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How to unlock the Win Hell on Earth achievement

  • NuadaNuada95,832
    18 Jan 2018 18 Jan 2018
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    This achievement can be completed solo with a little patience and luck.

    Set the game up for four waves on Hell on Earth Difficulty on Prison map. As suggested in others, stand in the entrance to the guard tower facing out and melee anything that comes in range. The only exceptions will be the Scrakes, Flesh Pounds or Husks. Each of these will likely require some dancing on the stairs to dodge their attacks.

    With a level 20+ berserker use the skills Skirmisher, Vampire, Resistance and Massacre. This provides damage resistance and healing on kill and over time. During the game equip yourself with a Pulverizer and Bone Crusher. The Pulverizer's secondary fire is an explosive charge that deals with Flesh Pounds in two to three hits while everything else can be dealt with by the Bone Crusher over time.

    The rest is getting lucky in a couple of things. First if you get all of your large enemies at the same time it will be difficult but possible with the Pulverizer. Second the boss is randomly selected and may present you with one that you won't be able to defeat with melee weapons. If you are lucky you get the Abomination who has to chase you. Defeating him is easy as you can retreat to heal then use the Pulverizer to take off armor and health.

    It takes a couple rounds getting used to playing such a difficulty solo, but with a low population regularly playing at this difficulty it will likely save you a great deal of time.

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    E vee dubI completed this today, finally, with a competent teammate. He was the 25 Berserker while I was the 25 Medic on NUKED. We ran around the perimeter of the map, keeping the zeds at bay while he hacked and I healed.
    I could see it was doable as well solo as a 25 Medic.

    Do yourselves a favor and just make it easier and wait until you're level 25. The perks are worth it.
    Posted by E vee dub on 11 Feb 19 at 14:38
    Aura of HeroismUsed that build and the weapon eviscerator (fully upgraded by round 4) C4 for big crowds of crawlers and as many upgrades as possible for the pistol (helps in first 2 rounds before you get your main weapon)
    I played on the black forest map and just kept moving. Could not get the prison map to work out. Sawblades will destroy almost any enemy and the circular saw will take out any skrakes provided you save them until the end. Good guid tho. That build was excellent.
    Posted by Aura of Heroism on 14 Sep 19 at 13:38
    Con Artist FoxFuck that shit, gunslinger on nuked, nuff said.
    Posted by Con Artist Fox on 23 Jan at 23:54
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    19 Jun 2019 20 Jun 2019
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    I did this solo with a lv 25 survivalist on "nuked"
    The survivalist has global dmg res. and every kill has a 30% chance to explode and hit his friends.
    "Nuked" is a big circle where you can run around in the same circle and make an zed-train behind you so if you turn aroun, shoot a few and start running again some will explode and hurt the zed-train.
    Keep running and gunning and use the healing frags in front of you so you run trough them while the zed-train gets poisened from passing trough the healing mist en again explode and hurt friends.
    I used the crossbow because it is cheap an has high penatration and does massive dmg. It also uses arrows you pick up again by walking over them when you run in circles so in a way its inf. ammo.
    As a secondary weapon i used the rpg-7 for the big guys and the boss.
    Now you just need a bit of luck with the random boss...
    Volter an king fleshpound are the easiest.
    It can be done with 2 if you stick together but 3 will make it a lot harder.
    Hope this helps
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    finallife6Upvote for Nuked, got it first try on that map
    Posted by finallife6 on 25 Nov 19 at 17:48
    BILLTHECRUSHER25 survivalist on Nuked. Got it right away after learning the loop and just running and gunning
    Posted by BILLTHECRUSHER on 27 Apr at 12:02
  • FrozenImplosionFrozenImplosion631,285
    21 Feb 2019 21 Feb 2019
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    I also used a berserker build for this and used the prison watchtower spot like noted in the other solution, but the berseker perk has been massively rebalanced in such a way that some of the weapons that used to work for HoE solo (Eviscerator, Pulverizer, Katana) are now considered by the community to be largely useless. That said, I thought I'd share my loadouts and strategies with the current build of the game!

