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3.057,0271,103 (16%)3-4 h
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Unbreakable Bonds

Completed EPISODE PROMPTO on Normal.

Unbreakable Bonds0
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Achievement Guide for Unbreakable Bonds

  • InsipidCjsInsipidCjs177,002
    27 Jun 2017 29 Jun 2017
    6 1 0
    I made a video guide on how best to combat the final boss:

    This is the text guide:
    -First of all, the machine gun never needs to reload nor runs out of bullets, so just hold that trigger down.
    -Aiming/zooming is a bit of a double-edged sword here, it is useful for bullet placement but is very shaky, so if you can't control the shake, give it a try without zoom, it surprisingly useful.

    -First Wave (First time you kill the boss):
    -The first half of this wave is relatively easy, do your best to aim at his core, as it's his weak point.
    -Shoot even if you can’t hit his core, damage is damage and may buy you just enough time to get the kill, especially if you struggle at shooting.
    -Once his HP is at half, you see a brief cutscene and he begins to attack you with his outer 'eyes'.
    -You need to destroy all the outer eyes quickly, by shooting them of course, I don't recommend aiming here, as it can be very shaky.
    -Do your best to shoot the ones glowing purple, it will cancel their attack, in saying this, it's not easy and if you are quick, it's not likely you'll die.
    -Once they are destroyed, shoot the core, ending the first half.

    -Second Wave (When the boss resurrects):
    -This is the more demanding part, you need to be non-stop shooting his core the entire time, missing the core for more than about 15secs total will make it almost impossible to win.
    -Zooming is tricky here, you'll see that I do it a few times but it is crazy shaky, if you can manage, don't zoom, you'll get more hits in
    -At the time I killed him, he was no more than 3 seconds away from him insta-killing me, so that's roughly the time frame you have to end him
    -The video was my second attempt, so you can gauge how much practice you'll need (not much)
    -I really think it's important to decide, “do play I with or without zoom?” It will help you play more smoothly
  • ReyasReyas379,726
    27 Jun 2017 27 Jun 2017
    3 3 0
    Simpy complete all main missions on Normal difficulty. You will be asked which difficulty to play when you click new game and are unable to change after that point!

    I found it easy enough to do first time round, but if you struggle then doing a playthrough on easy to get the grips of the new combat system would be recommended, but not required.
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