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Save the World

Loot Legend achievement in Fortnite

Loot Legend

Loot 300 Treasure Chests in successful missions

Loot Legend-0.3
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How to unlock the Loot Legend achievement

  • DarQ MassacresDarQ Massacres
    Locked 11 Jan 2018
    to put it simply, you can find the same chests that you open at the end of a level while exploring a level, these are most commonly found in the following:
    behind boxes
    Back of caves

    basically anywhere really, just open up 300 of them in missions and the achievement is yours!

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    Reaper7445This must be glitched. I started counting chests when I thought I was around 300. I have gotten over 800 since. No achievement.
    Posted by Reaper7445 On 14 Mar 18 at 18:48
    xDaddy Cakehave you successfully completed the mission after collecting the chest? i have been collecting and finishing the mission havent been keeping track but im pretty im over 300 as well
    Posted by xDaddy Cake On 25 Mar 18 at 23:39
    RayhovenSafes don't count nor do mimics
    Posted by Rayhoven On 10 Apr 18 at 15:39
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  • xDarkSoul18xxDarkSoul18x
    19 Apr 2018 19 Apr 2018

    ^ Great source of information to get an idea where to find them.

    I can not confirm but I believe if other people open chests(In successful missions) it counts for you as well. I hardly open chests and it randomly popped for me the other day in a mission I was playing with others.

    I'd also like to recommend if you are going for all the achievements to not worry about farming this specific one until you are done with Twine peaks because I guarantee you will have it before you're done(I'm mid canny and got it).

    If you are, low level fight the storms are great(Don't go for grassland/forest missions). Build a pyramid around the atlas, place a defender pad(with defender of course) and scout the area. I'd recommend either a ninja(any) for speed/double jump or Outlander(preferably eagle eye) to detect chests(have to be "in the zone"(smash a few things)). 7 minutes should be enough time for you to find a couple chests.
  • Deadly WarthogDeadly Warthog
    22 May 2018 23 May 2018 28 May 2018
    This achievement is for opening 300 chests post game(completed missions - Successful or Unsuccessful not 100% if it matters as have only failed maybe 3-5).

    I have just unlocked this achievement after opening 4/5 chests a game for the last few months and it unlocked after I had played about 310 games, of which there would have been about 10 or so that I either got disconnected from or quit before the end. Therefore not receiving the chest on completion. NOTE - even if you fail a mission you get a level 1/2 chest (may not count).
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    xNSHDare you sure this isn't for finding the chests in the game and looting them within the map not the chest you get at the end of the game.
    Posted by xNSHD On 27 May 18 at 16:14
    Deadly Warthoginitially I thought it was finding chests in game but the amount that I had opened (excluding what other players in my games have) would have been at least 600 and that's being prudent. I also have another friend (NZ JAYME) who unlocked a few days before me whose about 1 shield defence behind me but has done more missions helping players below himself when I have always just being doing missions to progress my quests.
    Posted by Deadly Warthog On 28 May 18 at 02:26
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