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Savior of Morrowind

Complete quests, defeat bosses, and explore delves to become the Savior of Morrowind.

Savior of Morrowind-0.5
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Achievement Guide for Savior of Morrowind

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    This achievement requires you to complete the following in game achievements:

    Champion of Vivec
    Restore Lord Vivec's lost power, save Vivec City and be named Champion of Vivec.

    Vivec will request that you speak to Archcanon Tarvus about leads to investigate regarding the loss of his power.

    - Complete the following quests:
    - Divine Inquiries
    - Divine Delusions
    - Divine Intervention
    - Divine Disaster
    - Divine Restoration
    - Divine Blessings

    Ancestral Tombs Hunter
    Find all 30 ancestral tombs in Vvardenfell, make a rubbing of the information they contain and deliver these rubbings to Librarian Bradyn to discover the location of the lost Library of Andule.

    - Seran Ancestral Tomb
    - Ginith Ancestral Tomb
    - Rethandus Ancestral Tomb
    - Salothran Ancestral Tomb
    - Telvayn Ancestral Tomb
    - Uveran Ancestral Tomb
    - Norvayn Ancestral Tomb
    - Tharys Ancestral Tomb
    - Heran Ancestral Tomb
    - Lleran Ancestral Tomb
    - Thelas Ancestral Tomb
    - Sarano Ancestral Tomb
    - Othrelas Ancestral Tomb
    - Aran Ancestral Tomb
    - Velas Ancestral Tomb
    - Releth Ancestral Tomb
    - Raviro Ancestral Tomb
    - Redas Ancestral Tomb
    - Arano Ancestral Tomb
    - Hlervu Ancestral Tomb
    - Maren Ancestral Tomb
    - Arenim Ancestral Tomb
    - Serano Ancestral Tomb
    - Andas Ancestral Tomb
    - Verelnim Ancestral Tomb
    - Ieneth Ancestral Tomb
    - Sadryon Ancestral Tomb
    - Venim Ancestral Tomb
    - Nerano Ancestral Tomb
    - Favel Ancestral Tomb

    Morrowind Grand Adventurer
    Complete 32 quests in Vvardenfell.

    Defender Of Morrowind
    Defeat all six world bosses in Vvardenfell.

    - Defeat Kimbrudhil the Songbird
    - Defeat Salothan and his Council
    - Defeat The Queen's Consort
    - Defeat Nilthog the Unbroken
    - Defeat Wuyuvus the Hunger
    - Defeat Mehz the Cozener

    Morrowind Master Explorer
    Discover and clear all caves and striking locales in Vvardenfell.

    - Morrowind Cave Delver
    - Khartag Point Explorer
    - Ashalmawia Explorer
    - Zainsipilu Explorer
    - Matus-Akin Egg Mine Explorer
    - Pulk Explorer
    - Nchuleft Explorer

    - Morrowind Pathfinder
    - Yasammidan
    - Ashalmimilkala
    - Shrine of Azura
    - Holamayan Monastery
    - Ald Sotha
    - Hanud Tower
    - Aleft
    - Falensarano Runins
    - Valenvaryon

    Nchuleftingth Group Event
    Defeat Nchulaeon the Eternal in Nchileftingth.

    Forgotten Wastes Group Event
    Defeat Stone-Boiler Omalas, Brander Releth and Mountain-Caller Hlaren in the Forgotten Wastes.

    *Please use the link below which will take you to an interactive map which you can use to help locate all the relevant locations required like dungeons, delves, striking locales and tombs for the rubbings. The map has a very handy search feature in which you can just type whatever you are looking for and you can see the location directly on the map.
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