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Reach max XP.

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How to unlock the 100% achievement

  • Dr JaviciiDr Javicii550,920
    01 Jun 2017 02 Jun 2017 16 Sep 2019
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    First of all I would advise you to get this achievement last in order to get xp from normal playing and grind just the amount of xp needed.

    This being said, and answering to questions on comments and pm, the max xp in this game (at the moment) is 74000 xp points and, as some of you might have noticed, the fastest way to earn it is by using attacks on your opponents.

    Regarding that, and after some trial and error tests, I am confident to say that to get the most out of your time you should play local multiplayer with 3 controllers and make them your "targets". Before starting the match go to settings in the selection screen (between normal stages and workshop stages) and mark just fireball and ice ray as objects so you get them more often, as they are the only ones which affect your opponents but don't make them move.

    Once you've done that go to Resort and take your three "targets" just left to the item boxes (just before the step the switch makes) and take your character under the line of boxes. Now here begins the grinding. You have 4 boxes to take items from so this basically means infinite ammo, but you should be careful not to use the golden hooks (unfortunately they cannot be deactivated) on your "targets" or you'll move them and lose time. Use the fireball and ice ray to the left on your "targets", and time the button hitting so you always get a strike or a triple freeze, and whenever you get a golden hook turn your character right and "miss" the shot. If you do this properly you should get around 40-50 strikes in 3 min (fireballs seem to be given more often than ice rays) and x50 multiplier is the max for any attack, so at this point restarting the game would be wise. You should be getting 40-50 strikes, 15-25 triple freezing and 1400-1500xp per game.

    To sum up:
    1 --> Get four controllers (one for you and three more for controlling the "targets)
    2 --> Go to local multiplayer, select fireball and ice ray as the only items and choose Resort
    3 --> Take the "targets" next to the item boxes and your own character under them
    4 --> Use fireballs and ice rays on the "targets" and miss the golden hooks to the right
    5 --> After 3 min of grinding finish the game and get your xp

    If we do the maths they would look something like
    50k/1.5 = 33.3 games.
    33.3 x 4min = 133.3 min = 2 hours approximately.

    (maths made with the first 50k xp, now it would be 3 hours approximately).

    If you don't have access to three controllers you can always try and ask friends online to help you and take turns, in that case the "targets" should press the taunt button (RB) because "taunt surviving" also gives them xp. If none of these work for you the best option would be play Story mode in Easy difficulty and try to use as many objects as possible, always trying not to overuse them (remember, the max is x50 each attack).

    PS: I hope this was helpful; this is my first guide here guys and I'm not an English speaker so any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Edit: As Dr Zoidstein and USG AESOP SL pointed out in the comments, you can turn off golden hooks when you reach level 13 to 14 (at around 23,500xp), so this would make the final part of the grind even faster to do.
    Edit 2 (Jan/19): Thanks to MoG Alucard212 and Supertrouser for pointing out that the max xp changed to 62000.
    Edit 3 (Sep/19): Thanks to Revolutioner and Gintana ZURA informing again that the max xp changed yet again. Now it seems to be 74000.

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    Gintama ZURAGreat solution, but you need to update it. They must've changed the xp amount yet again. I'm past 62,000.

    EDIT: Just got it at 74,000, which is level 19.
    Posted by Gintama ZURA on 14 Sep 19 at 09:52
    Dr JaviciiEdited! Thanks for the info guys!
    Posted by Dr Javicii on 16 Sep 19 at 15:53
    NBA KirklandHow do you finish or restart quickly? Are you just running right to win 3 games to finish?
    Posted by NBA Kirkland on 28 Sep 20 at 03:00
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  • IcarneiroIcarneiro160,831
    04 Jun 2017 05 Jun 2017
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    Achievements Guide - Reach max XP (Rare Achievements) - 130G

    Conquista - Alcance o XP máximo (Conquista rara) - 130G

    Guia de Conquista em Português do Brasil.

    Inscription in English.

    Obrigado. Thanks.
  • BreakingBear101BreakingBear101446,540
    13 Sep 2017 12 Sep 2017 22 Sep 2017
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    Just thought I'd share my method of gaining XP with two controllers. Thank you, Cammy The Duck, but you're method didn't really work for me. I'm just lazy, so that method requires too much effort on my part. The method I am about to show, however, is for the people that are like me: The Lazy.

    Video Guide available (no commentary)

    Getting inspiration from Cammy The Duck, my method takes advantage of the game options and the map, Nightclub. My method also happens in the same areas shown in his video(I even take advantage of the two boosters at the beginning), but once again, this way will require minimal effort.

    Remember: Play in a Custom Match to gain XP

    What you need: Two controllers, the map Nightclub unlocked, Super SpeedRunners Unlocked, and the ability to disable everything except for Golden Hooks.

    What you need to do

    -Like Tammy The Duck's method, head towards the two boosters that are side-by-side and position one character in the centre. Now, take the other character and sprint through the two boosters making sure that you achieve the "Super Speed!" bonus at least 50 times.
    Extra: If you time a quick slide while on top of the character in the centre, you can gain the "Tackle!" bonus without losing too much of your momentum for "Super Speed!". Doing 50 tackles will add 200 more points onto your final XP amount.

    -Once "Super Speed!" has been achieved 50 times, move toward the first two power-ups that are under the platform surrounded by red crates.

    -You will want to position each character very close together in the centre of the two power-ups and make sure that they can still obtain the power-ups. See 1:10 in video for reference.

    -Once the characters are lined up properly and facing each other(with golden hooks), press cn_B on one controller and then immediately afterwards press cn_B on the second controller. Doing so will give you the "Gotcha!" bonus and the "Revenge!" bonus. Complete this step 50 times to receive 50 of each bonus.

    -After you have finished hooking your characters 50 times, proceed to win the three rounds with a single character. Once you have completed the match, you will receive your experience.

    If you get 50x "Super Speed!", 50x "Gotcha!", 50x "Revenge!" and win three rounds with a single character; at the end of the match, your Experience should be +1255xp each time. This took roughly 8 minutes during recording, but it can certainly be done in less than 7 minutes I'm guessing.

    This, of course will take quite a long time to complete because you are not using 4 controllers, so I'd recommend watching some videos while doing this grinding. It really does not require you to pay much attention to what is happening so you don't really need to be focused.

    *If you give me negative feedback, please state why(or PM me) so that I can improve on my future solutionstoast.
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