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Pest Control in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Pest Control105 (35)

In Shaolin Shuffle, recover one piece of the Soul Key.

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Achievement Guide for Pest Control

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Achievement won on 21 May 17
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Posted on 21 May 17 at 08:58, Edited on 11 September 19 at 01:03
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This achievement requires you to complete the easter egg and collect the soul key after the ending cinematic plays. In the easter egg, you will also unlock the achievements Message Received and Soul Brother. Some tips before we start if you're going to do this in coop I would suggest you do the Coin-Op achievement all because you're team will get every perk and when you or your team goes down you won't lose your perks. If you're playing solo don't worry about getting it since one of the steps requires you to go down. If you prefer a video guide here's the one I used for it.

Step 1: Once you reach round 5 talk to Pam Grier to get your chi abilities. After you get your Chi abilities you'll want to get to rank 1 in whatever chi ability you're using by getting 15 kills to unlock the shuriken ability. Once you have the shuriken ability go to any of the rat cages on the map doesn't matter which one you go to and throw a shuriken at the cage and follow the rat to wherever it goes. The rat you're chasing will go to other rat cages around the map and when they reach a rat cage you have to throw a shuriken at the cage. The rat will go to 4 cages I think and you'll know you're done when there will be a glowing yellow circle near the area where you threw your shuriken.

Step 2: In the yellow circle you'll have to kill zombies in the circle if the zombie is outside the circle it will not count. When you have enough kills the circle will go away and a few seconds afterward a few Kung few zombies will appear and you must kill them. After you kill them a key will appear where the circle was pick up the key.

Step 3: Now that you have the key go 2nd subway station which is right by the Pink Cat and when you head down the stairs from it a locker will have some Chinese lettering on it that'll look like this . Hold X on the locker and the locker will open and you'll find more Chinese symbols in it. The letters you are looking for are in 3 places 1st is right by the dojo , 2nd one will be in the bathroom on the bottom floor of the disco and the last 2 letters will be in the garden area near the Mystery wheel. After you shot the 4 letters you will hear a gong signaling that you have done it correctly.

Step 4: Outside of the Dojo you will now see a symbol on the floor that will look like a dragon. When you hit X on this symbol it will spawn the Rat King. I would suggest saving a zombie and pack-a-punching whatever weapon you want to use since he will have a lot of health. I would not suggest using the PaP pistols you start off with since explosive damage doesn't do much to him and you run the risk of killing the zombie. The Rat King doesn't have very many moves to hurt you with. Whenever you see a shield icon underneath your crosshairs stop shooting since you can not hurt him since he's blocking your bullets. Once he's dead he will drop a glowing green eye hold X on it and return to Pam Grier and talk to her. If you do not talk to her the next step will not activate.

Step 5: Now that you have the eye and talked to Pam Grier symbols that you saw to summon the Rat King will now show up in 6 of 13 locations around the map. They do not spawn all 6 symbols at once it will only spawn 1 at a time. In order to see these symbols you now have to use your newly acquired eye ability which is activated by hitting LB. You have unlimited of that ability like the sausages from Rave in the Red Woods. The locations of these symbols are at
1: In spawn area lookup and from Up and Atoms and then turn left to the end of the hallway and you'll see it.
2: After exiting swan turn left and look into the open window.
3: Inside of the Black Cat Dojo look to the opposite side Pam Grier is and to the right of the right most symbol it will be right there.
4: Inside of the punk rock bar Heebie Jeebies it will be on the back of the speaker on the left side.
5: Go up from the rampart from Heebie Jeebies and look to the window immediately to the right and it'll be on the right side.
6: From 5 keep going towards the garden and before you go down the stairs to turn on power turn around and look at the building to the right.
7: Inside of Garden area go to the Mystery wheel and turn around it will be on the clothe that are out to hang.
8: Right before you go into the disco from the alleyway from the Black Cat Dojo if you look right you'll see a cop car the symbol will be on the side of the car.
9: On the left side of the Disco Rooftop you will see a water tower the symbol will be on the top of it.
10: On the disco rooftop you can use your chi ability to break open a short cut to get back to the walkway of disco break it open and on the vent will be the symbol.
11: Outside of the disco right by The Pink Cat the symbol will be on the left side of the Inferno Room sign.
12: In the reception area of the disco there will be a room that glows blue to the left of the clock on the reception desk/ on the other side of trail blazers you might have to jump to see the symbol on the ground by the door.
13: In the 2nd subway tunnel find the Bang Bangs perk machine and turn around. You will have a tiny slit to look through to see the symbol or you can jump.

