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Pacifist in Outbreak

Pacifist599 (75)

Survive a scenario on Hard or Biohazard Difficulty with one or fewer kills.

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Achievement won on 09 Jul 17
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Posted on 09 July 17 at 10:29, Edited on 16 September 17 at 13:38
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-This is a hard one. There is only one scenario that I know of that this will work on. The scenario is Chasmal. You are allowed to kill one enemy. Kills from AI count against you.

-I would really recommend running this a few times on HARD with Quies and AI. There is an achievement for doing 3 scenarios on HARD anyway.

-There are what I call sleepers and spawns. Sleepers are enemies that are placed in anywhere and will wake up when you get close to them. Spawns are generated somewhere at random and hunt you down. For this scenario, there can only be 5 spawns on the map at any time. There is nothing you can do about the spawns but you can take the most direct route to avoid waking any extra sleepers.

-Items and enemies will have set locations where they show up and sometimes not. So, there is a little luck factor involved but most of the time everything is fair.

-Basically what makes this map so special is that there are a few doorways that are too narrow for a horde to fit through. So as a result, you can trap large groups. There are 2 traps that work great and two more that are ok plus another that can really screw you up.
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-You can sometimes wrestle your way out of a large group's grasp. Moving in circles, kicking/karate chopping, moving the thumbstick in all directions, etc. There were many times when it looked like the end but somehow I got out.

-There are two anti-poisons that are on your route. The third one is in the upper right hand corner of the gold key room....
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-Here is a great general guide by the developer:

Here is what I did:

Chasmal Scenario HARD
Nora: (You can change your default character in the start menu)
Light: damage(optional; I shut it off most of the time anyway)
Sight: damage(very optional)
Skin: any

Spawn Baiting: First thing is to un-equip and drop your shotgun. The garage may have 2 green and 1 red salves. However, you are going gather all 5 spawns here. You are going to run in circles until all of them show up. This should take 3 minutes. Stay in this big area until all 5 + 1 sleeper(who normally lives near the red and green salve) are chasing you around.
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Animal Parade: Time to go for a run. So you are going go to the right dodging zombies along the way. There will be a fork in the road where you can go north or south. Go south to avoid a sleeping zombie. Yeah, he is right near a green salve but it is not worth it. Follow the path to the south to what I call, the computer room (room with a shotgun/where you use the yellow card). There should be another zombie in here at the computer; run past it and head north. If you got a red and green salve mix and drop them here. Make sure you have 3 free item spaces. Set a barricade here before you go. You want your parade to be tight.
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Second Stretch: You will heading north up a long set of stairs. Going west, you will encounter a Tyrant. Do not use the loop under him; that will wake another zombie. Instead enter the door slightly and run over the top of him. Run north past the trap and dodge the next zombie. Set another barricade again to bring the parade closer together. 2244 BTW. At the top, grab the key and magnum from the lockers. DO NOT attempt to grab the red salve if it is there yet. Run past the zombie here and enter the fire room. You should be able to make it this far without taking any damage.

Fire Room: Make sure you have an empty item space to grab the yellow key. Stay low when running past the first two and go high and start making clockwise circles from the top down. Grab the key and keep making big circles around the room clockwise. When the parade of evil arrives, make your last circle to the bottom left corner, get low, pause and then run on the top of the room all the way back the right. Whew! If the red salve is there barricade the parade behind you. You may have to temporarily drop an item to mix whatever you have but be quick.

It's a trap! You are going to head back to where the fire area began. You will come to an area with a doorway where there are two potted plants on each side leading to a stairway. If you get to the area where the tyrant was you went way too far. So, at the potted plants, you are going to set a barricade when the parade gets close. Set the barricade just so the top is parallel with the bottom of the plant pots. It might take a try or two to get right. Basically, normal hallways will not fit 2 dead side by side. However, this spot between the plants is just wide enough for 2 monsters to stand in but will get stuck trying to go further. Fun as hell.
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Quiet: If you did this right it will be totally quiet. If not, you may have one or two slip through. That's alright. Head back to the computer room. To the northeast there may be a red salve. Head to the east, use the key on the furnace machine and drop your magnum here. Careful not to wake the sleeping dog that is on fire. Head back to the computer room and use the yellow card. Then, head south.

