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Swap Meet achievement in Rocket League

Swap Meet

Trade and receive one or more items with another player in a single transaction

Swap Meet0
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New players involved in any trade must have purchased at least 500 Credits including Credits from any Starter Pack.

How to unlock the Swap Meet achievement

  • CornerscoutCornerscout
    06 Jul 2017 05 Jul 2017 06 Jul 2017
    You will need to start a party from the Main Menu by pressing cn_X. In order to unlock this you will need a second person; I cannot confirm if this can be done with a splitscreen account or not yet. According to Itzz Sh0wt1m3:
    No splitscreen trade possible.
    Once you have a person in your party, you need to highlight their Gamertag and press Invite To Trade. Trade any items you like and once the trade is complete you will get the achievement. Easiest one in the update to unlock provided you have someone you can do this with.

    I should mention that you are required to trade and receive an item. You can't do either/or as far as I'm aware.


    According to NoHeroes94, after extensive testing he speculates that item quality may be a factor for the achievement. Personally, I traded an Uncommon for an Uncommon and my partner and I both got the achievement, so you may want to anticipate that.

    It popped first time for me, third time for him. I gave him a car (can't remember its value but it wasn't one of the above and it had a red background) and he gave me an uncommon item. That worked for me, not for him.

    For the 2nd attempt, I gave him a premium item and he gave back the car. That didn't work for him either.

    The 3rd, successful attempt, I gave him a rare for a random item and that unlocked for him.

    To conclude, I think the item has to be of some rarity and not a premium etc. item.
    This seems to imply that unbalanced trades (in his case, an Import for an Uncommon) might not work for everyone. The person trading the highest quality gets the achievement in this case. It also implies that trading something back will not work, so a boosting party couldn't pass an item around the group to get the achievement.

    This is all speculation though, and as far as we know it could be a bug. Just to be safe, you might have to trade a few times to get the achievement, and if you do you should try trading different things each time.

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    SilyolmeheeIs this a dead achievement?
    Posted by Silyolmehee on 16 Feb at 22:20
    MANofPIEyep this achievement is now discontinued
    Posted by MANofPIE on 09 Mar at 04:34
    VisibleRaptor5To be fixed soon.
    Posted by VisibleRaptor5 on 17 May at 19:38
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  • UtG MistUtG Mist
    05 Jul 2017 06 Jul 2017
    You will need one other person over online to do this (both will get the achievement)

    -Start a party by pressing cn_X at the home menu
    -Select who you would like to invite
    -Once they've joined head to the bottom of the screen to where their name is displayed and press cn_A
    -Then scroll down to 'Invite to trade' press cn_A again
    -Once the trade menu has opened, select an item to trade them and wait for their offer (you both need to trade something)
    -Press cn_start to accept the trade once you are in agreement, then hit okay on the pop-up text

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    dale smeegleAny chance you could help with a trade? Looking to get this done before the December update...
    Posted by dale smeegle on 29 Nov 19 at 02:12
  • EvoSeroEvoSero
    06 May 2022 30 Nov 2021 30 Nov 2021
    As the other guides are a few years, old, I wanted to provide a more current guide since the game went free-to-play and Epic-integrated, it's now much harder to simply do with any 2 users, whether a friend, booster, or another user in your home if you have two consoles.

    The requirements to trade between 2 people are as follows:

    1. Both Xbox gamertags need to be assigned to an Epic Games account and accepted the EULA.

    2. Both Epic Games accounts must be email-verified and have two-factor authentication enabled.

    3. If a gamertag/account was created or new to Rocket League after the F2P transition, it needs to have purchased at least 500 credits (approx. $5USD/$7CAD).

    4. Both accounts must be XP level 30 or higher.

    5. All involved items must have been acquired on Xbox to be traded on Xbox.

    It will not tell you this criteria all at once, if you attempt to trade without the above done, it will give you an error message first about the user agreement, and once that is done you'll get a message about 2FA, once that's done then about the credit limitation, then about the level requirement.

    While you are apparently supposed to be able to trade items acquired from crates prior to the blueprint system, on my account around 99% of everything I had from the prior 3-4 years of crates is marked as not tradeable.
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    CQOzymandiasLooking for someone to help me unlock this (one of 2 achievements left for me). I’ve met all requirements as listed (owned the game long before it went F2P, just been away from the game since before this update) and have several tradable items. Message me if you are interested in helping.
    Posted by CQOzymandias on 13 Mar 23 at 00:06
    jc coldingWhere do you see you XP level?
    Posted by jc colding on 22 Oct 23 at 16:51
    lightsup55First, I want to thank the author of this guide for mentioning all of the requirements needed to be met before a player can enter Player-to-Player Trading.

    @jc colding
    You can find your current level from the main menu under PROFILE -> CAREER -> STATS (look for "XP LEVEL" below the STATS section). It should tell you your current level and how much XP is needed to reach the next level.

    Other things that also help (in terms of getting to level 30 faster):
    - purchase PREMIUM Rocket Pass (requires at least 1,000 RL Credits) to gain an extra XP boost per match
    - from the main menu, press cn_RB to VIEW CHALLENGES (note: some challenges require PREMIUM Rocket Pass to claim); don't forget to check both the CHALLENGES and SEASON tabs (cn_LB or cn_RB)
    -- you're looking to claim the challenges that award XP (a set amount) or 1 Level Up (which gives you 1 instant level for each challenge claimed), which may help to bypass the need to play more online matches
    Posted by lightsup55 on 25 Nov 23 at 03:27
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