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Title Update 54

3.129,2972,330 (25%)3-4 h
Title Update 54

Achievement Details

Great View From Up Here

Levitate up 50 blocks from the attacks of a Shulker.

Great View From Up Here+13.4
14 January 2020 - 4 guides

Achievement Guide for Great View From Up Here

  • Calex dEUSCalex dEUS969,010
    30 Jun 2017 30 Jun 2017
    50 13 15
    Easy way to do this

    Go up the base of the initial tower in the end city till you get to one of the first bridges with a shulker at the door of the next tower. Do this on peaceful.

    Then what I did was build 2 stacks of cobbles or whatever 64 high outside a little away from the shulker at id say 7 or 8 blocks away, then load on easy face the columns you made and get hit then throw an ender eye up the column as far as you can, pull back a little to aim after you teleport and throw another to the top of it and boom !!!!
  • Epic ghost cEpic ghost c113,770
    20 Jul 2017 26 Nov 2017
    10 4 0

    (optional-golden apples)
    build a piler up (recommend 100 blocks just to be safe) next to a shulker
    get some ender pearls
    get hit by one of the Shulker and ender pearl up the piler

    this guide makes it really easy to get this achievement
  • nanoc1111nanoc1111149,340
    29 Jul 2019 29 Jul 2019
    2 2 1
    This end portal location is from the last title update from 2018.

    The other solutions are good as well but you dont have to go to the nether, just pick the 10 ingredients for the endereye from the alchemy area chest, die ingame, go back to the same place and there will be 10 new ingredients from the same chest then you got 20 of it, which you can make easily 12 ender eyes. After you defeated the Enderdragon and entered the „End City“, find those shulkers, place 50 to 100 blocks into the air, teleport yourself down with the enderpearl, get hit by the shulker and if you’re levitating, just throw some ender pearls into the air of 100 blocks and get the achievement.

    If you have any suggestions to improve this solution let me know.
  • LorneLorne447,710
    20 Dec 2019 20 Dec 2019
    0 1 0
    If you are having issues getting this achievement please do what I did:

    - got to the end city in the tutorial level (I hear its guaranteed in tut level)
    - build one tower thats 50+ blocks high near the Shulkers (square looking purple enemy that levitates you with it's attack)
    - pour a bucket of water on the top of the tower and it will trickle down to the bottom
    - get hit by the Shulker and swim up the tower of water you just built
    - sprint-swim up the tower and boom! Achievement is yours.

    For this method, you do NOT need to use ender pearls to teleport so you can forget about that random chance of getting knocked around and it not going where you'd like.

    You can also use LADDERS to sprint climb up the tower if you do not have water.
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