Roll Credits achievement in Friday the 13th: The Game

Roll Credits

Kill Jason.

Roll Credits-0.2
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How to unlock the Roll Credits achievement

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    Below is a step by step guide on what you need to do to kill Jason in Friday The 13th: The Game.

    Step 1
    You need to locate Jason’s starting shack. Once you’ve found it’s location you can search inside for a sweater, that belonged to Jason’s mum. Only a female Counselor is able to equip it however, so make sure you have one with you.

    Step 2
    Tommy Jarvis must be in the game. Calling on Tommy Jarvis is one of the many possible objectives that can help you win in Friday The 13th: The Game. You need to find the radio and call Tommy, who arrives and takes the place of a Counselor. So one of your team must already be dead. Tommy also needs a Machete to be able to complete the kill Jason objective

    Step 3
    You must remove Jason’s mask. This can be done by doing large amounts of damage to Jason’s face. Make sure you’re using the weapons with the most damage.

    Step 4
    You need to wear the mask. Only Tommy Jarvis is able to pick up the mask and equip it.

    Step 5
    Have the person with the sweater get close to Jason and activate it, it’s cn_Y I believe. Jason gets stunned for a few seconds, in which time the person wearing the sweater must attack Jason to knock him down. When he’s on his knees get Tommy and his Machete to finish Jason off.


    Side note we have seem to notice that the person that needs it should die first, wait 2 to 3 mins then kill the next person to spawn him back in as Tommy!


    The Walkin Dead, Elf Taki Taki has brought to my attention you don't need the mask. which means you do not need to pick it up! there for you still need to be Javis still to get the achievements!

    happy hunting!

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    KMART GoonSQUADSend me a msg if anyones looking to do this
    Posted by KMART GoonSQUAD on 12 Dec 20 at 05:18
    MetalHeadBatmanHow many People do you need to do this with ?
    Posted by MetalHeadBatman on 05 Feb at 23:03
    Crater BobFour. One Jason, three counselors, two die to have one come back as Tommy Jarvis, and the third one that doesn't die must be female so they can wear Pamela Voorhies' sweater to bring Jason to one knee for the kill, and Tommy needs to pick up a machete somewhere to chop open Jason's head.

    Start by having the Jason let the female counselor know where the Jason shack is, and the other two counselors looking for the radio cabin to activate the Tommy Jarvis spawn. Then Jason kills the two counselors, and the game will randomly select one of the two counselors to come back as Tommy. Once Tommy's on the map and the female counselor is wearing Pamela's sweater, locate a machete for Tommy, but don't get rid of his shotgun. After that, Tommy, the counselor, and Jason meet up somewhere so the counselor and Tommy can do enough damage to Jason to remove his mask, and then some more damage just to be sure. Then Tommy can pick up Jason's mask, the counselor activates the sweater to bring Jason to one knee, and Tommy, with machete in hand, can walk up to Jason, and when you see the A-button prompt, press it and watch Tommy finish off Jason, the achievement will pop ONLY for the Tommy player, so you may need to make this a two-hour session with the other three players so everyone can get a chance, and just in case the game picks the wrong player to be Tommy, it's very random. Also, you can do this in private match, so don't worry about having to do this in a public match.
    Posted by Crater Bob on 05 Feb at 23:51
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  • Mikhail KrauserMikhail Krauser1,882,754
    02 Mar 2019 02 Mar 2019 02 Mar 2019
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    Thanks to Jujii8, Oriole2682, and vT AxE for sticking through it and figuring out the ins and out.

    Alright, figured i'd write a clearer guide cause we coulden't get this to work at all, and finally figured it out. I've seperated the guide into steps. Read the ENTIRE step before progressing as ill have Notes at the bottom if there's important info.

    Step 1: You NEED 4 people for this. Tommy will only spawn once 2 are dead, thus you need a 3rd Councellor and Jason around.

    Step 2: Do this in Private Matches. Get all 4 people together and you should stack up this way:
    1 Person playing as Jason 5 (low stun resistance and defense)
    1 Male Councellor
    1 Female Councellor
    +1 Councellor (doesen't matter who)

    Also, pick Packanack Small as your map (this is a preference and easy to use map). Start the Match.

    Step 3: Jason starts with a map right away. By hitting cn_back, you can not only see where his mothers Hut is, but a blue lightning bolt can be the radio to summon Tommy Jarvis.

