Sergeant Johnson Leader

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Sergeant Johnson Leader

For a brick, he flew pretty good! achievement in Halo Wars 2

For a brick, he flew pretty good!

Kill 50 infantry units with the Colossus' Stomp ability (Multiplayer, Skirmish or Blitz)

For a brick, he flew pretty good!0
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How to unlock the For a brick, he flew pretty good! achievement

  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox602,827
    26 May 2017 26 May 2017 09 Jun 2017
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    Just like all the other DLC leader achievements, the Sgt. Johnson ones can be obtained pretty much the same easy way.

    UPDATE: Stomping Wraiths also currently count for this achievement! 6-9-17

    I recommend getting this achievement at the same time as Johnson's healer power achievement and possibly the wins, because getting the 50 Colossus kills is annoying and takes the longest!

    If you BOOST this, it will be FAR EASIER!!! Try to find a boosting partner!!! Simply one person spams hordes of infantry in a stronghold, other person spams Colossus, and you take turns getting the achievement!

    If you want to only focus on the Colossus 50 kills solo, then just follow the game settings and steps 1-3, 7-13 below.

    Here's I believe the fastest solo method to get all 3 of the Sgt. Johnson DLC achievements with minimum trouble. I played around with different settings and modes for a while and decided this worked the best to get all 3:

    Set up a private skirmish game with these settings:
    Map: Sentry(worked well)
    Game type:
    Time Limit: 30
    Starting Population: 60
    Add. Population/Stronghold: 10
    Unit power recharge times: 200%
    Fog of War: Off
    Leader Powers: On
    Skulls!!: You will need to have these unlocked to be most efficient and it will help a lot!
    Pain Train: 50% training for units
    Emperor: Powers recharge 2x speed
    Sickness: All units have 50% less hit points(I'm quite sure that affects the AI!)
    Enemy AI: Easy--Atriox is who I tested it with
    Pick Johnson as your leader wink

    1. As soon as the match starts, select your Armory and train Sgt. Johnson.
    2. Then zoom around the map with the fast zoom and quickly build ALL the Strongholds around the map so the AI can't, starting with the ones closest to the AI.
    3. Set a global rally point near the Stronghold closest to the AI base.
    4. Start selecting Johnson and pressing cn_Y every 30 seconds or faster to get 1 out of the 15 heal beams each time.(Do note, Johnson moves to where you press cn_Y first, so make sure to activate it right on top of him so he doesn't move anywhere and waste time!)
    5. Now you have a choice here; getting all 50 Colossus kills will take a while.
    --- A. You just finish off the game after getting Johnson's heals.
    --- B. You let the game continue until you get all 50 Colossus slams.
    I'll assume you just go for all 50 Colossus kills first along with the Johnson heals, and win your other 2 matches using the Deathmatch method after.

    6. Johnson's heal isn't going to be a problem, but you are going to have to wait for the unit levels to count down twice. The first time I believe it's 3 minutes before Tier 2 units are unlocked, then Tier 3 unlocks another 5 minutes after that.
    7. Spend your time using Johnson's heal, dropping in the fortified infantry outposts and sentry towers near your stronghold closest to the AI, and spamming flamethrowers, snipers, and other infantry.
    8. Wait for T3 units.
    9. As soon as T3 units unlock, start building Colossus from that stronghold and the 2 other closest.
    10. Send all your infantry to the enemy base to die, but keep Johnson to help heal Colossus.
    11. Let your Colossus army build up, and take them in groups of 5 towards the enemy base. Press cn_Y on any convenient enemy infantry and hope your Colossus gets a smash off in time!
    Special great tip by OwnedbyOmar! "I want to add that when you stomp with the group of 5 while heading towards the enemy base, select each one separately and select a spot to stomp near where the enemies troops come from."
    12. It's very random, but if you keep sending groups of 5 to the enemy base, each time you should be able to get several kills. I believe individual unit models count as well, so a grunt squad would count as 5 kills!
    13. Keep building up your Colossus army, sending in 5, healing at the stronghold with Johnson, and repeat until you get 50. It might take the 30 minute game, although in my 20 minute game, of which I had Colossus for only 12 minutes after they unlocked, I got my remaining 40 or so kills with the final one happening with 0 seconds left. LOL. I also had to figure out HOW to get the kills efficiently, because other units love to steal the kills before the Colossus can stamp.

    You should get the Johnson achievement easily in your first match if you're going for it:
    Halo Wars 2…and I don't do bits and piecesThe …and I don't do bits and pieces achievement in Halo Wars 2 worth 21 pointsUse Repair Beacon special ability 15 times. (Multiplayer, Skirmish or Blitz)

    Your Colossus achievement in your first or second match:
    Halo Wars 2For a brick, he flew pretty good!The For a brick, he flew pretty good! achievement in Halo Wars 2 worth 33 pointsKill 50 infantry units with the Colossus' Stomp ability (Multiplayer, Skirmish or Blitz)

    For however many more wins you need, do quick skirmish games with the tank rush to get:
    Halo Wars 2Our big green styleThe Our big green style achievement in Halo Wars 2 worth 19 pointsWin 3 matches as Sgt. Johnson (Multiplayer, Skirmish or Blitz)

    And that's it for the Johnson DLC! Enjoy!

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    ShinobiGarthyes i am using Sentry. and ive been giving them Stomp-move commands and they still fire at least some of their weapons while moving. never mind that it takes them FOREVER to stomp once they stop moving and initiate the stomp and either the unit is gone or they have already shot it to death. you really have to get lucky for them to do it.
    Posted by ShinobiGarth on 11 Nov 17 at 18:06
    Shadow 00 FoxWhen I was doing this achievement with the setup, the enemy kept pouring out of their base so fast there was always something to stomp on. The Colossus would kill some yes, however there was plenty, and the reason for bringing 5 Colossus at a time to the enemy base was because they'd kill my Colossus so fast 3 or less would just die to quick!
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 11 Nov 17 at 19:49
    ZachVZachVanyone wanna boost this achievement please add my friend ZachVZachV
    laughand we can do other time-consuming ones. if you do by yourself it may takes you several hours, but together we can do it faster.
    Posted by ZachVZachV on 29 Jul 18 at 01:20
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  • JaxxiczekJaxxiczek572,584
    15 Aug 2017 15 Aug 2017
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    You can cheese it with destroying buildings on Easy Skirmish, No Fog of War, 9999 Resources from the start. Just build on every base site at the beginning, build 1 Mech, upgrade it to the max and purchase its Stomp ability. Then stand around your opponent's last base, reduce the health of 2 buildings next to each other to the last red part and then use stomp (Y). Rinse and repeat.
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