The King of New Rush City achievement in SpeedRunners

The King of New Rush City

Beat all Chapters on Unfair difficulty.

The King of New Rush City-1.4
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How to unlock the The King of New Rush City achievement

  • Enjoy DictionEnjoy Diction197,292
    07 Jun 2018 01 Jun 2017
    30 7 5
    There are two key elements to gaining this infuriating achievement: mastery and patience. You need to learn EVERY map and know about and use EVERY little shortcut to give you an advantage over the "Perfected" AI. They will dodge your grapple hooks, your fireballs, your boxes, your bombs, everything, so speed is key.

    Side note: when it says to press any button to speed things up while you are dead, wait until a character with fewer points is in the lead before hitting it. It will freeze the losing runner(s) and make them lose.

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    RuyGTRThis achievement is glitched? Completed it tonight but no popup achievement for me. :(

    Edit: Played the last stage again and it unlocked for me.
    Posted by RuyGTR on 09 Jun 17 at 18:59
    VxyenMight be reiterating OP but just wanted to give my 2 cents to the achievement:

    Having unlocked this, I think it's safe to say LUCK is a lot more necessary than SKILL.

    It is all about circumstance being in your favor. That you hope that you'll get an item that'll give you a fighting chance. That you hope the "Unfair" bot makes a mistake (rarely does it ever). That you take a path that gives you more distance/more options against the "Unfair" bot since it usually runs on a fixed path. Any combinations of these instances are sure to give you a boost against the AI.

    Sure, people can say ranked gives you reasonable map knowledge and experience against players who know what they're doing (anyone in the higher leagues more or less). But the difference is that they don't have increased speed 24/7. They don't have frame perfect reactions. The "Unfair" bot does.

    I fail to see how skill works in your favor when the bot uses it's speed to get ever so further away from you as it runs towards one side of screen and you slowly get engulfed by the other side. You're just forced to hope for the best as you run and grapple your way to victory.

    *Not saying skill doesn't apply here since experience does help against the bot, but for a difficulty that speaks for itself, you'll have to compromise focus and faith A LOT.*

    As for anyone who might pop a nerve after working so hard earning this and not getting it immediately after the 16th level, wait a minute or two. At least it popped for me when I did that. If that doesn't work, try restarting the game or playing another level offline or online and see what occurs.
    Posted by Vxyen on 16 Jun 17 at 02:17
    Dingus NoobletThe AI is very weak on the vertical wall climbing sections. Hit them with an item during these wall climbs, and they will often get stuck.
    Posted by Dingus Nooblet on 16 Jun 17 at 05:47
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  • KanadianKevinKanadianKevin490,330
    02 Jun 2017
    24 6 3
    I haven't got this Achievement yet and I'm getting wrecked trying so I scoured the internet looking for any help and tricks I could and stumbled across a series of videos by uzzbuzz from TrueSteamAchievements showing his completion on PC back in June of last year.
    I'm using these as a basis for my own strategies and I'm slowly but surely improving. I take absolutely NO credit for these:
    Chapter 1:

    Chapter 2:

    Chapter 3:

    Chapter 4:

    This will still require a ton of luck and skill but hopefully these can help you out
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    UzzbuzThanks for the shoutout! My personal recommendation is that you start with chapters 3 and 4 for watching purposes, and maybe try those ones first. This is because I am quite a bit better in the later videos, and using them as reference for the 1st chapter may not be too helpful. Also, the 2nd chapter is definitely the hardest, so if you can do that, you're pretty much set for the rest. Good luck!
    Posted by Uzzbuz on 04 Jun 17 at 20:33
    UzzbuzAlso, playing online will surely help you as well, as unfair difficulty is nothing compared to a few bronze rank players, believe me.
    Posted by Uzzbuz on 04 Jun 17 at 20:35
    JPVanguardI just recently got this. My advice would be:
    -Learn the map; just because you don't beat it the first time, it does help knowing the layout of the map and being able to swing or super speed.
    -Outsmart the AI; the AI on unfair has faster speed than you so you have to outplay them by using icebeams, fireballs, and even crates to drop their speed.
    -Watch some speedruns; There are people that beat this game on Unfair less than 30 minutes. Watching some of them helps knowing where to get speed and shortcuts
    Posted by JPVanguard on 30 Jul 17 at 16:55
  • JDuke705JDuke705889,671
    06 Aug 2017 06 Aug 2017 30 Dec 2017
    6 4 0
    The other two guides have some great tips and well worth the read. This is just to throw some more tips out there. I take no credit for this video by Incursio SR. I was struggling a LOT. Must have played mansion for 5 hours with 100+ fails. This video describes a lot about speed and momentum. How to get every bit of speed by using fall height, grapples, ramps, etc. This helped me get some more speed. I am still working on the other levels but I have gotten much further with I would not have been able to do it without this better understanding of how the speed/momentum work which I don't recall ever seeing how to do in the game.

    Updated video as the other one was removed.
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