Score 3,000,000 points achievement in ACA NEOGEO WORLD HEROES 2

Score 3,000,000 points

The score won 3,000,000 points.

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How to unlock the Score 3,000,000 points achievement

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    You can use 2 controllers to get this. Any score you get against a second controller will carry back over when fighting the A.I.. When the 1st match starts, hit start on the 2nd controller. You can get 500,000 points for every fight against​ the 2nd controller with perfect victories. When you get the score you need go back to fighting the A.I.. When the match against the A.I. starts up create a save and then quit out to the title screen. Then reload your game against the A.I. and the achievement will pop. The achievements don't always pop all at once so you may have to do the save/load thing at each score mark you need for all 3 score achievements related to this mode to pop. Once you get one score achievement, bring the 2nd controller back in to boost you score towards the next score achievement. Then do the save/load thing again for the next score achievement to pop.

    Keep in mind that when you start up a game you need to hit LB to add credits for yourself as well as the 2nd controller. If there are zero credits available, the 2nd controller cannot join in. Basically when you start, you'll need 2 credits. One for yourself and one for the 2nd controller to jump in. Whenever either controller has to continue, it'll need another credit.
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    Blood DMCan't fault @adamrulz comment, I used the exact same method.
    First time around none of them popped. Simply redone it (must only be around 6 minutes work) then they all popped.
    3M first then the others when I returned to the title screen.

    For anyone struggling with the second controller here is what I have done.
    I loaded up English Version - Original Mode then added a bunch of credits when on the game title screen the one that says 'insert coin'.
    Pushed start to go to the character select screen.
    It comes up under P2 Push Start... I pushed start on my P2 pad and it let me select the P2 character on that pad. Go from there with your chosen method.

    I did not sign an account into the second pad. Simply just turned it on and it let me use it to play.
    Posted by Blood DM on 19 Aug 18 at 19:06
    JuicyjamsThe secret for jax the football player for a perfect almost everytime is to do a jump kick in using RT follwed up with two of the -> RB (BLUE SKULLTHINGS?) And repeat for perfection. I didnt have a second controller so I loaded up on continue coins fought until I got to jax and would get a perfect round and lose two, continue and repeat. Hope this helps.
    Posted by Juicyjams on 07 Mar 19 at 03:07
    J PinderThis worked great for me after my 2nd controller also did not work in the game at all. I had to reboot the X1, then re-launch the game. Worked perfectly after that. Thanks for the tips!
    Posted by J Pinder on 20 Mar 19 at 21:44
    Hexa FoxThis method is not working for me at all. I have reset the game and my Xbox countless times and I cannot get a second controller to recognize for anything.
    Posted by Hexa Fox on 23 Mar 19 at 20:40
    finallife6I had zero problems doing this, I gave myself ample credits and this solution worked perfectly.

    I never had to restart the game or anything, I don't know how something so simple is so hard for a lot of people
    Posted by finallife6 on 06 May 19 at 18:54
    saltdog0313No second controller option
    Posted by saltdog0313 on 06 Jan 20 at 15:15
    VictimOfDesireFor anyone who is having issues connecting two controllers, as is the case with every ACA NEOGEO game, both of your controllers need to be the same model number and on the same update version. Your model number can be found in the battery slot on the controller, and you can check the update version in the Accessories app on your Xbox. Yes, this is stupid and broken, but what do you expect when trying to play ACA NEOGEO?
    Posted by VictimOfDesire on 20 Feb 20 at 00:08
    Cuda Chris 72I had the same issue. 2nd controller wouldn't do anything. After trying 3 controllers, I found 2 that worked together and pop. Easy.
    Posted by Cuda Chris 72 on 25 Feb 20 at 01:16
    BonkekookI never knew the VictimofDesire tip. That's amazing, man. Thank you so much. Should be added to the solutions for every ACA game, IMO.
    Posted by Bonkekook on 30 Nov 20 at 20:43
    BrutalGuitarI finally got around to reinstalling the game to test different controllers. When I originally did this, all of my controllers were original model controllers. My main controller I use now is a custom controller from xbox design lab and is only 4 months old. So it's definitely a much newer model. I had no problems with different model controllers. I make a point to keep all of my controllers software updated. I unfortunately I can't personally confirm that different model controllers can pose a problem. I can't imagine the controller models should make much, if any difference. The only difference physically that I can see aside from the custom appearance is newer controllers have 3.5mm headphone jack and old ones don't. My guess is that it's probably more of a software issue. Older controllers will have older software. All models can be updated to most recent controller software. All of mine are and I have no problems mixing models.
    Posted by BrutalGuitar on 30 Nov 20 at 21:23
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