapon boxes until I got a Magnetic Mine. Then I lob it forward (cn_LSu+cn_Y) and "catch" it. Once I have it on me, I just find someone to Side Bash to get rid of it before it goes off. Try to do the 1st time as early as you can for more time to do it again.

Air Trick Sampler
Perform each of the 4 Air Tricks in a single Air Trick Combo and land successfully.
This Skill Check is referring to the following Air Tricks:
cn_RSu - Front Flip
cn_RSd - Back Flip
cn_RSl - Aileron Roll
cn_RSr - 180° Spin
There are lots of places to pull this off, but if you're having trouble, an easy spot to do this in is on Fireball Beach Sprint during a Stunt Showcase event. There's a ramp right before you get on the beach that can get you a lot of air time. I recommend finishing with the 180° Spin as it's the shortest of the Air Tricks.

Put That Away
Use the Nullifier to forcefully disarm an opponent's Spike Strips weapon.
For this, I was pretty much just relying on luck. The good thing, however, is that you don't need to be close to the guy with the Spike Strips. Just keep firing the Nullifier until the Skill Check eventually unlocks.

Passing Through
Advance 3 positions in a Battle Race with the Booster Jets activated.
Fall back in the race until you're with a group of at least 3 other opponents. Then keep hitting weapon boxes until you get the Booster Jets. If you need to catch up with the 3+ racers, just use a normal turbo and right before you pass the first guy, hit the Booster Jets. Just be careful that no one hits you with their own weapon while you're boosting through.

Rubbing It In
Fire the Spike Strips weapon while in 1st place.
Like most arcade-style racers, only certain weapons are acquirable when you've fallen far enough back in the race. The Spike Strips is one of those weapons. But I would suggest you have a full turbo meter first. Then while you're in 10th or so, drive into weapon boxes until you get the Spike Strips. Once you do that, go "In The Zone" and ram through the competition while doing stunts to build up more turbo in case you aren't in 1st afterwards. Once you're in 1st, fire the Spike Strips, but pray that no one tells you to "Put That Away" before then.

Record Holder
Earn a 3 Star rating in a Best Lap Challenge event on 5 separate tracks.
This one really isn't that hard if you know what to do. Look for shortcuts (they can be pretty subtle, but they'll shave off quite a few seconds), hit those strips and turbo cans/panels, do stunts like hell, and keep hitting that cn_X all while staying in control. I don't recommend going "In The Zone" though. It's not as effective as just burning through normal turbos.
Remember, there are also Skill Checks for getting 3 Stars on a Thunder Hollow track and the Florida International Speedway.

Fire Away
Destroy 3 Crash Karts with a single Rapid Fire weapon in a Takedown event.
Just to clarify, you can't just blow up a barrel truck and its' blast takes out 3 Crash Karts. You have to shoot down 3 individual Crash Karts. Also, make sure you're on a level plane relative to the Crash Karts you're aiming for. You don't want your Rapid Fire weapon shooting the dirt, do you?

Going For Gold
Destroy 3 golden Crash Karts in a single Takedown event.
After a certain amount of time passes, one of the Crash Karts will turn gold for a few seconds. Luckily, they can be pretty easy to destroy with the Bomb's wide blast radius. Just remember to not aim where the Crash Kart is, but where it's going to be. You can also blow up a barrel truck to destroy it with its explosion.

Very Tricky
Earn 1200 or more points in a single Air Trick Combo in a Stunt Showcase event.
You can easily get this while going for Air Trick Sampler, which I talked about earlier in the solution.

Balloon Breaker
Pop 5 or more Stunt Balloons in a single ramp jump in a Stunt Showcase event.
In Fireball Beach Backwoods Alley, there's a ramp about halfway through the backwoods that leads into 6 different rows of 5 Stunt Balloons. Line yourself up with a row, then hit the turbo, jump, and pray,

Multiplayer Skill Checks
This was the entire reason I made this solution. To tell you that these aren't as intimidating as they may initially seem. Now yes, you can easily get these Skill Checks with another person, but as I stated earlier, this solution was written assuming you're going in this alone. For the most part, they're pretty simple to unlock with one of the players being inactive. The ones I'm gonna focus on, however, are the ones that require both players to win.

