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Update 1.1.0: Discovery Update

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Feeling Ill

Defeat an Evoker

Feeling Ill0
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Achievement Guide for Feeling Ill

  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m3937,945
    01 Jun 2017 04 Jun 2017 08 Jun 2017
    31 1 2
    Hi all,
    A little later than usual, but here is my achievement world for the new title update. Featuring all 6 achievements, which should be obtainable in less than 5 minutes.


    If you're unsure how to import files to your device, have a look at the walkthrough for the game, which I've written. (Hints and tips page) Download the W10 file for the windows 10 version, the other file for all pocket edition versions except the windows phone version.

    You spawn on top of a tower. Walk forward to fall down. Upon landing you will earn "cheating death".
    There is an evoker trapped, kill him with the sword. ("feeling III")
    Stay on the small platform which is a little higher than the 5 llamas. Use the lead on all of the 5 llamas. Then spawn a new one on the platform which you are on to earn "So I got that going for me"
    Now move to one of the anvils and interact with it. Place the purple shulker box in the spot on the left hand side, change the name of the box to anything different, and then extract the box from the right hand side of the menu. (unlocking "organizational wizard")
    Now walk over the water (No you're not Jesus, you are just wearing some icy boots) towards the little 3x3 island with one anvil on it (located on your right hand side). Upon entering that island you should earn "Let it go!".
    Now unequip your boots so that not all water will become ice. You will want to enter the ocean monument, which is located right underneath you. If you drop down the hole in the little island, you will land on some dirt blocks, which are right next to the entrance of the monument. The entrance is in the direction the anvil is placed on. It is a bit of a race against time, as you have a limited amount of oxygen. Note: it doesn't really matter if you die in the process of exploring the fortress, as long as you get your last achievement. Once you are next to the entrance, quickly move around the fortress to explore some rooms, thereby increasing the odds of unlocking the achievement. Also equipping the map might increase the odds a bit.
    Upon drowning, you should have unlocked "Treasure hunter".

    That should be all 6 achievements done. I'd like to give some credits to FgnZ DeBroin with helping me with the set up. Onto the next update!
  • FireDyeGamingFireDyeGaming77,324 77,324 GamerScore
    02 Jun 2017 02 Jun 2017 02 Jun 2017
  • Calex dEUSCalex dEUS923,999
    01 Jun 2017 02 Jun 2017 02 Jun 2017
    9 0 2
    I'm sure someone will have a dedicated achievement world up soon but in the mean time I found this seed on a youtube video it spawns you next to a woodland mansion with Evokers inside, they are the cleric type , not the axe wielding guys. They usually spawn up stairs and around to the left and then the rooms on the right in this one.

    As per SbN Spacefish comment I forgot to add the seed number redface:
    Seed number: -396676922

    EDIT: The entrance is on the opposite side from which you approach the mansion. They tend to run away when attacked so best to block the entrance of the room you find them in to make life easier for you.

    Also when I was loading my game and trying to follow the video I was having trouble seeing where he was going compared to my game , just bump up the draw distance in video settings and it will be easy to see where you need to go.

    You can play on peaceful and still get this, also when killed they drop a totem which can be then used for

    Minecraft (Win 10)Cheating DeathThe Cheating Death achievement in Minecraft (Win 10) worth 86 pointsUse the Totem of Undying to cheat death

    Just equip it in the new off hand slot , then when you die it will get used unlocking the achievement.

    Related: The video also shows a village near by too, I haven't had time to check it and see if it spawns a cartographer for the map achievement, but I'll check it later.
  • MitMit118,301
    05 Jun 2017 05 Jun 2017
    3 1 0
    If anyone is still struggling for whatever reason, I have made a 4 minute video which tells you how to get all these achievements in the Discovery 1.1 Update. In the video description you can download a world that contains all the achievements in one section, therefore it will be really fast!
    Massive Credit to: Itzz Sh0wt1m3 (For creating the world)

    Video Link:
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