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The Way of Masamune

Collect 10000 Orbs of Masamune

The Way of Masamune+54.4
14 January 2020 - 2 guides

Achievement Guide for The Way of Masamune

  • appare13appare13880,554
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    bigsmok3r`s solution works well, but since I do not like those trials up on the hill very much and kept failing from time to time, I ended up using another (solo) farming method for those masamune marbles:
    I started up free roam on the sidemission-map "Heisenberg 3". Check if the "Lord of War"-Miniboss is nearby, easiest done with hitting the select-button (whatever that`s called now, I tend to forget that) to bring up a bigger map.
    Look around a bit and if you do not find the big red skull in a spot that you can reach in about 10 seconds from your spawn just start free roam again.
    As soon as you find a good spawn with the boss nearby bring him down and you`ll get 27 marbles (Insanity 1 difficulty). Pause the game and from there go back to the main menu. Load up the save again and you will spawn at the same spot with the boss nearby, as long as you do not start another mission or free roam. Kill boss, back to main menu, load up, repeat.

    The boss spawns three tumors when he goes down to his knees the first time. I used two shotguns (Purgator with poison and Boner with electricity) and the "Arm of Orochi"-Sword with ice, but whatever works for you will do.
    Crit chance & damage will help obviously and I enhanced shadow fury as well.
    The 27 marbles will drop every time, even without any %-items for more drops. Killing the boss took me 2.5 minutes in the end with all loading times, but that was with level 160 and all relevant skills maxed.
    If it takes you to long to kill him you can also try out free roam in mission "Flirty Fishing 1". The boss there I could kill in about 2 minutes (including loading times) with ease, because he doesn`t go to his knees and spawns no helpers.
    But the drop rate for the marbles is much lower, about 50% I think. I have not tried other free roams, but it is possible that you can find a better suited boss on a different one.

    Useful hint 1: As you level up you get access to higher difficulty levels (up to insanity 7). While it`s not useful to crank it up for the killing process (bosses drop more marbles, but you`ll encounter more immunities on enemies which will be a hassle to deal with), you can easily exploit it for better weapon-upgrades: Before loading your save hit RB, then choose the highest insanity level available. After loading up just go to the forge and start crafting, you`ll get much better upgrades. After you are done with crafting you can just quit out back
    to main menu, change the difficulty back down and enjoy better weapons.

    Useful hint 2: Probably known by many, but I just dicovered it when I was nearly done: You can cancel out of shadow fury, just press the d-pad down again, you can save some fury with that.
  • bigsmok3rbigsmok3r976,146
    07 Jun 2017 07 Jun 2017 07 Jan 2019
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    Ok so if you're here your in for the long run cause I gotta say this is a very grindy achievement.
    My first advice would be to go through the campaign have fun and whatnot collecting as many relics and runes as you can because my method involves having a strong character. Play on insane and put your game on Public so you can have randoms jump in or some good friends if you have any who have the game. If your by yourself and don't feel your strong enough, Jump in an online game on insane and within an hour or two you'll be ready.
    Anyway I spent about 25 hours having a blast playing with randoms, Getting stronger, Looking for the secrets (Pain in the ass btw) and trying to get these Orbs as quick as I could.
    It felt like it would take forever until I jumped into a Co-op on a Trial. Basically these guys raped it in like 5 mins, So I had 27 Orbs a lot faster than I was getting.
    Now here's the way I found to get 27 in TWO minutes!!!
    This is my setup

    Skills - Life Mastery, Overheal, Call for Medic, Touch of Healer, Shadow Fury, Like the wind, Healing Flame, Chi Mastery, Serene Mind, All 8 Elemental skills maxed, Karma Harvester. Any points you have after upgrading these put on whatever you like.
    Skills are dropped randomly and given through completing certain missions!!

    Armour slots - Crit damage/chance (same gem) All 3 slots
    Amulet slot - Ninja touch (Melee 30% Damage)
    Multiplayer slot - Co-op player damage

    Now your weapon
    Blade of Exile - First slot most powerful Electric rune you have (Mine is Lvl98 Spirit of juice)
    Second and third slot - Crit Damage/chance same gem.
    I used a second sword for immune enemies to electric which is "Ryuken" set the same but with Toxic instead.
    Using this setup my DPS is 850 and I melt everything but once Shadow fury is activated It becomes a joke as in 1350 DPS joke LOLOL.

    Now go up to the Trial area and choose "Trial of Purification II" and kill a few enemies to get your Shadow Fury full and just unleash beastmode on those Mofo's. The thing about this map is there isn't any lava and there is plenty of space to run incase you get overwhelmed. Plus once you have some people in with you it will go much quicker. I was at 3000 odd Orbs before doing this method and 2 days later I got the achievement.
    Good luck and I hope this helps someone get this grindfest of an achievementtoast
    UPDATE- FOXDVD has shared a very good trick below in the comments!
    UPDATE 2- FOXDVD'S trick no longer works:(
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