Avenge Agony

17 Jan 2018 Jan 208h 43m
Avenge Agony
Avenge Agony

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Wow, I'm Pretty Strong!

Won three special matches in Treasure Battle.

Wow, I'm Pretty Strong!+0.2
18 January 2020 - 1 guide

How to unlock the Wow, I'm Pretty Strong! achievement

  • Crims0nScorpionCrims0nScorpion374,357
    05 Jun 2017 05 Jun 2017
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    If you're like me and wanted to get everything done before the story you may have a problem with this achievement. At its base there is only one Special Match available and it's against Devil Kazumi, I managed to get my first character all the way up to Warrior and only encountered 1 Special Match when it should happen more frequently. The thing is after you finish the story you unlock 4 more Special Matches against Heihachi, Kazuya, Akuma, and Jin. So before even attempting this one, finish the story so the Special Matches have a higher encounter chance due to more unlocked matches.

    As for the actual guide you just have to play through Treasure Battle and you'll get a Special Match eventually. Usually after high win streaks of about 15+ they start appearing. The easiest way to win matches in this mode as of right now is to use Katarina and just spam B. This gives you a full combo that deals 101 damage and pulling it off twice gives you a victory. If they block just keep at it or throw other combos in there but just spamming her B combo should give you easy victories. I got my last Special Match using her and I double perfected Jin on a 30 win streak so she's most likely your best bet as it doesn't require a ton of skill. If you need to reach Warrior as well it's a good method.

    So in short you should

    1. Finish Story Mode before touching Treasure Battle so you can do everything with no problem
    2. Use Katarina and just spam B as it requires no skill whatsoever and you can easily double perfect matches
    3. Just keep fighting up the matches until you've earned every achievement in Treasure Battle

    If you finished the story before going into Treasure Battle either this achievement or getting the rank of Warrior will be your last achievement for Treasure Battle. Of course you can use whatever character you like, I got to Warrior on Hwoarang but after hours of working on getting special matches I just used Katarina.
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    zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz I’m getting wrecked, can’t even get to 15 win streak, feels like my difficulty or something is cranked up. I dunno how you get double perfects by spamming B, that definitely doesn’t work anymore. Maybe they patched it. So weird. So am I basically s.o.l? Game is FkN horrible.
    Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 23 Jan at 23:20
    Crims0nScorpion Well it's like any other fighting game and by no way is it horrible, if the method to spam B with Katarina was fixed then you'll have to learn a character and actually play, If I recall correctly you should be able to adjust A.I. difficulty in the settings and make sure it's set to the easiest setting, Personally I used Hwoarang as he is mainly a kick user and has tons of juggling combos and can easily stun, daze, and disarm opponents, I did get this achievement within the first week or two of the games release so they could very well have changed how characters work, but I would check the settings and make sure everything is set to easy, also you don't necessarily need a 15+ win streak to get a Treasure Battle, they just spawn most commonly there, also make sure you've beaten the story mode all the way through as I didn't get any until doing that
    Posted by Crims0nScorpion on 29 Jan at 04:10
    ZimoMilanista94 Thanks for the tip, i could not get my third win on a special match till i figured it out Katarina is overcheated 🤣
    Posted by ZimoMilanista94 on 17 Feb at 02:01
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