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Rise of the Horde

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Rise of the Horde

Around The World achievement in Gears of War 4

Around The World

Complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde in a squad on five Post Launch maps

Around The World+0.4
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How to unlock the Around The World achievement

  • mcnichojmcnichoj215,173
    14 Jun 2017 10 Jun 2017 23 Jul 2017
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    If you did the five maps before the update then you should have automatically unlocked this achievement upon starting up the game.
    If you did less than five maps you should see 20% gained progress in the achievement app for every map you have completed (i.e. if you did three maps then you should see 60% completed progress).

    Playing in normal queue on any difficulty and playing in private count.
    I did a match in the Developer Playlist and I did not gain any progress. Maybe it just glitched that run, I don't know. (UPDATE: It appears I gained progress from the playlist once that map became available for everyone.)

    Each DLC map will only count once. If you decide to do multiple speed runs on Security, only the first one will give you progress towards this achievement.
    You can play with any amount of people as long as it's at least you and one other person. (Credit to HoHe69 for this correction.) However more players would be ideal but the game will scale the amount of enemies based on amount of players.
    If someone gets disconnected then that disconnected player won't get credit.

    Season Pass is not required to complete this achievement however you will need to know someone that has the Season Pass and they will need to host the math if you plan to do this in private. Really no reason to do this in matchmaking as you get no say on the map and random players will just screw up the game or leave after wave 20. I suggest setting up a session on this site or using the Looking for Group feature on the console itself.
    DO NOT BUY INDIVIDUAL MAPS! While you can just buy the maps you want, you'll end up spending half the cost of the Season Pass for only a fraction of the content.

    Maps that will not count towards this achievement:

    Maps that will count:
    -Blood Drive
    -Dry Dock
    -Impact Night
    -Old Town
    -Raven Down
    -Reclaimed Windflare
    -The Slab
    -War Machine
    -Any other new maps not in the first list

    Now any DLC map should be easily doable for anyone of any skill level set on Casual but just in case I will include another list for extra easy or exploitable maps.
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    mcnichojYeah sorry for not putting up the videos. Basically you get two heavies two scouts and then a soldier. You have one scout and a heavy stationed on the opposite stairs of both original spawns. Once the Guardians with the Salvos show up, the heavies get those. Then once you get to later waves and you amassed money then the soldier can use the Hammer of Dawn on the boss waves. Waves should be taking like under a minute even later on. I skip some minor details and someone said they patched that method so I'll have to look in to others. You can give it a try but it may not work.
    Posted by mcnichoj on 26 Jun 17 at 22:10
    HolyHalfDeadVariations of maps also count, for example I got it on "Reclaimed Windflare".
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 22 Jul 17 at 04:27
    xXDomsTheBestXxAvalanche and war machine don't count
    Posted by xXDomsTheBestXx on 23 Jul 17 at 07:58
    I already know, Impact Dark counted already. Thanks for the confirmation none the less.

    They do, Xbox Live could have been having issues when you played. The progress may or may not pop up for you later, I suggest to just continue on playing different DLC maps.
    Posted by mcnichoj on 23 Jul 17 at 17:59
    Avalanche and war machine don't count
    FWIW, We did War Machine and Lift Apex on Incon+Ironman. Neither counted. Might be the maps, the new difficulties or just tC being tC. Oh well...

    EDIT: And to clarify, I did other maps on normal and casual, and those times the tracker went up instantly after finishing rnd50.
    Posted by Healtti on 16 Jun 18 at 15:44
    SchizoPsycho74What about Forge Blitz?
    Posted by SchizoPsycho74 on 08 Sep 18 at 22:01
    OJLeanAdd me if you want to get any gears of war related achievements! Gamertag: OJLean
    Posted by OJLean on 13 Mar 19 at 19:29
    Bigjimboski80Forge Blitz counts
    Posted by Bigjimboski80 on 25 Jun 19 at 15:31
    FantasticFranc0Avalanche DOES count. Just did it today and my progress went from 20% to 40%.
    Posted by FantasticFranc0 on 23 Jan 20 at 09:11
    FantasticFranc0Feel free to invite me to a Horde match. The worst I can say is, "No."
    Posted by FantasticFranc0 on 27 Jan 20 at 23:49
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