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Talented Builder achievement in Fortnite

Talented Builder

Build 500,000 Structures in successful missions

Talented Builder-7.0
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How to unlock the Talented Builder achievement

  • Sandman78Sandman78
    Locked 20 Apr 2018
    Spend a match using an Outlander to farm materials, then switch to a Constructor for subsequent matches to build the structures. Constructors have the 'Creative Engineering' perk that reduces build cost for a Level 1 structure from 10 materials to 9 materials. If you couple this with a Constructor that has the 'Pre-Planning' squad bonus in your squad's Support slot (Hotfixer Hazard or Catstructor Penny), this will further be reduced to only 7 materials required per structure if they are evolved to 3-stars or higher.

    If you're lucky enough to find a Storm Bonus of 'Building Constructors' during an Event, it only requires 3 materials per structure. If you had 5000 materials of each Wood, Stone, and Metal, you could build 5000 structures before having to farm materials again.

    If you have a constructor with the 'Recycling' perk, you could throw down a B.A.S.E. that covers at least three structures each of all three material types and it will auto-generate materials for you while you are throwing down floors. Just return to the B.A.S.E. occasionally and collect the materials before the cap is reached.

    Structures built by other players during a match count toward the achievement as well, so find a team of 4 constructors and try to find out how many structures you can build before the game crashes.

    At some point you will have to deliberately work on this achievement because it is unlikely you will have achieved it naturally by the time you get to Twine Peaks Storm Shield Defense 6. I'm currently in Twine Peaks with around 1000 matches complete and only 115,000 structures built. Many of those matches are non-defense missions like Survivors or Encampments, but even if you played all objective defense missions it will take many, many matches and will likely be the last achievement earned.

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    LIMZYYI need this also along with the other grindy ones count me in
    Posted by LIMZYY on 13 Jan at 21:42
    mga74Me too
    Posted by mga74 on 14 Feb at 21:12

    Invite me anytime for Talented Build achievement, I'm need this achievement too, willing to help anytime. Few or some hours, doesn't matter for me.

    Gamertag: Endzeira
    Posted by ENDZEIRA on 15 Apr at 14:56
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  • Vengeful VoidVengeful Void
    09 Oct 2018 10 Oct 2018 09 Mar 2019
    Prince Jame5,
    BloodDiamond174 and ProKiller 360 for helping me to get this achievement!

    Look at Tenreth comment. He wrote also a good Solo way.

    With v8.00 (Season 8) you have (currently) no chance to lower they building cost by your heroes...
    However, the building construture mutation is still in. Then each building cost 6 instead of 10.


    On this site (short sso) you can see your progress into all non story achievements (gnomes, chests...)

    This method is for 2-4 players since structures counts for ALL, means if your friend build a piece it counts for you.


    Hero: Any Constructor
    Support slot: any constructor with the perk "Pre Planning" (reduces build cost by 10%, your Hero need to be lvl21)
    Heroes who has it: hotfixer hazard (non event) catstructure/demolitionist penny, demolitionist bull, 8-bit demo (event)
    Tactical slot: trailblazer jess (xbox standard outlander), gives +10% movement speed while on player-built floors.

    With v8.00 this perk isnt in the game anymore. If something changes I will update it.

    What mutation you need:

    Now, your best mission is a mission with "BUILDING CONSTRUCTURE"* Storm Mutation, you can go to "sso" and go to "Mission Search" then down to "Storm Mutations" there you can select what mutation in which mission is and how long it will be available.

    *Building contsructure means if you have a constructure and in your support slot someone who has "Pre Planning" your structures cost ONLY 3 NOW 4 materials instead of 10.
    (Currently) unavailable


    I think the best is RESCUE THE SURVIVORS since Survivors are the most you need,.
    Why? you dont need to defend. Survivors: rescue all... or most, if there are bugged... angry and then build or/and while you are searching for them, you can easy spend 5k in 8min. You will mostly get 13-15 survivors if your team is good.


    Best method after you saved most/ all of the survivors build some stairs up and then build the 3 floors in front of you forward until you reach the end of the map and do it backwards and so on...**

    Example how the map can look like at the end. :P

    External image


    - Use 2blu-glo for the speed-pylon to get much faster
    - Use the suply drop gadget to get some materials back
    - Have never 5k from the same material at one point since then you dont lose any reward/suply drop materials
    - RESTART the game before/after EACH mission to prevent crashes


    I did most with a group of 3. I had a Xbox One from 2014, one had a Xbox One S and the last one a Xbox One X. My game crashed the most time... be aware of that but dont worry, everything you/ your team build COUNTS.


