Mad House achievement in Dead by Daylight

Mad House

In a public match, bring the 4 survivors to insanity Tier 3 at least once in the same match.

Mad House0
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How to unlock the Mad House achievement

  • Shield PapaShield Papa164,063
    13 Jul 2017 13 Jul 2017 13 Jul 2017
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    This Achievement requires you to use "The Doctor" as he is only killer who can increase madness.

    It is best to switch to "treatment" mode right at the start because as survivors gain madness they scream and alert you to their locations.

    After finding a survivor, well still in "treatment" mode, use shock therapy to hit the survivor and increase their madness.

    You'll know a survivor has hit tier 3 madness when you get points added to your blood score saying "Madness Level Increased" a total of three times per survivor.

    Pro Tip:

    Shock Therapy hits in front of The Doctor to only a specific range, if you're not using addons, so make sure to aim at where the survivor may be running to instead of where they are.

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    LavindatharYeah I think this one is currently unobtainable. I know I just did it in a game. I got the challenge for doing all 3, unfortunately doesn’t show 4 for the challenge.
    Posted by Lavindathar on 22 Feb 20 at 18:39
    LavindatharFixed as of today’s patch.
    Posted by Lavindathar on 10 Mar 20 at 20:32
    CrosstownAnt214If all four survivors manage to open the exit gate and stick around to teabag, it's the perfect time to spam shock therapy at them to bring their insanity level up. Made this achievement a breeze for me.
    Posted by CrosstownAnt214 on 23 May 20 at 09:53
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  • The First SmurfThe First Smurf353,300
    14 Feb 2018 28 Jun 2020 28 Jun 2020
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    I noticed guides of this achievement Are outdated as “the doctor” has had a rework since the achievement was added to the game ..

    So you’ll need to play as “the doctor “ As he’s the only character who can inflict madness to survivors, you’ll need to use your shock therapy on survivors to increase there madness

    Madness has 3 tiers and as started you need to get all survivors to max insanity (tier 3 ) at least once ,
    The doctor once increase survivors madness passively making this achievement very hard to miss if you play as him but now you’ll need to force it , either “static blast“ or “shock therapy“ increases survivors madness just go around shocking the survivors until they have a static ring around there icon on the Lower left once you’ve done it for every survivor the achievement will unlock after there game , very simple but if your new there’s a slight chance you might miss one survivor or something , good luck
  • Garcia44jbaGarcia44jba39,300
    28 Apr 2018 30 Apr 2018 30 Apr 2018
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    To get this achievement in the first try, remember:

    1. You can only use Doctor.
    2. Use an Addon that increase the Madness rate. (gray or yellow)
    3. Locate a survivor and stick with him, keep shocking (about 6-9 times) and get a distance and see if the survivor is placing his hands in their heads (you will be able to see him, even through walls), if he is, you can attack him just for fun or go to the other.
    3.5 With the doctor you will be able to choose Shock Terapy or the Mace option (i don't recall the names, but you will soon understand), shock is awesome tracker but mace makes you run faster, in a chase, keep swaping those 2 options, to get it faster.
    4. After shocking 2 or 3 survivors in their madness, hook one and let them scape.. the shock will spread easily to the others

    Hint: even tho hooking make it easier, remember to don't kill them by hooking too fast, only if you are 100% sure they got max stage of madness.

    ProTip: even if you didn't get the chance to trap one to the max stage, be cool and do not go in the gates, stay in a safe distance where the survivors will feel safe, and then start spreading shocks, probably one of them might test you, do not hit with the weapon, keep the shock and they will keep annoying walking around, between the gate and you...

    ps: sorry my english
  • Ravenpaw14Ravenpaw14106,169
    30 Sep 2018 10 Nov 2020 10 Nov 2020
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    Due to the Doctor Rework at Patch 3.5.0, it is now extremely easy to upgrade madness, as the method for madness acquisition has been simplified.

    There is no more treatment mode. He can shock from default mode, and he has a Static blast now.

    Using the static blast will upgrade the madness tier for every survivor in your Terror Radius (which is affected by perks like Monitor & Abuse and Distressing, both increasing them), while Direct shocks will upgrade it by half a tier.

    People who snap out of it will decrease madness by 2 tiers instead of one.

    As you can now upgrade tiers more quickly as well as with multiple people at once, this achievement is now much easier.
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