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    i've founda guide on how to do the challeneges so here ya go.

    "Destroy 10 Okkar units in a single run."
    Tips: Shoot the bad guys.
    "Earn 5000 credits or more in a single run."
    Tips: Regular containers, ships, shipwrecks, and freighter wrecks can all drop credits.
    "Destroy 10 Outlaw units in a single run."
    Tips: Shoot the bad guys. Again.
    "Shoot down 30 floodlights in a single run."
    Tips: Super simple, but you might be unsure as to what it is refering to by floodlights. Shoot lights like the one below. They can be found on various structures and large wreckages. If you shoot floodlights on a G&B structure, it will not anger them.

    "Destroy a drone by ramming it."
    Tips: Simple. Just do it. It will hurt.
    "Destroy 50 fuel tanks in a single run."
    Tips: Just like it says, destroy fuel tanks. You can find them on various structures. They look like the tanks in the screenshot below. They do not need to have fuel in them (indicated by the
    glowing tanks) and if you destroy tanks on a G&B structure you WILL anger them.

    "Destroy 20 missiles in a single run."
    Tips: Any missile will do, but the easiest way I found to do it was to find a missile turret, kill all the enemies around it, and simply destroy missiles as it fired them. The basic beam weapon was the easiest for me to destroy them since the weapon has no travel time.
    "Destroy an Okkar unit that is webbed."
    Tips: A "webbed" unit refers to a webber drone ensnaring a ship. Easiest way to do this challenge is to build or find the consumable "Webber Drone" and use it when you are fighting a Okkar ship. As long as you destroy the Okkar ship while it is affected by the drone, you should get credit.
    In addition to the webber drones, a Stasis Missile will do the trick as well. The Scout ship loadout A starts with some! Thank you 蛍Firefly!

    "Lure an enemy into a black hole."
    Tips: This one was tricky for me. You'll need to get the attention of any enemy and have them follow you while you fly through the influence of a black hole (the game will alert you with "Singularity Warning!"). It was hard to determine whether or not the ship was following close enough to get sucked in, and since you can't really turn around to check without getting yourself sucked in.. it was fairly difficult for me.
    You'll need to make sure your speed and boost are upgraded in order to keep out of the black hole.

    "Destroy 20 flying enemies before entering Sector 2."
    Tips: Destroying anything EXCEPT turrets counts. I would make sure you destroy all enemies you see on the way to Sector 2 to ensure you complete it.
    If you dont have enough enemies for some reason, wait until the alert comes up for "Okkar forces inbound!" and you could get a few more kills.
    Be careful, as there can be a lot and if you take too long the Colonial Warship will warp in and most likely destroy you.
    "Craft 5 modifications in a single run."
    Tips: Any modification for a primary weapon or device will do. Some devices such as Adaptive Hull and Energy Core Extenstion do not have mods. Every mod requires crystals, among other things, ranging from 4 to 26 and they can be fairly scarce

    "Destroy all of a freighter's containers before it explodes."
    Tips: You will be forced to anger the G&B for this one. Find any G&B transport (credits, fuel, equipment, resource, ect) and attack the containers on the side/top of the ship. If it escapes or you blow up the ship before you break all the containers, you do not get credit for the challenge.

    "Reach Sector 2 without taking hull damage."
    Tips: This one wasn't too hard. The enemies are not very difficult in Sector 1 and as long as you don't run into anything, you should not have too much trouble. Don't use the Gunship as it cannot have shields and will take hull damage practically guarenteed.
    It is possible that the glyph "Headstart" which starts you in Sector 2 instantly gives you the challenge, but I did not do that.
    "Make G&B forces attack the Okkar."
    Tips: This was very vague to me and took me a little while to realize what to do. All you need to do for this is draw the attention of an Okkar ship, fly behind a G&B transport, and draw the Okkar ship's fire so that it hits the transport. It will take a few shots, so give it some time. You should get credit for the challenge as soon as the G&B turn to fight the Okkar ship(s).
    "Destroy an elite G&B fighter."
    Tips: Well, this is going to make them fairly upset. Kill any G&B elite fighter as marked by the skull icon. Be careful, as they are pretty strong and fire missiles.

    "Survive a Warship attack."
    Tips: The warship it is referring to is the Colonial Warship that warps into your system when you stay too long in one system for too long. It appears shortly after the initial enemies warp in from the "Okkar forces inbound!" alert.
    All you have to do is wait for the Warship to warp in and then you warp out.
    Most likely you will want to do this in Sector 1 as the enemies that warp in before the Warship are probably weaker. you could also Defeat Admiral Gorc since he counts a flying in one as well

    "make 10 deals with the Trader in a single run."
    Tips: This one is pretty simple, just gather plenty of materials and credits along your way to make sure you have everything you need to make a deal.
    In order to make this easy, you would need the Pilot perks "Sector Scanner" level 3 and "Trading" level 5 in order to find the traders easily and have plenty of trade offers available to you.
    Service station trades DO NOT count.

    "Destroy an Outlaw Sniper."
    Tips: In order to complete this one, I believe you will need to make it to at least Sector 4 as I think that is the earliest I have seen an Outlaw Sniper.
    In order to find it, you'll need to be on the lookout for its long range single beam that it fires at you. It will not show up on sensors however if you move close enough to the source of the beam, you should be able to see the cloaked outline of the ship. Simply fire at the cloaked ship some and it should die quickly as it has very low health.

    "Reach Sector 4 without destroying any ships or drones."
    Tips: Don't shoot the bad guys.
    Its really straight forward, but the challenge is very annoying. I'm fairly sure destroying turrets will NOT fail the challenge as I destroyed a Colonial Turret without thinking and it did not fail. I didn't press my luck though.
    Destroying any of the Ancients "vessels" does count as a ship, so watch out for that! Thanks 蛍Firefly :)
    The "Headstart" glyph can make this a bit easier since you start in Sector 2.
    "Destroy an Okkar Corvette."
    Tips: You might have to jump a few times in order to find one, but it's not too hard. A handful of Corrosive Missiles or a couple of Arc-9000s are the quickest way to take one out.

    "Leave the first location without any equipment installed. Then reach Sector 3."
    Tips: And the grand finale challenge. You can scout out the first location you start in, destroy enemies, and gather materials, but as soon as you're ready to leave you will need to salvage all your equipement you have on you (weapons, devices, consumables) and then warp out. I did not try to pick up equipment on the way to Sector 3, so I don't know if picking up something new will fail the challenge.
    You can pick up or craft new equipment after you leave the first location! Thank you Unbelievable :D
    Using the "Headstart" glyph will make this easier as you start in Sector 2.

    credit goes to kingfish's guide on steam
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    B0ngAAA I have one tip for "Surviving a Colonial Warship". I had this challenge active while I was going for "Taking One For The Team" Achievement for Defeating Admiral Gorc. And it counted for it because he was also flying in a Colonial Warship.
    Posted by B0ngAAA on 24 May 18 at 12:56
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