    Everyone spend 5-8k materials, we could do more but it was most of the times to laggy or Fortnite crashed...

    3players: you get between 5k-8k structures per game. Means 15k-24k a hour= 21h-34h for 500k.
    2players: you get between 3k-6k structures per game. Means 9k-18k a hour= 28h-56h for 500k.

    I played only >5 games of 4 players because when each only spend 5k my game crashed so I would not recommened it.

    Its my first solution without a video guide, hopefully I could everything explain well since my english is not the best ^^
    Thx for reading and if I can something do to improve the solution, pls write a comment.
    Good luck with 100%!

    **Thanks to Prince Jame5 to mentioned the building method. I just thought it was to simple to add. :D
    I appreciate it!

    ***Thanks to keung to mentioned the general tips. I forgot it :p
    I appreciate it!
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    TenrethThey updated some perks. The lowest you can get is now 4 materials with perks as constructor and storm modificator.
    A low (atlas) defense mission is better if you have a constructor with electric floors, build a basic t1 defense with ramps around the objective and floors towards the storm. Put the BASE down and it solos the defense. You can/should use the repair perk in the 2nd slot.
    This way you can place even more floors. Especially good for solo play. :)

    Edit: with a recent patch, they added challenges in the missions tab where you can see your progress
    Posted by Tenreth on 19 Feb 19 at 12:30
    Vengeful VoidTenreth
    wow, they even made this harder...
    Thanks, I update it.
    Posted by Vengeful Void on 19 Feb 19 at 12:45
    JeyOliveThe building video is exactly how I went on achieving this, you could also place cones and a 3 square side wall as your placing the floors as well to place them even faster.
    Posted by JeyOlive on 05 Sep 21 at 23:10
  • KalebKaleb
    Locked 20 Jul 2019 20 Jul 2019
    With the release of Wargames this achievement has became easier, but still extremely grindy. You can now basically have unlimited materials, you still need to place the 500,000 structures which takes a lot of time though.

    Basically you need to go to your homebase at any location, preferably with max materials, and then go away from your builds, ramp into the sky, then place floors and pyramids/roofs above and below you, just build away waste all your materials. After that go down to the ground, you can just jump off then revive yourself it's fine, then break the ramp that you made initially and all the builds will break and you will get your materials back.

    For the game to count you have to successfully complete a wargames. Some of them are very difficult and some of them can be done completely AFK solo. I will post a guide below from reddit that shows you how to setup a solo AFK wargames base, it will require a fair amount of heroes (specific heroes) and materials to make though.

    These lobbies can be done with 4 people and obviously the achievement can be achieved much faster that way. I will be running some lobbies over the next few weeks, feel free to add me.
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    A CopyCat174Is this still working? Did it with a few friends and it did not count after we finished the wargame
    Posted by A CopyCat174 on 16 Jan 20 at 18:10
    A CopyCat174Does this count when you make a Wargame instead of a Stormshielddefense? We did it 2 times in a Wargame (successull) now, we had a progress from 10.000 each and it doesn´t count...but when we had a progress from 4.000-5.000 it counts.
    Posted by A CopyCat174 on 09 Feb 20 at 11:27
    coldntiredThis is still working as of today. There are a few points to consider:
    - You only get the materials back if you destroy the builds before you start the mission. You can still build while your traps do the work and it will count, though.
    - There is a build limit so you don't need to fill up on materials. Just place a load, destroy, and repeat.
    - I found the easiest mode to be a custom wargame called "denial". This places damaging rifts around your base as you play but they only hurt players and not builds. Just stay out of the way and go look for the time-reducers.
    - I also found it easier to do on Twine Peaks as my SSD was already full of high-level traps, unlike the first zone where I had to do far more work during the mission.
    Posted by coldntired on 13 Jan at 21:43
  • JugadorSeedJugadorSeed
    07 Apr 2024 07 Apr 2024
    1.- make sure you have 5000 stone, 5000 wood and 5000 metal.
    2.- enter storm shield mode and use all the materials to make a total of 1500 structures, this takes 9 minutes.
    3.- Destroy the structures to recover all the materials and repeat the process up to 8 times if you want to make 12,000 structures in 72 minutes.
    4.- Start the shield and pass the first wave, before starting the second wave, leave of the game.

    TIP: make a platform with signs that guide you so you don't get lost. I leave this video, this is how I made my guide map.

    9 minutes 1500 structures
    72 minutes 12,000 structures
    90 minutes 15,000 structures (NOT RECOMMENDED) BE CAREFUL, do not exceed more than 72 minutes, something unexpected could happen.

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