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Epic Troll Stash achievement in Fortnite

Epic Troll Stash

Complete "Epic Troll Stash"

Epic Troll Stash-0.1
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How to unlock the Epic Troll Stash achievement

  • Runner eGirlRunner eGirl
    02 Aug 2017 02 Aug 2017 07 Dec 2017
    When you complete all quests from the first area (Stonewood), right after you unlock Plankerton, you will get a side quest called "Epic Troll Stash". To unlock this achievement, you have to complete that quest. To complete the quest itself, you need to play in 15+ areas.

    The ultimate goal of the quest is finding the troll key to open a phantom chest. The phantom chest is a pink chest that looks like a chest-shaped ghost and is hidden somewhere on the map. You might find that chest at any time, which probably means that someone in the match has the side quest active, but only those with the active side quest and the key will be able to open it.

    External image

    You get the troll key by whacking the troll that sometimes takes your BluGlo when you are about to grab it. You may have to try this a few times before you get the key. When you get it, you will see a message at the end of the match saying that you now have the troll key. After that, you just have to find the phantom chest and open it for its loot. The achievement pops at the end of the match, when you get your chest and quest rewards.

    The phantom chest can spawn anywhere in any map (thanks Ztr7 for the supplementary info), and there are no marks on the mini-map or the map to guide you as to where it might be, so you'll just have to explore.

    So, in a nutshell:

    1) Complete Stonewood, get side quest "Epic Troll Stash"
    2) Play in 15+ areas
    3) Whack the troll until you get the troll key
    4) Look for the phantom chest and open it

    Update (Oct 31, 2017): Some people are having issues with this quest registering as complete and therefore can't unlock the achievement. Check the comments for a little more info (I don't know how to solve it though, but I'll keep my eyes open and update this as soon as I have new info)

    Update (Nov 11, 2017): This is a known-issue, as acknowledged by Epic Games here:
    So hopefully it will be fixed soon!

    Update (Dec 7, 2017): This has been fixed with today's update. Thanks Master Chiefing and Lythiris for the info. My guess is that it won't unlock retroactively though, you'll probably have to find the chest and open it one last time for the quest to register as completed.
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    Master ChiefingSo I found the chest again today, opened it and successfully finished the mission I was on and still no luck. I found someone on the forums that posted about this bug and I responded to back their claim. I also submitted through the in-game feedback so hopefully this bug can get fixed on an upcoming update so it sounds like that is all aligned with what Runner eGirl was suggesting. I'm sure it'll get fixed at some point especially with multiple people reporting on it now.
    Posted by Master Chiefing On 01 Nov 17 at 01:42
    wwzach16Oh yeah mines bugged too found at least between 40 to 60 troll chest lol
    Posted by wwzach16 On 02 Dec 17 at 05:00
    LythirisMy quest had been bugged. There was an update today and the quest completed on my next chest but no achievement. Quit and relaunched the game and it popped on the load screen.
    Posted by Lythiris On 07 Dec 17 at 18:03
    Runner eGirlthank you for the info, I've updated the solution accordingly. Happy unlocking everyone :)
    Posted by Runner eGirl On 07 Dec 17 at 18:20
    XJCreek87I've been trying to do this for a couple months now, and have still never even seen a troll key... I've had that mission active since some time in October, and I play every day.
    Posted by XJCreek87 On 07 Jan 18 at 05:31
    Runner eGirlThe troll key is not an item that you pick up during the match, you get it with your rewards at the end of the match. To get it, you have to complete a whack the troll during a sucessful match (you may have to do it several times until you get the key)
    Posted by Runner eGirl On 15 Jan 18 at 15:13
    ChardPTI've completed Stonewood but don't have the quest. Do you have to run the first Plankerton Storm Shield mission first?
    Posted by ChardPT On 13 May 18 at 11:25
    Runner eGirlI don't remember, but you probably do, because you can't actually play in Plankerton until you complete your 1st defense there.
    Posted by Runner eGirl On 13 May 18 at 16:43
    Haphephobichow do you get whack-a-trolls to appear? i know you need to collect bluglo, but is there something specific i need to do? no matter how many bluglo i collect i can never get one to show up.
    Posted by Haphephobic On 18 Jun 22 at 04:32
    Runner eGirlIt's random, but usually the bluglo is in a somewhat open area (meaning no walls close to it). I would maybe try the outer area, outside the city, suburbs or industrial zone. I never found one inside a building. Other than that, you just have to keep trying, You'll find one eventually.
    Posted by Runner eGirl On 18 Jun 22 at 14:12
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