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Title Update 54

3.129,2972,330 (25%)3-4 h
Title Update 54

Achievement Details

Feeling Ill

Defeat an Evoker.

Feeling Ill+4.8
14 January 2020 - 2 guides

Achievement Guide for Feeling Ill

  • AAronXXPatriotsAAronXXPatriots432,793
    27 Jun 2017 27 Jun 2017 01 Jul 2017
    78 2 36
    Seed: -5878875557040847114

    Biome Scale : Medium

    Do NOT set the difficulty to peaceful or the Evokers will not spawn. (thanks to WJS Osiris for the info)
    External image

    Turn around and the mansion is right in front of you

    External image

    You will want to mine for some iron armor and a sword to take on the tough mobs in the mansion

    The Evoker is the villager looking mob that casts spells
    External image

    After you kill the Evoker they will drop a Totem of Undying

    Which you will need for this achievement
    Minecraft: Xbox 360 EditionCheating DeathThe Cheating Death achievement in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition worth 203 pointsUse the Totem of Undying to cheat death.

    Just Equip the Totem and let any mob kill you(The Totem has to be in your hand or it wont activate)
    When you get to zero hearts the totem will spin around and you will get the achievement

    *Read the comments for Jacques Bauer's guide to find llamas on this seed*
  • Finnisher JvBFinnisher JvB266,163
    17 Aug 2017 17 Aug 2017 21 Aug 2017
    15 1 3
    I decided to add this solution after finding out that after several update's the Mansion no longer spawns in the seed given to us by: AAronXXPatriots

    EDIT: As point out to me in the comments by Arador the seed given in AAronXXPatriots solutions does still work, I don't know why I could not get the Mansion to spawn. I tried it several times but it would never show up roll.
    So incase people are running into the same problem like I did, I will leave this solution Online so you can use it if you want to smile. Feel free to use his guide or mine, the end result will be the sam, you getting the achievement and that's what counts wink.

    So I decided to do some searching on the internet and found another seed that still works (on August 17 2017). So to save everybody else some time by having to search the internet I'm sharing the seed with you all of you.

    Seed: ibxwood20
    Biome Scale: Medium

    The best thing about this seed is that you spawn right on top of the mansion and if you look around you will see another mansion pretty close by.

    Credits for this seed go out to YouTuber: ibxtoycat
    Here's a link to his video:

    His video says that there are 4 Mansions on this seed, I myself haven't looked around the entire map so I don't know if it's still true.

    If you find that this seed is no longer working, please tell me in the comments. I will then remove it or change it by adding another seed.

    And don't forget, as mentioned before: Do NOT set the difficulty to peaceful or the Evokers will not spawn.
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