    Again, select Prison, HoE, 4 Waves and choose your level 25 berserker (you REALLY REALLY want that final berseker perk, I tried HoE probably 100 times before 25 and I finally got it my first try when I hit 25).

    Perks for waves 1-4: LRLLR
    The 175 health is clutch, butcher's faster swing speed and better damage is necessary for holding the choke, resistance is key for all the poison and sirens, smash makes the zweihander's LT vertical slash decap MANY big zeds in a few hits, and the real time movement in ZED time allows you to mow through hordes that are giving you trouble!

    Weapons for waves 1-4:
    Wave 1: Use the crovel's LT vertical strike (when you press LT while moving forward or backward it does the vertical strike, and I found doing a forward LT and then a backward LT allows good spacing of ZEDS).
    Wave 2: If you have the money, sell your crovel and buy the Zweihander. This will be your main weapon for the rest of the run, and you'll want to upgrade it fully asap (usually around wave 4). If did not have the money, upgrade the crovel, it is usable but tricky to survive wave 2 with.
    Wave 3: Zwei's LT forward strike, making sure to target husk's and siren's heads. Husks are your greatest enemies and the abrupt end to many good runs due to their self destruct moves. Use your EMP grenades to stun them, and then run over and give them a good smack, and don't be afraid to follow up with some light attacks (RT).
    Wave 4: Zwei still, but definitely buy the Vlad nailgun at this point and upgrade if possible. I didn't use the nailgun much at all, but it's very useful if you get swamped or need to kite enemies (also great for killing husks at range if you're out of EMPs).

    At this point it is KEY to switch to the perk Skirmisher. You will NEED the regen and faster speed to outpace the bosses, especially fast ones like King Fleshpound and the Patriarch. If you feel good with parrying and have trouble fighting Hans, then switch to the Parry ability now (but remember this makes you lose your resistances). With the skirmisher ability equipped you regen health at a moderate pace and can run wicked fast with your melee weapon equipped. I suggest staying at the prison watchtower entrance until you have to back up, then jump down at the top, run straight through the fence ahead, through the door ahead, and the immediately swing a left. This leads to a small room with a staircase to the left and an ammo box to the right. Grab the ammo, wait for the boss to follow you in, do some damage with either the Zwei overhead swing or nailgun, then when you have to back up go up those stairs and take a left up the ramp and out the window. This allows you to run across the courtyard and back to the watchtower where you can rinse and repeat! Can confirm that this works especially well for King Fleshpound since he only spawns quarter pounds throughout the fight and moves pretty slowly.

    Disclaimer about playing with two people: if you want to do this with a friend or more people, the perks you choose are INTEGRAL to making this even remotely possible to complete. The only duo combinations I have heard being strong for the prison watchtower are berseker + medic (I have tested this and it works VERY well) but I have also heard that firebug + demo can be effective (firebug at bottom killing trash spawns, demo at the top targetting big ZEDs). I can confirm that other less strong combos like firebug + medic are actually REALLY hard to make work unfortunately, so be careful when choosing perks to level up!
  • Skuller 1O1Skuller 1O1912,051
    06 Aug 2020 06 Aug 2020 06 Aug 2020
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    *Glitch Still Works As of Aug 6 2020*

    I was able to use the glitch in this video to beat Hell on Earth difficulty with a level 5 Berserker using the starting shovel and the Skirmisher perk to have health regen, also the boss I went up against was the Abomination and if he moves into the corner you can sometimes force him outside the map which kills him instantly but if that doesn't happen it's easy enough to melee him to death.

    Basics of the glitch spot are that you crouch inside a pile of boxes on the Desolation map that enemies are unable to see you or damage you if you are positioned correctly and you can melee them infinitely. This spot could potentially be used by any class but Berserker is definitely one of the easier ones as they start with a melee weapon and are unable to be grabbed.

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