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A Ph.D. in Murder

Perform every kill in the game at least once.

A Ph.D. in Murder+24.7
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Achievement Guide for A Ph.D. in Murder

  • NikiBaby219NikiBaby2191,016,067
    16 Sep 2017 16 Sep 2017 08 Mar 2018
    49 2 6
    All required kills Video Guide for A PH.D. In Murder Achievement

    Here is a list of all the kills and the times they appear in the video.


    Window (Murdered) 2:12
    Tree (Hung) 2:27
    Tree (Pruned) 2:51
    Tree Stump (Crunched) 3:18
    Wall (Cracked) 3:39
    Wall (Brutalized) 4:04
    Wall (Smashed) 4:25
    Lounge Chair (Folded) 4:51
    Coat Rack (Hung) 5:16
    Toilet Bowl (Swirlied) 5:37
    Fireplace (Cooked) 6:09
    Campfire (Cooked) 6:37
    Head Slam (Slammed) 7:09
    Door Smash (Smashed) 7:30
    Bird Bath (Bird Brained) 7:59
    Swimming (Drowned) 8:28
    Water Pump (Pumped) 8:59
    Hiding Wardrobe/Cabinet (Seek and Destroyed) 9:32
    Hiding Bed (Seek and Destroyed) 9:56
    Hiding Tent (Sleeping Bagged) 10:41
    Hiding Outhouse (Seek and Destroyed) 11:25
    Barn Fence (Smashed) 11:54
    Hiding Barn Closet (Seek and Destroyed) 12:37
    Cemetary Fence (Impaled) 13:13


    Back Breaker 15:00
    Bear Hug 15:07
    Body Slam 15:16
    Head Rip 15:23
    Choke 15:34
    Eye Gouge 15:41
    Head Crush 15:49
    Head Punch 15:59
    Head Squeeze 16:05
    Head Stomp 16:21
    Heart Punch 16:30
    Jaw Rip 16:40
    Knee Snap 16:51
    Neck Twist 17:02
    Two Handed Choke 17:12


    Part 2 (Pick Axe)
    Can Opener 18:52
    Throat Hack 19:03
    Headbutt 19:15
    Part 3 (Axe)
    Crotch Chop 19:25
    Head Chop 19:38
    Stunner 19:47
    Part 6 (Spear)
    Knock Down 20:01
    Spear Impale 20:10
    Shish Kebab 20:27
    Part 7 (Machete)
    Eviscerate 20:47
    Dismember 20:58
    Machete Stab 21:18
    Part 8 (FireAxe)
    Double Tap 21:28
    Chin Strike 21:41
    Fireaxe Throw 21:54
    Part 9 (Axe)
    How to peel a coconut 22:07
    Decapitate 22:26
    Chest Stab Head Chop 22:35

  • Duke McEthaDuke McEtha426,848
    15 Sep 2017 05 Jun 2017 15 Sep 2017
    40 16 118
    Here's a list of Kills for Jason to Use for Non Weapon and Environmental Kills

    * Not confirmed or unsure.
    ** Same kill, but different.
    [Level] Map Name
    Tom Savini's Jason DLC isn't needed for Achievement.

    Grappling Non Weapon Kills

    Back Breaker
    Bear Hug
    Body Slam
    Head Rip
    Eye Gouge
    Head Crush
    Head Punch
    Head Squeeze
    Head Stomp
    Heart Punch
    Jaw Rip
    Knee Snap
    Neck Twist
    Two Handed Choke

    Known Weapon Kills

    Jason Part 3
    Crotch Chop
    Head Chop

    Jason Part 9
    How to Peel a Coconut
    Chest Stab Head Chop

    Jason Part 8
    Chin Strike
    Fireaxe Throw

    Jason Part 6
    Knock Down
    Spear Impale

    Jason Part 2
    Throat Hack

    Jason Part 7
    Machete Stab

    Known Kills for Environments

    Corner Kill (Desk, Rock, Packanack Porch, Higgins Haven Porch and Tombstone, Shuffleboard Game(green table)
    Tree Stump
    Big Tree (Impaling)
    Small Tree (Pruning)
    Window (Throw Outside) & (Throw Inside) (Throw Thru Broken)* (Throw Thru Open)* (2nd Floor Window Throw)*
    Cabin Wall (Backbreaker)
    Cabin Wall (Head Slam)
    Cabin Wall (Head Punch)
    Outside Cabin (Backbreaker)*
    Repair Shop (Face Slam) [Crystal Lake]**
    Coat Hooks
    Fireplace (Inside Building)
    Graveyard Fence [Higgins Haven]
    Door Slam
    Water Pump
    Barn Fence (Repeated Face Smash) [Higgins Haven]
    Bird Bath
    Tent (Sleeping Bag)
    Closet inside Higgins Haven Barn [Higgins Haven]
    Other Kills

    Bear Trap
    Weapon of Choice (All Jason's, including Combat stance and Normal stance)
    Throwing Knives

    Credit goes to DevilsThunder on Fridaythe13th: the game forums
  • MMMDIMMMDI754,226
    20 May 2018 13 May 2018
    7 0 0
    This is sprinkled throughout the comments on the other solutions, but just in case you're like me and don't read those ahead of time, here's a warning. Don't try to do this against offline bots. You WILL NOT get the achievement like that. You'll make progress here and there, so you'll think you're doing ok, but the progress will randomly bounce up and down and your kills won't be counting.

    Also, once you start working on this, don't go back to offline bots until you're done as it will still screw with it. I also recommend against playing in public matches as things can get weird if the host quits and you get kicked.

    So, do these in a private match and you'll be ok. NikiBaby219 already posted a great guide, so you can follow that in private matches and get this.
  • GeetheslideGeetheslide428,658
    28 Nov 2018 29 Nov 2018
    6 0 0
    Can confirm you do not need to do all the kills for the achievement. I done every grab kill. Every environment kill. And the 3 specific kills with each jason except from part 4. I also never had to reach level 108-125 for the last 3 grab kills. Achievements have been a little weird in the game and unlocked early than they should be so hopefully it'll work out and you'll get it 6 kills early. Just find a boosting partner and knock it out just over an hour for each
  • Ruiner138Ruiner138416,293
    07 Jan 2019 07 Jan 2019
    5 1 0
    Just a note, i had one kill left, no idea what it was. Then went for the kill jason as tommy achievement and unlocked that and this, so if you cant figure out which one youre missing and havent done the kill jason achievement, try it, it might be what you need. Weird I know.
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