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All Together Now achievement in Fortnite

All Together Now

Complete "All Together Now" (Daily Quest)

All Together Now0
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How to unlock the All Together Now achievement

  • Runner eGirlRunner eGirl
    08 Aug 2017 08 Aug 2017 19 Feb 2018
    To unlock this achievement, you have to complete a daily quest that is called "All Together Now" (thank you dieresis for confirming the exact name of the quest).

    Every day at the same time (9 pm for me) you get a new daily quest that you can see on the quests tab of the main menu. These quests give 50 V-coins and 20 Founder's Money (Founder's Money is no longer being used) as a reward for completing them, and you can have up to 3 active at the same time.

    The one for this achievement is for completing 3 "Play With Others" quests. "Play With Others" quests are the quests you complete by searching for a match using the question mark that appears on the map.

    This is what the daily quest it looks like on the Quests tab:

    External image

    (the screenshot is not mine, I used the one at

    You can choose to search for a quick match or searching for matches that correspond to your story progression (it might take a it longer to find a match, depending on your progression).

    Also, there might be some additional requirement (like purchasing a certain amount of skill tree nodes or story progression) or maybe the achievement is a bit bugged, because I got this same quest at the very beginning of the game (it was one of the first ones I got), and the achievement didin't unlock then. Now I'm in Plankerton and have purchased quite a bit of skill nodes and the achievement popped just fine.
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    Runner eGirlHmmm... No one has unlocked this since March 28, which is weird. It could simply be that since then, the quest hasn't popped for people on TA who still need the achievement, but it could be sign that it's glitched (or that they discontinued the daily quest). I'll try to find out more about this, but just in case, keep completing daily quests, you might get it. And if you don't, you still get vBucks in the process, so that's good :)
    Posted by Runner eGirl on 23 Apr 20 at 13:38
    DARKASSASSINO07Yeah I’ve been trying to complete as many daily challenges as I can every couple days. Still haven’t seen it pop up at all but I’m hopeful. I also looked at available quests on a fortnite website and it stated that this particular quest was still available. Still, if anyone has recommendations I am all ears.
    Posted by DARKASSASSINO07 on 03 Jun 20 at 03:21
    Runner eGirlHaven't seen anything about this, but at this point it's been over 4 months since anyone has unlocked this, and given that you never got it I'd assume it's been taken out of rotation. Maybe check Reddit? I know epic answers to threads there, so it might be a good start
    Posted by Runner eGirl on 03 Aug 20 at 23:54
    Runner eGirloh, that's interesting, they'd never done that before. I don't think anyone got it because last unlocks are dated March 28 Scratch that, there's plenty of unlocks that didn't show the first time I checked, weird. Could be people who got it a long time ago and completed it just now though. I hope they bring it back soon
    Posted by Runner eGirl on 08 Aug 20 at 00:59
    the Si1ver KingI just got this daily mission earlier this week (sometimes around November 13) and achievement today when I finished it.

    But they must have changed the requirements for the quest, because for me it was "Rescue 100 Survivors in successful missions".
    Posted by the Si1ver King on 17 Nov 20 at 01:12
    Oriole2682Mine was still 50 so idk, achievement pops after you claim the quest after the mission not when you get the 50 or 100.
    Posted by Oriole2682 on 13 Jan 21 at 22:19
    MrNoLuckFoxStill in rotation. Friend has gotten it twice in the last month. I, have not gotten it once in the last 2 years....
    Posted by MrNoLuckFox on 23 Apr 23 at 19:31
    SegmentedMass73Unlocked June 7, 2023
    Posted by SegmentedMass73 on 07 Jun 23 at 20:14
    Siryeethow do you get it
    Posted by Siryeet on 06 Dec 23 at 14:10
    zimman1Still available as of February 21st, 2024
    Posted by zimman1 on 23 Feb at 19:07
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