Zombie Party: Keep heading along the route to the blue card without going in any extra rooms. You will probably encounter 2 zombies and a set of heals in the room I call the color tubes room. This will be just before passing through the garbage room; very narrow with a lot of shit in it. This is an unreliable trap room so avoid using barricades here for the time being. There will most likely be a poison zombie along the way. He can be avoided although it is usually not worth it. In the room before him, set a barricade to the east. Partially enter the room to the south to wake poison man then run around him. There will probably be another zombie in this room filled with similar color tubes as before. There will also be the passage south to the blue card. DON'T go down there yet.

This part is tricky but can be done and with some luck, without getting damaged but that all depends on how many zombies you are dealing with. You might even want to practice this part on NORMAL until you can do it consistently.

Tight fit: Ok, you are going to circle your new parade of about 4 zombies back to the color tubes room. Once there, turn around and barricade the parade in the color tubes room. Again, avoid setting the barricade in the garbage room. I know what you are thinking and let me save you some time, why not bring the parade back reeeaallly far? They still get there before you exit in to the open area.

RUN RUN RUN! This is the trickiest part. Head into small corridor to the blue key just south of the second color tubes room. At the bottom there might be 2 zombies and a red salve. They can be dodged on the top and then the bottom. Near the blue card, this zombie can not be avoided. Grab the key, wrestle your way free and barricade the zombies. When you get to the bottom of the room, your parade should be just getting down the stairs. Stay at the bottom of the screen and to the right until they get close. Then run over the top of them. If you are lucky, you passed 3/4. In any case wrestle your way free and head up the stairs.

Avoid the Trap Inside the other color tubes room, drop any extra item. For the next part you only want to be holding the blue card and one item if needed. Heading to the east, there will be passage to the south. This entrance is a potential trap. Sometimes zombies can get stuck here without even trying. If they do, you can fix it simply but kicking them in the nuts until they get unstuck. Then you better run. Just make sure not to kick them too many times or else they will die X( You will mostly likely discover one more zombie on your way down to the gold key room. Dodge it and then set up a barricade. Again you dont want too much space in the new parade with them or behind you. Also, make sure there is enough time for a barricade to charge up again. Head south and open the door with the blue card.
External image

One Quick Sweep: Head to east dodging zombie along the way. There is one area just before the wall on the east. It is the narrow part of the room. This is just small enough that if a barricade is put in the middle it will function. Drop the barricade and head for the prize. Make a counter-clockwise sweep and spam the cn_A. This is why you want 3 open item spaces coming here. Even though you dont want the shells, you might pick them up by accident instead of the key. Haul ass back to the entrance. The doorway here is also another trap. It is a little harder to set but somehow it works. Place the barricade as parallel with the doorway as possible but have in stick out a little. Run!!!

Crazy Time: You might notice the creatures start acting a little weird right now. It is like the game cant handle this many things being awake at once. So, dont stick around to find out if the trap holds or not. Head north and go west towards to the red card room. Drop the shells if you picked them up. This next part is pretty easy. Dodge your way to the red card, pick it up and circle the room. This room has a unreliable trap. Set it the same way as the last one by placing the barricade as flush with the wall as possible but inside the room just a little bit. Chances are, it wont work but you really dont need it. Just head back to the computer room. You can try to use the other unreliable trap in the garbage room but, you are nearly done.

Final Setup: I brought the shotgun with just in case 3 magnum rounds were not enough. Heal-up using anything that is extra. Take the magnum. (FYI the grenade launcher works too with 4 shots) Once you use all 3 keys, the dog will wake up. For the area ahead, it is ok to use 1 or maybe 2 barricades but it is ESSENTIAL to have one ready for the final corridor. Check the map and look at the area.

Last Run This should not be too bad. As you finish your first run to the south set a barricade. There will be two zombies at the bottom. The run to the north has a dead end to the NW to avoid. When you reach the NE corner DO NOT use anymore barricades. Head to the south. There will probably be 2 zombies close to the entrance of the final corridor that runs east. Check your map. Keep going east as there will probably be one more zombie. check your map again. When you are about halfway through the corridor and you are sure there are no more zombies, Drop the barricade.

What is that? Run all the way to the end and kill that thing. 3 magnum shots should do it. If not....punch him in the nards if you have to.


If you are curious if this will be easier on a different scenario:
Tutorial- will not unlock
Outbreak- waaaay too long
Miasma- maybe, I could never find working traps
Enkindle- need to kill 30 enemies to pass stage
Captive- need 2 kills
Care- need 2 kills
Clear- need 2 kills

...sorry dude, I think I stepped on your laptop
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