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Rise of the Horde

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Rise of the Horde

Pumping Iron achievement in Gears of War 4

Pumping Iron

Complete all Campaign Acts on Ironman (Hardcore, Insane, or Inconceivable difficulty)

Pumping Iron+1.2
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How to unlock the Pumping Iron achievement

  • MuzzilyMuzzily478,446
    02 Jul 2017 11 Jun 2017
    60 2 31
    Firstly, for tips on individual levels, check out Perf3ct Chaoz guide for the achievement
    Gears of War 4Legends of SeraThe Legends of Sera achievement in Gears of War 4 worth 505 pointsComplete all Campaign Acts on Ironman in Co-op on Hardcore or higher difficulty

    The following method works for most games and will allow you to avoid failing on tricky achievements where a flawless / deathless run is required.

    Start your campaign on at least Hardcode mode with ironman turned on. Play through the game in earnest trying not to die. If you do go down/think you're going to die, or die completely press the xbox guide button cn_guide. You'll be sent to the dashboard but the game will still be running in the background.

    Goto the game tile and press start, then goto manage game. It is important that you do not quit. Selecting the quit option will sync your local save to the cloud and ruin what you are trying to do.

    From the manage game options, go down to Saved Data in the left hand menu. You will most likely see a profile save game and a reserved space. Highlight the profile saved game and press cn_A. You'll get 3 more options. Select Delete from Console. This will remove your local save only.

    Don't worry this WON'T interfere with your online progress / xp / classes cards or anything like that. This is purely a local copy of a file that will be synced from the cloud server.

    Once you've deleted the file it will automatically quit the game so just start as normal. It will sync the save from the cloud back down to your console.

    I would recommend stopping play about every 20 minutes/when you reach a new checkpoint you're comfortable and quitting the game to ensure the save file is synced. That way you won't have to repeat too much of the campaign.

    To anyone who is sceptical about this working I would recommend you start a new game and play for a few minutes to get to a new checkpoint, quit the game and allow the save game to sync to the cloud. Start the game up again and continue the campaign, then deliberately die. Use the method described to pull down the cloud save you made earlier so you may continue.

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    MuzzilyHow much you have to replay will depend on how frequently the save is syncing to the servers. If you know you are struggling to get past certain points , I recommend you quit and close the game, this will force a sync. Then continue as you have been.
    Posted by Muzzily on 20 Aug 19 at 08:38
    Tw1std Nitem4reThanks for this. My friend and I just got the achievement with Legends of Sera.
    Posted by Tw1std Nitem4re on 01 Sep 19 at 08:56
    IN YO FACE 86I did this but I don't understand why my achievement hasn't unlock yet😟
    Posted by IN YO FACE 86 on 03 Jul at 06:01
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  • LLboxedLLboxed224,763
    27 Aug 2017 27 Aug 2017 27 Aug 2017
    13 1 3
    I have found a way to back up your save in case you need to roll back to an earlier act or chapter. This is helpful if your game bugs out (Act III Snatcher) or your Ironman gets turned off by accident on your current save. For this to work you need a 2nd Xbox.

    I invite you try this out yourself before you get serious. For me it worked every single time I tried it even though I did not end up needing it because we got lucky (savegame stayed valid for the entire run).

    Step 1: On First Xbox - Save game as you would normally. Exit the game and shut the Xbox down. Probably not necessary but I did it anyway in order to be a 100% sure it works correctly.
    Step 2: On 2nd Xbox - Start up Gears. It will sync the save from the Cloud. Awesome! You're done for now. I now shut the 2nd Xbox down and disconnected the network. Again, not necessary but I wanted to play it safe.

    Alright, now let's say are back to your first Xbox and messed up on your save and need to roll it back.

    Step 1: Make sure at least 1 day has passed between the Backup save on the 2nd Xbox and the save on the first Xbox. When I didn't do this it just overwrote the sync I had on the 2nd Xbox.

    Step 2: Load up the game on your 2nd Xbox. You will be getting a notification that the game is syncing with the cloud. It is now that you will be getting a popup telling you that the save in the cloud and the save on your Xbox are different. It will also list the date/time difference between the two saves.

    Choose the local save. It will now sync the backup save file back up into the cloud. Nice!

    Step 3: Back on your 1st Xbox, delete your local save before starting up the game to be safe. In theory this is not necessary as the game will ask you the same thing as in Step 2.

    * * *

    Once you start up the game now you should have rolled your savegame back to what you had on your 2nd Xbox. Ironman should be ON again and you can continue your grand adventure. Good luck!

    Please let me know if you got any questions or further insights regarding this mehod.
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    MRHO LV0didn't work for me , always overwrite my old save data
    Posted by MRHO LV0 on 12 Sep 17 at 12:46

    Sorry that you seem to be having issues with this. Am I understanding you correctly that you never receive the dialog if you want to keep the old save or use the new save (cloud) instead, it just grabs it from the cloud?

    For me this happened when I didn't wait for a day. If the save in the cloud and the local save are both very recent (same day) it will always sync it with the cloud.

    Another question: Are your savegames on your Xbox or on an external HDD? Mine are on an external HDD since I ran out of space on my Xbox HDD.
    Posted by LLboxed on 12 Sep 17 at 14:41
    SchizoPsycho74Great solution.
    Posted by SchizoPsycho74 on 11 Nov 18 at 15:40
  • D3V1Lz ASSAZZ1ND3V1Lz ASSAZZ1N305,194
    07 Nov 2018 07 Nov 2018
    8 1 0
    Confirmed that 2nd player on casual and deleting local save if someone ĺincluding AI died) still works as of November 6, 2018.

    I did split screen with other 2nd controller on casual untill motorcycle part. Then did rest with online friend. Both this and the legends of sera chievement popped at the end.
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