Step 6: Now that you have shot the 6 symbols one of the payphones in either of the subway tunnel will ring an easy way to see which one is ringing is seeing which phone isn't glowing red. Now you have to hold X on the phone and you will have to listen carefully to the phone because now you have to do Morse code. The reason you need Morse code is because once you have the number you need you will have to find the Nightmare Summer poster which has that film registration number on it which can be found on the bottom left of the poster. The possible Combinations for the Morse code are 281, 407, 420, 596, 713 and 818. Here's a picture of how to decode what your number is. How this works is that short beeps are dots and longer beeps ore dashes.

Step 7: Now that you have decoded the Morse code you must now find the poster that has that number on it and hold X. There are 6 poster locations. (Note: if you pick the wrong poster Willard Wyler will laugh and you will have to do step 5 again and the poster numbers will change.)

1: in spawn opposite side of where Up and Atoms are at.
2: Immediately after getting out of spawn area turn left after going up the stairs.
3 To the right of the Magic Wheel on the roof above Heebie Jeebies.
4: Right before going up the steps from the alleyway to get into the disco turn around and you'll see it.
5: On the rooftop of Disco find the magic wheel and turn around and you should see it.
6: In subway station 2 find where the power switch is at and turn around go forward and you'll see it on the wall.

Step 8: Now that you have the poster go to the rooftop of disco and put the poster on the spotlight
by holding X on it. Once you have done that look where the spotlight is pointing at a window will now have an X on it shoot the window with any explosive weapon or grenades you may have. Once you have you have done kung-fu zombies will start appearing.

Step 9: After killing all the kung-fu zombies weird symbols are going to appear on the rooftop along with a letter by the rooftop entrance. Now you must play the name game in which you must spell a name or word. There are 6 symbol locations on the rooftop. This is the best Cypher I could find to help people with what symbols correlates to which letter.
External image

If you fail 5 times on this step you must wait until the next round to do it again. Every time you shoot the symbols they will also change.

The location for the symbols are
1: To the left of the regular letter.
2: To the left of the scaffolding.
3: Underneath the tarp on the scaffolding to the right of the magic wheel.
4: Inside of the window to the left of the vents.
5: Opposite of the wall where all the chairs are on the left side of the rooftop.
6: On the white table closest to the rooftop exit.

So the confirmed names that'll work for this step are as listed

Step 10: Now that you have completed the name game now go over to the rooftop above where racing stripes and you'll see another symbol that summons the rat king. Do the same thing as step 4 and pick up his brain after killing him.

Step 11: Talk to Pam Grier

Step 12: When you talk to Pam Grier some film tearing will appear on the top right part of the screen. Basically, you will have to survive for another 2 and a half to 3 rounds before the entire screen tears and you'll see missing reel Shaolin shuffle and you'll be teleported to the street outside of the Dojo area and being ambushed so be prepared. There will be fire on all the exits and if you try to escape you will go down instantly. After killing all the zombies the fire will go away and a glowing object will appear that is the missing stile that goes into the turnstile in the spawn area. Once you put the stile into place you will unlock the achievement Message Received. (Note: If you're using the snake LB chi ability that summons a skeleton it will delay when the fire goes away.)

Step 13: Now that the stile is in place go to the scaffolding in the alleyway before disco climb up and then look through the now open window and shoot the symbol

Step 14: Shooting the symbol has now created a glowing circle beneath you in the alleyway. basically do the same thing you've been doing with the circles and kill zombies inside of the circle. You have to do this 5 or 6 times but the circles will be in different locations. You'll know when you're done when you hear a gong sound. There are only 5 locations that the circle can spawn in. The locations are
1: The alleyway where it first spawned.
2: Inside of spawn right before the doorway to Tuff Nuff
3: In the room where you entered the disco from the alleyway.
4: On the path in the garden where it's a small octagon in between disco and the power in the garden.
5: The location where you summoned the Rat King the second time around.

Step 15: After hearing the gong go to the dj booth and hold X on the turntable and now on the dance floor you'll see a zombie dancing with a disco ball above his head. The goal of this step is to transfer the disco ball from one zombie to another. In order to transfer the disco ball is you have to kill the zombie that has the disco ball while another zombie is on the dance floor. Sometimes the zombie with the disco ball will be outside the dance floor but that's okay. You'll hear a gong when you're finished. (Note: If you kill the zombie with the disco ball while no zombies are around it will spawn another one shortly so don't worry about messing it up. If you're in a rollerblader round and the disco zombie spawns the round won't end until the zombie dies.)

