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Title Update - v759

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Master Zoologist

Tame at least one of every tameable creature on the ARK

Master Zoologist-1.4
17 November 2019 - 3 guides

Achievement Guide for Master Zoologist

  • shelbygt5252shelbygt5252728,992
    18 Nov 2017 18 Nov 2017 18 Nov 2017
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    This solution is for players using Windows 10, streaming to Windows 10, or using Smartglass. If you use the symbol "|" you can tame in blocks of 10, which makes this go very quickly. (Thanks to Sandman78 for the tip)

    Open the admin command and copy/paste each block into the command:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
  • SashamorningSashamorning1,721,868
    19 Jul 2017 18 Jul 2017 12 May 2018
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    Yeah, more codes. This list is as of 9/28/2017.

    If you see any codes that don't work, please let me know.

    Edit: in order to get this, you have to have checkmark on all the dossiers of the creatures in your log. If there's no place for a checkmark, you can skip that one.

    You MUST have the creature dossier before taming a creature. I suggest following my guide for Veteran Paleontologist before starting (and you can knock out that achievement too!)
    ARK: Survival EvolvedVeteran PaleontologistThe Veteran Paleontologist achievement in ARK: Survival Evolved worth 199 pointsUnlock all the Explorer Notes on ARK Prime

    WARNING: ascending may erase your progress. Better to do that either first, or do all of these codes first. The are a lot.

    Edit: THC Robs95 let me know that this popped in a game where another player spawned the creatures and tamed them. Both players got the achievement. DephoZ confirmed that if you are in a tribe with another person, each of you can get the achievement if one of you does a code, so you can split the work. (See the comments.) At worst, you'll all have to complete the list just as normal.

    Open the command box at the pause screen by pressing cn_LB+cn_RB+cn_X+cn_Y. Then type in the codes below, press the Admin Command button, and back out. Once you spawn them, you will have to look at them (so that the tag shows, such as Allosaurus), then pause again and type "dotame" (NOT "forcetame"). The creature needs to be in the center of your screen, which can be a pain with insects and fast creatures. Use can use the "kill" command if you have too many with you and/or they're interfering with your taming.

    DephoZ confirmed in the comments that you can save time by force taming the creatures as they spawn. Type the following, with the correct creature where XXXX is:

    Gmsummon "XXXX_character_bp_c"1

    so something like:

    Gmsummon "Achatina_character_bp_c"1

    In the creature dossiers, once you've tamed a creature there will be a checkmark, so you can see whether or not you've already gotten it. Unfortunately, the achievement tracker does not move for this one.

    There are ~90 codes in all. Some are land creatures, some are sea creatures. Sea creatures can be insta-tamed the same as land creatures; they'll just die out of water. (Makes sense to me.)

    Edit: Apparently, there was a difference in the quotation marks that I used in Word and the ones here. I changed the characters, so they should work. Let me know if there's an issue in the comments.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
  • I v KillJoy v II v KillJoy v I277,350
    21 Jul 2017 22 Jul 2017 22 Jul 2017
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    Exact method as above just in video format for the visual learners !


    God Mode - *LeaveMeAlone

    Just exclude the following dinos:
    *Anything that has Alpha in in front of it
    *Diseased Leach
    *Sabertooth Salmon
    *Bee Drone

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