A Pair Of Champions
Earn both 1st and 2nd place trophies in the same Champion Cup Series.
There are three of these Skill Checks. One of them is for the Pro Cup Series and the third is for just a Cup Series in general. Now the absolute easiest way to do this is on the Takedown Cup Series'. What you do here is that as one player, you just go about destroying Crash Karts and Barrel Trucks as normally until you earn a high enough score to get 5 Cup Points as that player (It'll tell you when you do). Then you immediately switch to the other controller and do the same thing.

Now at first, you may be thinking (and understandably so) "Well that sounds hard as hell. How am I supposed to catch up with the other player once I'm done racking up the score with the first one and still have enough time remaining?" Well here's the wonderful thing about this event: if the inactive player is too far behind, it will respawn in front of the active player. That way you won't have to do any catching up at all. The downside with this, however, is that the respawning player has a tendency to get in your way. You could accidentally shoot\run into it or it could rob you of potential weapons. But you can easily react to that when the screen on the inactive players side goes black.
You can even unlock these Skill Checks when both players place 1st in the Cup Series.

Top Two Racers
Earn both 1st and 2nd place in a single Multiplayer Race or Battle Race.
I got this on Fireball Beach Sprint during a vanilla Rave event. This is prolly gonna be the hardest one to do alone. But I was able to, so here's the deal. You'll need to find some way to hold both controllers where you have something on both the cn_RT and the cn_LS. How I did this was that I had a table in front of me. I stood leaning my legs in front of it with one controller on the table with the left hand pushing up against my left thigh with my index finger on the cn_RT and my pinky finger on the cn_LS. The other controller was simply in my right hand on the top of it, holding it against my right thigh with my pinky finger on the cn_RT and my index finger on the cn_LS. You might be able to find another way with your knees or a screwdriver or something, though. This was just how I did it.

Now for the fun part. Placing 1st and 2nd. While "racing," just worry about holding both cn_RTs and steering both vehicles as best you can until you get to the beach area on the 3rd lap. Don't try to boost or do any stunts unless you really think you should. However, your turbo meter just fills up by itself while you're driving. By the time you get to the beach on the 3rd lap, you need to have a full turbo meter for both players. Now what I noticed was that, at least on Easy, the AI opponents slow down for you if you fall too far behind. You can use this to help you out. Once you're on the beach on the final lap and you've straightened yourselves out, go "In The Zone" with both players and hopefully you'll both cross the finish line ahead of everyone else.

Also, don't forget that there's a Skill Check for playing a Multiplayer Battle Challenge in the Thomasville Playground. It unlocked for me as soon as I hit the inactive player with a Bomb. And speaking of which...

Thomasville Playground Skill Checks
There are three challenges of each type and you only need at least a silver Award Ring in one of each. All of the objectives are located on the minimap, so glance at that frequently and you should have little difficulty with these Skill Checks.

Barrel Bomb
Grab, tow, and jump throw an explosive red barrel, striking at least 3 opponents with the blast.
I honestly have no idea how I got this one. I just have this one here until I think of something. I know I got it in a Takedown event, though.

Cup Series Master
Earn the gold trophy in the Dinoco All-Star Cup Series.
You unlock this Cup Series by completing all the Champion Cup Series' and Master-Level Events. You get the Champion Cup Series' by beating the Pro Cup Series' and you get that by with the Rookie Cup Series'. However, you don't need to beat all of the Rookie and Pro Cup Series' to get the Dinoco All-Star Cup Series-- just the Champion Cup Series'. Once you unlock the Champion Mixed Cup series (which you get by beating the Champion Racing, Battle Race, and Stunt Showcase Cup Series'), you really just need to beat that... Cup Series.

If anyone has any questions, I'll try to answer them as best as I can.
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