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Rise of the Horde

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Rise of the Horde

Classy! achievement in Gears of War 4


Upgrade all Skills Cards for one Horde class to Level 6

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How to unlock the Classy! achievement

  • Marcus PigeonMarcus Pigeon435,403
    13 Jun 2017
    120 9 11
    Upon doing the math, I have found the totals for each class. Note this is a maximum cost. (Meaning starting from level 1 on each card after you get it out of a box, and then only purchasing it up until it is level 6) It should cost you less if you have been playing horde and getting cards out of the boxes.

    Soldier - 91,260
    Sniper - 111,540
    Engineer - 74,880
    Heavy - 115,440
    Scout - 120,900
    General - 10,140

    I do not believe that you need the general skills to unlock the achievement, but just incase, that's the total to buy and upgrade them from level 1.

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    ollyyyyyDo you need the purple ones maxed out too? I’ve got all sniper blue cards up to lv6 with no achievement popping
    Posted by ollyyyyy on 01 Jul 18 at 15:38
    Homunculus FuryThe level of scrap you need is terrible. The good thing about the lost souls pack is you can at least count on 20 scrap per card. Occasionally get a 600 one.
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 03 Nov 18 at 14:04
    VrAzZLe MeisterI fully leveled the engineer class and its stuck at 92%?
    Posted by VrAzZLe Meister on 18 Aug 19 at 21:16
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  • Star1ord89Star1ord89547,469
    24 Jun 2017 13 Jun 2017 25 Jun 2017
    69 14 55
    Alright I'm going to take a crack at this and try and make a solution for people post power glitch who are still endlessly grinding for this; this is my first time so please be kind wink:

    UPDATED: 6/24/17 made a few tweaks and comments on what worked best in getting the achievement

    Shout out to: Active, DRF Patch, D3LTA, and katerfone for making this possible


    As stated before your best bet is to complete this achievement with the engineer. Your looking at about 75,000 scrap to do so.

    I've been using a method on horde using the map war machine. To accomplish this your going to need this team make-up:
    2x-Engineer running maxed out (Sentry Cost & Capacity, Repair Boost, Build Cost, Carry Speed)
    2x-Scout running maxed out (Deposit, Health Boost, Pickup Distance, Speed, Energize)
    1x-DPS Solider (Grenade Plants, Damage, Capacity Resupply and Assault Rifle Damage)

    Put the fab near its spawn by the station cafe. Split into "South Entrance" and "Platform 3" (most of the time referred to as Blue and Gold sides) teams with an engineer and scout on each side. One engineer is going to need to stay with the fab to mass produce sentries and barriers. The DPS solider will cover the weaker of the two sides. Now in the back of the map you will see a giant COG right in front of the two archways and a smaller COG past it. Your going to place a barrier in the archway and a sentry BEHIND the giant cog. Now before the wave starts each team takes position on the smaller cogs to spawn push all enemies into the the platform rooms. Using this method level up your fab by making new sentries and letting them destroy old ones. Scouts run power back and forth etc etc. eventually you'll have enough sentries to spawn trap and have some reserves for the bosses. Using this method inconceivable/ ironman difficulty is not an issue at all. Keep making and using the inconceivable XP bounty (1200) and you'll make around 4,000 per run.

    As far as what pack to get I believe depends on your situation. If your missing cards and need to unlock them go with horde booster packs or operations. If your in need of scrap I would go with elite or community packs that seem to have a much higher chance of dropping a legendary but almost guarantee epics (elites definitely guarantee and epic) especially to level up the epic skill cards. Probably for the greens and blues you can go back to taking your chances on horde booster packs.

    Hopefully another and better solution can come out to make this even faster. But until then get ready for the grind fest. Best of luck to all of you!
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    KanchanaburiI am also at Wings 2 and still have not got enough scrap to max out my soilder. I waited forever for my Flow card so I went with my soilder since i had all the cards.

    This has taken a long time. I have all my greens - everyone of them maxed at level 6 now since I stopped scrapping green cards. And yet, I am still 18K in scrap away from completing this.

    As you get higher in rank, you get a lot less money so buying packs gets harder. Beware,

    DONT scrap any skills while you are playing through this until you know which character you are going to max out.

    I scrapped alot along the way BEFORE this DLC.
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 05 Aug 17 at 18:46
    count023You should update this method to now explain the Foundation speedrun, that's the fastest way to finish now (65 minutes for 50 waves on inconceivable).
    Posted by count023 on 19 Aug 17 at 08:12
    Solario32Foundation has now been patched. They didn't even wait for the monthly update. :(
    Posted by Solario32 on 25 Aug 17 at 19:12
  • I v KillJoy v II v KillJoy v I314,394
    14 Sep 2017 28 Aug 2017
    39 3 7
    I have a solution for those who enjoy the grind and are looking for another speedrun.dance

    As of today, August 27, 201, the coalition patched War Machine and Foundation. My video below will show you exactly how to speedrun the map blood drive. It takes roughly an hour, it's fairly new so feel free to try it and modify it to make it faster.

    What you will need;

    2x Scout
    2x Engineer
    1x Soldier

    Happy hunting !
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    I v KillJoy v IGlad it worked for you Dacius :) cheers !
    Posted by I v KillJoy v I on 11 Oct 17 at 00:55
    Johnny BroflexDoes this method still work?
    Posted by Johnny Broflex on 28 Aug 19 at 07:08
    I v KillJoy v ISorry Johnny it’s been patched but blood drive is still very safe to do horde. Stay in room and defend the stairs will take you an hour and a half with a good team
    Posted by I v KillJoy v I on 28 Aug 19 at 10:38
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