The Final Chapter achievement in Friday the 13th: The Game

The Final Chapter

Play 1000 multiplayer matches as Jason.

The Final Chapter-8.7
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How to unlock the The Final Chapter achievement

  • EricGarcia4EricGarcia4645,482
    31 Oct 2017 16 Oct 2017
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    Not more of a solution but advice with math included.

    You can ONLY do 24 matches PER HOUR. Yes, 24!

    There are 3,600seconds in an hour. Each match takes around 2min and 30sec (150seconds).

    3,600 /150 = 24 matches played

    So if you are boosting with one other person you will both get 12 matches in 1 hour.

    This achievement will take you: 1,000 matches / 24 matches per hour = 41 hours and 40 minutes to COMPLETE. That is if you double BOXING.

    If you are boosting it with another person that is 12 matches per hour.

    83 hours and 20 minutes MINIMUM to complete this achievement alone.

    Good thing is, you will be netting counselor progression as well.

    Good luck! It is a fun game though.

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    KxlioxIm down as well, add me and msg me if you wanna get this done w me.
    Posted by Kxliox on 25 Mar at 16:42
    EpicZomboI myself am trying to finish the achievement so if anyone would like to grind for a couple of hours a day that would be great!
    Posted by EpicZombo on 16 Apr at 18:54
    TYL3R999Message me TYLERGLOVER999 I need someone that I am able to kill as Jason
    Posted by TYL3R999 on 02 May at 18:51
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  • charliethegamercharliethegamer521,835
    19 Aug 2019 12 Aug 2019
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    OK so here's the run down on what I think is the best way to get these achievements:

    Map: Crystal Lake Small- Has the shortest intro
    Counselor: Vanessa/ Buggzy- Loudest/Fastest counselors
    Jason: Part V Jason- Has the shortest outro, quickest weapon kill , and can run
    Optional: Preparedness perk- Start with a map
    Strategy: The counselor will spawn at one of six locations:
    1. Lower Right
    2. Upper Right/Car
    3. Bathrooms
    4. Archery Range
    5. Boathouse
    6. Garage

    The counselor will tell Jason where they have spawned in at so he quickly teleport and kill you. It's best to memorize these locations so you always know where you spawn in at. But if you don't want to you still can pretty easily tell where you are via the icons on your mini map and your soundings or the map provided below.

    Jason's job is relatively simple he is told where to teleport to and kills the counselor. Here are the quickest ways to kill a counselor:
    Weapon (Shears): Last Breath
    Grab: Choke
    Environmental: Window Throw

    External image
  • ScoobyDoobyD0ntScoobyDoobyD0nt2,545,995
    05 Feb 2020 16 Jan 2020 23 Mar 2020
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    TL//DR: Double box only, Main account hosts, Use map Crystal Lake Small, during loading cutscene use dummy account to scroll your friends list for your main account and press join game to quickly leave and join back to the main accounts game. Total time per match: roughly 2 mins 15 seconds, Aim to finish counselors first by not assigning the role of Jason to anyone

    This method is based off of a comment and another solution i read (Credits and Thanks @Bobby Trippe) which helped me formulate an 'endgame' grinding plot. This is for those who just have to do the 1k counselor, 1k jason, and 1.3k kills/matches played. This is also for those who can double box the game on their own ONLY-you can do this with 2 people but 1 person won't get any progress, therefore making the other solutions your best bet.

    The 'plan' itself: First, use Bobby's solution (read->glitch) to get the kills out of the way
    apparently this glitch is patched, but i still recommend going for bot kills (which takes a bit longer mind you) on the easiest settings, and then going for matches played. it goes faster that way imo

    Solution for Gotta Kill Em All In Friday the 13th: The Game

    Using his solution got me ~750 kills in maybe 4 hours, which is superb. I also capped off at 50 per match roughly, as afterwards Jason gets enraged which makes escaping somewhat longer, which is a slight waste of time that'll add up.

    With that taken care of, all that is left are the 2000 total matches. First, go on the map Crystal Lake Small for the fastest loading time. From the game menu, hit start with both remotes (both xboxs) and then with the host, press cn_RB 4 times to go to the desired map. It is also worth noting that the account you want progress on NEEDS to be host, otherwise you won't get progress at all.

    Once the match starts loading, pick up the dummy account's remote and wait for the ingame cutscene to start playing. Wait for it to play a bit (until the guy gets pulled off the deck into the water) and then go to your friends list, find your main account, and Press Join Game. This will automatically make you leave your current game with the dummy, go to the main menu, then go back to the hosts game. Then it will flash on screen 'you were kicked, Press cn_A " so simply press cn_A and boom, right back where you started. i would recommend Favouriting your main account so that it is right at the top of your friends list, making it take a little less time to scroll down the list.

    The reason why i suggest letting the cutscene play in a bit is because from the main accounts POV, it still needs to load the rest of the cutscene, then finish the match and back out to the main menu. Backing out earlier in the cutscene doesn't actually save any time, and from personal experience it just made my game crash relatively often.

    **Also worth noting here, that if, as the host, you assign the dummy account the role as Jason, when the account leaves and joins back they will no longer be assigned that role. Which is why i strongly suggest not assigning the role to anyone initially when grinding this: you will get progress on both the counselors and the Jason matches as the roles are assigned randomly. however once the jason matches are done the best strategy would ultimately be to use the dummy as jason and kill your main account.

    Edit: after pressing start on both remotes, you can move the left stick to the left and it will highlight the assign Jason icon on the dummy account, so press A and voila you can get counselor progress. However, after a while it will, from the hosts eyes, say the 2nd account is still loading in, when in reality they are already in the lobby. Therefore, i still recommend going for the counselor matches first as the only way to fix it is to reset the game, which needlessly wastes time. Or, you could go to the main menu, Customize, Spawn Preferences, and then pick what you need to grind out (Pick Jason with the dummy to get counselor matches for the Main).

    This is ideal for grinding out the achievement because the total time it took me to get 1 match done was 2 mins 14 sec roughly every time, which was a whole 20 seconds faster than the other method i was using (the other solutions) of getting the perk that gives the player a map upon starting the game up, teleporting there with Jason, and killing them. Doing this literally cuts out loading into the match at all, and it still gives progress for the main account.

    By a quick numbers crunch, 2-3 entire extra matches can be played per hour at 26-27 per hour. This isn't exactly a massive timesaver, but in grand total it will shave off roughly 2-3 hours from boosting the achievement in comparison to going for the kills. Now, in terms of Jason, it might not be truly great as you still need to take the time to get all the kills, which ends up balancing out the matches more or less, but for counselors it is really worth while as all you need to do as a counselor is play the match through.

    If anyone finds any optimizations for this, or has issues, please comment. Happy grinding ( :
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    bobby trippeThanks for the honorable mention in the solution. Too bad the kill glitch has been patched.
    Posted by bobby trippe on 22 Mar 20 at 20:44
    JONYLOOP ttvMsg me tô boost some matches - Tramontina
    Posted by JONYLOOP ttv on 13 May 20 at 19:18

    720 kills in 2 hrs. 120 kills a match, 20 minute matches, 720 in 2hrs.

    Use under water kills as it is fast and easy. Plus u can turbo controller it.
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 10 Jul 21 at 14:59
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