Step 16: Go outside of the disco onto the street where The Pink Cat building is and on the floor, the last symbol to summon the Rat King will be there. Basically same thing as before. After he dies pick up his heart. His heart will count as a primary grenade and when it's used it will blow up some if not most zombies in sight.

Step 17: Talk to Pam Grier for the final time.

Step 18: Prepare for the final fight by doing any final Pack A Punches or getting something for the box because you won't be able to leave the Rat King's room until you beat him. Something that will really help in the fight is double pack-a-punching weapons. Guns like the Augor becomes stupid powerful and will have a much larger clip and way more extra bullets. The Augor when double pack-a-punched will have 999x7 reserve ammo. In order to do double pack-a-punch go into the pack-a-punch room press the button on the left wall run out of the room head into the portal to the right of exiting the pink cat next to blue bolts and immediately turn right and you'll see an open fuse box with 2 fuses in them pick them up by holding X on them. After picking up the fuses go to the tunnel where the train passes through and put the fuses on the exposed on the tracks that are closest to you. After you place them down get off the tracks and wait for the train to come by. Once the train passes through they'll be charged and you can pick them back up. After picking the fuse back up go back to the pack-a-punch room and insert the fuse and you will be able to double pack-a-punch your weapon a second time for 10,000. Here's a video if you need it.

Step 19: Go into the Rat King's room. When entering the Rat King's room there will be a short cinematic that plays showing Pam joining in the fight. Now, this fight Will be divided into 3 main phases and 4 damage phases. Interesting things to note between Solo play and Coop and some interesting tips for this fight. Solo players can not die in this fight unless they run out of ammo because they're constantly being revived by Pam Grier. In coop Pam can pick people up but it sometimes she will troll you by doing nothing or do her sword trick. If you're in your chi form you can break open the boxes and find perks inside of them. The fight will begin with you damaging the Rat King while being swarmed by zombies. The ventilation trap is really useful for these phases since it'll suck up all zombies in the area. After damaging him enough he will teleport to the rafters to where you can't hurt him. You'll get hit markers on him but you're not doing anything to him. Now you can choose what phase you would like to do. You can choose to do heart, sight or brain first. In order to do whichever you want you must pick up that item and put it in the middle. Here's a brief explanation of all 3 of the items and their challenges.

Heart: Probably the most annoying of the 3 to do because during this one you're on a strict time limit to do this. On the floor of the outer circle green piles of goo will spawn in and the goo will hurt you. The only way to get rid of the goo is to kill a zombie on top of it. If you do not get rid of the puddles in time they will all spawn back and you will have to do it again. My recommendation is creating crawlers with the double pack a punched Kendall 44 but you can also train them in a big circle and shoot them or throw shurikens at them.

Sight: To complete sight you must shoot the symbols on the wall, ceiling or in one of the pipes when your sight power is activated. Note these symbols will comeback slowly if you're not fast enough. Use the Ventilation shaft trap (or use hide and seek if you have that fate and fortune card on you) for this one to make it easier.
Note from TA user Cr4ck Sh0t23 "in the sight part of the final stage, I was having a hard time hitting the targets. I was using the mauler and was struggling. Running around trying to aim at the symbols while dodging zombies were eating my ammo fast. However when I switched to the PAP Kendall 44, made it 10x easier. I didn't have to worry much with aiming since the explosive damage hit the target in close range. If you are struggling at this part, try the Kendall 44."

Brain: I'm not so sure how this really works but here's how I kinda interpret it. For brain, you will need to protect the brain in the middle. For this one there will be 3 types of enemies in this phase regular zombies, the Rat King and blue-eyed zombies which are your friend for this challenge since the blue-eyed zombies are trying to protect the brain. Basically the point of this one is to distract the rat King and the zombies. If the Rat King does his slam to the blue-eyed zombies don't worry this will happen a lot. This phase will take a while.

After you beat each phase a max ammo will spawn on the ground and then you will have to fight the rat King again until he goes to the rafters again. He will summon annoying kung-fu zombies. When he summons his kung fu zombies walk don't run since when you run it cause them to teleport more often. After doing all 3 phases you will have to do one last damage phase on the rat King and after you beat him the final time you will get an ending cinematic and you'll get the Soul Brother achievement if you created the pack-a-punch room. After the cutscene ends pick up the soul key to unlock the pest control achievement.

Your reward for doing the easter egg beside the achievements are the Katana that's in the dojo which cost nothing if you did the easter egg in that game or the ability to buy the katana for 10,000 in every other game after beating the easter egg. After picking up the katana you can go pack-a-punch to get the achievement Sliced and Diced.
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