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Gotta Kill Em All

Kill 1313 counselors.

Gotta Kill Em All+14.7
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  • disturbedone47disturbedone471,515,135
    20 Dec 2017 20 Dec 2017 20 Dec 2017
    10 1 5
    As of right now my progress goes up for kills against bots in offline play I will update solution if I get ach this way. Ok just confirmed you can get kills in offline matches against bots just got this ach by doing just that. Unfortunately though I don’t think matches played as Jason go up at all.
  • SilentRich69SilentRich69662,484
    25 May 2018
    2 1 0
    Good news people, the new challenge mode. Whilst it has not launched with any achievements, I can confirm that Jason kills count in this mode. Just went from 50% to 51% just from doing the first challenge a few times.

    So if your sick of doing MP for a bit just do a bit of challenge mode, try and get all the challenges done for fun. Also offline bots count in the other mode too, but I think most people already knew that. Happy Killing. #SaveCrystalLake
  • sm182sm182736,717
    17 Oct 2019
    1 1 0

    From the main menu select 'Offline Play' then 'Offline Bots' then pick 'Crystal Lake Small' as the map and set the enemy A.I. to 'Easy'.

    When selecting which Jason to play as it's best to pick one that can run and/or has better weapon strength (Part 3 Jason is selected in the video).

    When in the game click RS to run and make sure to use your abilities by holding RB.
  • bobby trippebobby trippe296,306
    Yesterday Today
    0 0 0 New
    There is an exploit/glitch that will allow you to get a huge amount of kills each match with just 2 people. My record amount was 91 kills in a match. Most of the time it was around 70 though due to concentration.

    You may have had this happen in regular game play when you are going for a door kill. Jason grabs the counselor but the counselor just floats in the air and escapes. Well, that counts for a kill and you can repeat this.

    -The host can NOT be Jason.
    -Can be done on any map and done on any interior door.

    All you need to do is grab a counselor near a doorway and hit cn_A while standing at the wall to the left of the door. If done correctly, the counselor will struggle while suspended and Jason can walk around donning a Vader grip.

    To increase productivity:
    -Set up Jason not to have any special kills set to the cn_A.
    -Choose a Jason that has a weak grip and weak stun resistance. The weak grip is more important. Jason 5 has both of these traits.
    -The counselor with the highest strength is Bugzzy. This will allow him to escape quicker. The perk "escape artist" also helps.
    -As the counselor, the glitched hang will not give an escape prompt but spamming cn_A will make you escape quicker. {The video does not do a good job showing this.)

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