    Female Councellor: Have the female councellor make a break directly to Jason's cabin/mother's hut. If you are struggling with locations, you can find maps in drawers, or, in front of Packanack Lodge is a park map, and you can grab a map from the box on the right of this board. Once there, she should take Pamela's Sweater. If you've never done this you'll pop an achievement. ONLY FEMALE COUNCELLORS CAN DO THIS STEP. Once retrieved, head back to Packanack Lodge and keep out of sight from Jason, otherwise the screen will darken as you are being affected by "fear" and will no longer be able to perform certain actions. DO NOT USE cn_Y AT ALL UNTIL THIS GUIDE TELLS YOU TO. If you use it near Jason you will use up the sweater and have to reset the lobby to a new match to try again.

    Jason can now teleport to the Fire at Packanack Lodge (the outside sitting area where Jason kills a man in the fire during the opening cutscene). Jason can use the teleport ability by using cn_RB + cn_B. This will have a minor recharge time.

    Councellor 2: Have one of the other councellors go to the blue lightning bolts Jason see's on the map, and try to find a building with a large red and white radio tower behind it. Inside will be a black large radio. Have them wait here. DO NOT INTERACT WITH THE RADIO JUST YET.

    Councellor 3: Have the 3rd councellor scouring for weapons in the buildings. Once you find a baseball bat, head to the fire, and drop the bat next to the fire by HOLDING cn_down on the D-Pad. Find a machete and do the same, dropping it right next to it.

    Step 4: Remove Jason's Mask. You DO NOT have to have it in your inventory or anything, but he does have to be maskless for the kill to happen. Essentially, without touching the Bat and Machete you previously obtained, go gather any other weapons (even sweater girl can help) and just keep swinging at Jason, eventually you will do enough damage his mask comes off.

    NOTE - Jason going into RAGE Mode doesen't matter for this achievement or his damage state. DO NOT under any circumstance hit Y as the Female Councellor. You will void the achievement and have to reset the lobby as you'll use the sweater up.

    Step 5: Female councellor hides again to keep from being "afraid". Jason then kills the other councellor (fastest way is to grab with cn_LT and go over to a picnic table by the fire and hit cn_A). The councellor by the radio HOLDS the cn_A button, which will put out a call for Tommy Jarvis to show up. He then runs towards the fire at Packanack Lodge (or if Jason knows the building can teleport to him) and is also killed by Jason.

    Step 6: Now one of the two dead councellors will spawn as Tommy Jarvis. You CANNOT force one to spawn. It's 50/50 and it does not matter who dies in what order or who calls. We've tested this thoroughly. Even if the same guy is Tommy 10x in a row it's just pure RNG.

    As Tommy Jarvis, fire the shotgun immediately to get rid of it. You can also drop it but eitherway. From there make your way to the fire at Packanack Lodge. Tommy will also spawn with a map, use cn_back if you're unfamiliar still with the map.

    Step 7:Alright, this needs to be done in a very specific way... READ THE WHOLE STEP

    Tommy needs to pick up the bat that was dropped, and position himself so that he can pick up the Machete immediately after he swings his weapon. Once he's ready, have Jason put his back to Tommy, but leave room so Tommy can run around him to his front.

    When you're ready, have the female councellor with the sweater come out of hiding, and as she slowly approaches the two, keep hitting cn_Y. The reason for this is that we tried for hours to get this to work, but we were trying point blank. You can have a bit of distance between Jason and her and the sweater will still work. The sweater WILL NOT ACTIVATE unless you're close enough to Jason so don't be scared you'll use it and it not work. If you're too close the stun happens way too quickly and ends immediately.

    As soon as she uses the sweater, you'll hear Jason's mom talking and he'll start reacting, almost like he's gonna swing his weapon and starts hesitating. IMMEDIATELY as Tommy Jarvis, swing the bat at him when this starts. He should drop to his knees. Grab the machete quickly, and run to the front of him and you should get a prompt to hit cn_A. A cutscene should start and boom. Achievement.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: You don't have much time to do the swing with the bat, grab the machete and run around... Maybe about 8-10 seconds. So don't keep swinging. It SHOULD only take 1 swing from behind to trigger this. Very rarily it took two, but don't spam your RT swing.
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    Katarn StarKiLRWhen i played this i didn't look at the guide, i was tommy and we had jason dead to rights, i spam-ed the Right trigger button, not realizing it was a prompt before it was too late.
    Posted by Katarn StarKiLR on 12 Dec 19 at 00:12
    AwakeDeadeyeWhenever I see Jason get killed online, Tommy just smacks Jason once with the axe while he's stunned and he drops to his knees and then Tommy finishes him off. Not sure the whole bat and switch is necessary.
    Posted by AwakeDeadeye on 20 Dec 19 at 12:44
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