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Most Valuable Combatant achievement in The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

Most Valuable Combatant

Earn a medal score of at least 3,000 points in a single Battleground match.

Most Valuable Combatant0
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How to unlock the Most Valuable Combatant achievement

  • xxDAMRONxxxxDAMRONxx633,726
    15 Aug 2017 19 Aug 2017 22 Jun 2018
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    A very easy way to get this achievement is in the Team Deathmatch portion of Battlegrounds (currently it is random which game type you will play, so just keep playing until you get Team Deathmatch).

    **Edit**You now have the option to select a playlist. Your going to have a better shot with this method in Team Deathmatch due to the high point value awarded for assists***

    Now, if you are a seasoned vet and dish out a lot of damage you can get this simply by getting loads of kills in deathmatch and you will likely be above 3000 points.

    However, if you are not the best at PVP (or simply don't like it) and have difficulty getting kills there is an easy way for you to still get the achievement. First, equip several AOE skills to your skill bar (as well as a protection skill and a way to heal yourself). Go into areas (stick with your teamates) where there is a lot of fighthing going on a drop all your AOEs on the group. Now, even if they are not strong enough to get the kills, simply doing damage will get you assists if anyone (doesn't even have to be on your team) kills the player that you have done some damage to. You will get 100 points for each assist (the same amount as a kill!!). With this method you should land loads of assists and a few kills here and there. Top that will other random medals you will get during the game and you should easily be above 3000. Cheers!
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  • x I LAZ I xx I LAZ I x546,524
    11 Jun 2018 22 Jun 2018
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    My guide is how I did it, following the Summerset patch/release:

    I struggled with this hard - going in with a PVE character in Battlegrounds can be painful, very painful. Stating your armour sets is pointless, because the best ones change every patch, use Alcast's site to check what is the current best load-out to use

    I did mine on a Sorc, so I will be using the Sorc class as an example, but the points remain relevant through other classes, and my pointers will be most effective in Deathmatch, as other game types don't give credit for kills.

    Basic things to go for:

    - Use skills that knock people down - it will allow you to follow up with an execute on people who are weak trying to escape, leaving you with what should be an easy kill

    - learn the execute skill available for your class. Wait for groups to start fighting, and spam execute on those who are the weakest, you should quickly clean up plenty of kills

    - VERY IMPORTANT - trait change your jewellery of choice all to Bloodthirsty! This will add an insane amount of extra damage to your execute attacks! Purple jewellery with Bloodthirsty add 9% execute damage EACH, so 3 pieces adds 27% execute damage - an insane addition of damage output.

    - Avoid AoE attacks - unless you have a strong PvE build, AoEs will be easily shrugged off by the more PvE orientated builds.

    - Having Impenetrable traited armour will aid survivability, and running a shield/self-heal will help too. Stick with team mates.

    The main message here is to utilise the execute - I changed by build and decided to add the Bloodthirsty trait to all my jewellery and got this achievement the very first game after doing so. Stick with team mates, avoid being in the middle of big fights, and spam execute. It'll pop within no time.
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