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Great View From Up Here

Levitate up 50 blocks from the attacks of a Shulker.

Great View From Up Here0
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Achievement Guide for Great View From Up Here

  • koratyboykoratyboy556,197
    28 Jun 2017 28 Jun 2017
    71 10 7
    This is a long guide so I will let the video do most of the talking. I hope it helps!

  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    42 7 8
    This is literally so easy once you get to the ender city, at the base of the very first tower you see there are 2 shulkers on the left and right wall of the door right at the base of the tower, place yourself a few blocks above the ground or just jump into the line of one when you can they shoot at you constantly so it's pretty easy, once you're levitating just throw ender pearls at the highest part of the buildings around you and do that 2 or 3 times and the achievement will pop
  • I v KillJoy v II v KillJoy v I276,569
    09 Jul 2017 09 Jul 2017 13 Jul 2017
    18 1 7
    Same Method as above just a little more in depth. In this video I will show you everything from the very beginning of what you need and how to get to every location, I also give you tips on how to kill the ender dragon fast and to destroy the obsidian towers without a bow and taking no damage.

    ** UPDATE **

    You can now skip the the nether by resetting the Chest items in the alchemy section of the map. Grab your blaze powder from the the chest and make sure to hit the B when the guide comes up. Walk away and come back to open the chest again and you should be able to pick up 20 blaze powder.

    If you have issues with the Nether Crystals, return to the menu, click on your world, options, and reset the end.

    Thanks to @MathGuy42

    Happy hunting!

  • Calex dEUSCalex dEUS920,747
    27 Jun 2017 30 Jun 2017 30 Jun 2017
    17 2 1
    The cheap way to do this is with ender eyes

    Go up the base of the initial tower in the end city till you get to one of the first bridges with a shulker at the door of the next tower. Do this on peaceful.

    Then what I did was build 2 stacks of cobbles or whatever 64 high outside a little away from the shulker at id say 7 or 8 blocks away, then load on easy face the columns you made and get hit then throw an ender eye up the column as far as you can, pull back a little to aim after you teleport and throw another to the top of it and boom !!!!

    The reason I didn't use the shulkers on the ground was they tend to shoot each other after you take off and endermen.
  • UtG MistUtG Mist170,311
    28 Jun 2017 28 Jun 2017
    15 2 6
    Seed: 3569888
    World Size: Large
    Biome Size: Medium
    End Portal Location:
    X: -880
    Y: 34
    Z: 602

    -Locate the end portal (You will need all 12 eyes of ender for the seed listed above)
    -Defeat the Ender Dragon
    -Find the small portal that takes you to the end city (On the outside of the ring of obsidian pillars, should emit a beacon of light just after the dragon is killed)
    -Save once you're at the end city
    -Find the Shulkers along the inside/outside of the structure
    -Make your way around the structure allowing the projectiles to hit you

    -You can move the Shulkers by destroying the block that they are attached to, they will teleport to a nearby location
    -Keep some distance between you and the Shulkers so that the 'bullets' don't get obstructed by other blocks
    -Move into the 'bullets' as sometimes the tracking doesn't work so great
    -Levitation only lasts about 10 seconds per hit so keep that in mind
    -Keep some sort of platform directly under you in case of failed attempt

    33% Luck, 33% Skill, 33% Not rage quitting
  • Big MikeeeeeeeBig Mikeeeeeee78,885
    27 Jun 2017 27 Jun 2017 05 Jun 2019
    16 5 10
    EDIT: As XXXICenturyMatt pointed out you're able to get this achievement a lot easier than what I did by throwing ender pearls at the higher buildings when you have the levitation effect. I believe this is a bug with the achievement so expect them to fix it probably in the next update and for that reason I'm going to leave what I did below.

    In order to get this achievement you have to 1st have the enderdragon defeated in that world and then get an enderpearl to teleport to the end city. Once there you will have to find the end city structure.
    If you come to the end city and there is nothing there then you're unlucky and will have to respawn and kill the end dragon for a 2nd end city portal to open up, there are a maximum of 4 portals total you can have.

    You will then want to make your way up to the building thats looks like this one in the middle layer (or look around in your end city and find a structure with a similar design as seen in the video below):
    External image

    Once there, you will need to place some ladders in the middle of that area so you can go up and down easily without taking lots of fall damage and make sure to clear out some of the blocks in the area so the shulkers guided projectiles have enough room to move around and hit you.
    You will then need to have the shulkers shoot you once at least every 10 seconds so you keep floating up.
    I reccommend bringing A LOT of food so you can regen and this may take you a while depending on whether the shulkers want to target you or not which was a problem I ran into as the AI for their projectiles is REALLY bad.

    Video of what I did and me getting it:
    Sorry, this Game Clip has been removed

    I get the achievement in this clip but it does not show due to achievement popups not showing in Xbox DVR Clips.
  • WhiteythereaperWhiteythereaper233,989
    29 Jun 2017 29 Jun 2017
    7 0 0
    I saw a different solution mention that Shulkers teleport when the block they are connected to gets destroyed. That made me think about mining but instead of teleporting them, clearing the sight lines out at the bottom of the tower.

    Make sure you have armour and food/healing potions (since the food bar now drains when healing) and that you save before you attempt to fly. Stand on the lowest part outside the tower that has the tall room with many Shulkers. Use the Shulker that is outside to begin floating and move towards the tower entrance.

    Mine away the blocks at the top of the entrance to allow yourself to float into the tower and position yourself in the center. The Shulker on the wall next to the chests should hit you quite quickly. Then clear out as many blocks above that one as you feel is necessary for it to retain a good sight line to you. There may also be one on the roof outside of the room so it is worth clearing part of the wall out just in case. Keep yourself centered and keep an eye on your Effect Time so you don't unexpectedly fall to your death.

    Once you get into the big room it's a matter of keeping your health up and staying still so the shots don't miss you. You'll unlock the achievement around 5-10 blocks before you hit the ceiling. If your levitation time is about to run out it's a good idea to throw an ender pearl at the floor so you don't fall too far. Make your way back down or reload the world if you fail if you don't care about mining again. It's just trial and error but it isn't too difficult if you prepare.
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