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Unspeakable Horrors achievement in Fortnite

Unspeakable Horrors

Kill 20,000 Mist Monsters in successful missions

Unspeakable Horrors-8.1
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How to unlock the Unspeakable Horrors achievement

  • NicoRobinsGhostNicoRobinsGhost
    Locked 17 Aug 2017 28 Mar 2018
    Unspeakable Horrors - for this magical achievement you need to kill 20,000 mist monsters which well is alot any way you look at it.

    Mist monsters
    -Smashers - big blue hulk looking guys, they scream and charge at objective or you after they are injured, to kill just keep shooting them.

    -Takers - hovering/flying things the can create portals and appear behind you (i rarely see them do this) the will dive bomb/fly at you slapping you repeatedly aim for its face when it does for head shot bonus

    -Flinger - these guys will spawn in and run behind a hill or building and throw husks over fort walls, fastest way to kill them is melee weapons.

    -Blasters - they are the tall thin ones with glowing purple eyes, they will keep their distance and shoot purple lasers at you in quick succession (6 -8). aim for its head to you stun it and soon kill it

    -Mimics - they initially look like a loot chest but will slightly "jump/bounce" and growl at you, once completely searched they will transform and attack. i use shotguns cause they have a large head...its a chest head

    (Not 100% sure mimics count some people say they do then others no) I included it here and kill them just in case they do,sorry for any confusion with this.

    keep at it and good luck

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    TenrethMimics do NOT count! (They do not count towards mist monsters when you have this mission)
    Posted by Tenreth On 10 Oct 17 at 18:54
    BigBaldNBeardedMist Monster kills are counted if you took part in hitting the monster since they count towards the actual quests I'm guessing.
    Posted by BigBaldNBearded On 18 Oct 17 at 02:50
    BEEFYBOIGo into help people’s storm defence and there’s at least 100-200 each time depending on the defence level in twine
    Posted by BEEFYBOI On 15 Dec at 03:53
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  • BigBaldNBeardedBigBaldNBearded
    24 Nov 2018 20 Jan 2019
    A tip that I'm experiencing that may help out people going for this achievement. If you plan on doing this achievement along with all the others, this isn't something you need to focus on. In the higher Twine levels, you'll be killing an average of 30-40 mist monsters a game, maybe more depending on the type.

    That being said, if you're in an early level like Plankerton or Canny, please don't feel the need to grind this achievement, as you'll have PLENTY of mist monsters to kill in Twine.
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    ***250+ Mist Monsters per solo 'Destroy the Encampments' mission***

    This is my setup for 250+ kills per mission solo.

    - Private match
    - P/L 80+
    - Outlander Hero
    - 50% level 4 ceiling traps, 50% level 3 (as a minimum; use higher level if you have the inventory)
    - Level 4 guns
    - Level 5 Hero's and Defenders
    - Early Canny (58 pl or less)


    - Destroy first 5 encampments as quickly as possible(Use the Outlanders warp/ rush ability and your hoverboard) . You cannot fail the mission now.

    - On the 6th:
    - Before triggering, place 3 defenders with sniper rifles or assault rifles at a suitable distance(
    e.g. where spawning enemies won't auto destroy them but such that enemies will be in
    range once they spawn).

    - By now your defenders will have triggered the encampment. Ignore enemies and build a metal roof over all spawn areas. Build a wall(may only be 3 pieces in length) beyond the spawn, then a ceiling linked to that wall. Do not let all three waves complete! (see below)
    - You may need to do this over the course of two triggerings( read on for def of 'triggering'; it's
    not a reference to the art of taking offense by millenial or gen-y snowflakes ;))

    - Add your celing traps. Upgrade the entire structure peices to their maximum. Again, this
    will likely be done over the course of 2/3/4 encampment triggerings.

    - Your setup will now kill enemies VERY quickly, dependent upon how well you have placed your structures.

    - A few seconds after the spawning of each third wave, use the Outlanders rush/warp(?) ability to leave the area of the encampment, and rush to re-enter. The encampment will have reset
    upon your leaving of the area.

    - Shoot the encampment to trigger another 3 waves: I find it best to warp right to the tower and shoot it.

    -Rinse, repeat
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    LuqxurySince the patch where traps have been nerfed this is no longer a very effective method.
    Posted by Luqxury On 03 Mar 20 at 04:41
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