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How to unlock the 6 win(s) achievement

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    You need to win six games in a row in Original Mode to unlock these achievements:

    ACA NEOGEO SUPER SIDEKICKS2 win(s)The 2 win(s) achievement in ACA NEOGEO SUPER SIDEKICKS worth 84 pointsYou won 2 time(s).

    ACA NEOGEO SUPER SIDEKICKS4 win(s)The 4 win(s) achievement in ACA NEOGEO SUPER SIDEKICKS worth 89 pointsYou won 4 time(s).

    ACA NEOGEO SUPER SIDEKICKS6 win(s)The 6 win(s) achievement in ACA NEOGEO SUPER SIDEKICKS worth 94 pointsYou won 6 time(s).

    In the main menu, select Original Mode. It doesn't matter whether you choose the English or the Japanese version. Once the game loads, press cn_back to go into settings. In the settings, set the difficulty to 1, which is the easiest level. Set the game timer to 30 seconds, and all other time to 0. Make sure that Continues are enabled.

    Press cn_B to exit. The game will restart to save the settings. At the main menu, spam cn_LB and cn_RB to "insert credits". You can do this at any time during the game, and as many times you like, to ensure that you've unlimited continues. Start the game.

    Use a strong team like Argentina or Holland. Once the game begins, score a goal quickly to lead 1-0. With only 30 seconds on the clock, it should be the only goal of the game that makes you win the game 1-0. You should be able to do this until the 3rd or 4th game.

    The game gets increasingly harder from the 4th game. It may be difficult to score a quick goal from now. Try to score one anyway. Even if you don't score, at least you're camped in the opponent's half to prevent them from scoring. The game will end in a 0-0 draw when both teams fail to score. Press cn_start to continue, select "Penalties", and press cn_X to get into the shoot-outs.

    Penalties are luck-based. You aim either left, center or right, press cn_X to shoot, and hope that the keeper doesn't save. When the opponent is shooting, you aim either left, center or right, press cn_X to dive, and hope that your opponent shoots the ball towards your direction. Each team gets five chances to shoot, and the winner is determined by who scores more. If there's no winner after five shots each, it goes into sudden death. When you win the shoot-out, you'll progress into the next round, and be credited with one win towards the achievements.

    If you lose the shoot-out, you can select continue to replay the shoot-out until you win.

    Rinse and repeat until you win the 6th game, which is the semi-final of the SNK Cup.

    To summarize:
    - play a 30-second game, try to score one goal to win 1-0
    - if you can't score, play to a 0-0 so that you go into penalties
    - win the shoot-out to progress
    - repeat until you win six games in a row

    PS: You can also make an interrupt save after every successful penalty scored and saved. Exit to menu, and go back into Original Mode again if you fail, and you can retry from the exact saved point.

    Hope these help. Have fun, and GOOOOAAAAL!
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    Gerbasgamer The penalties (and the exact score) are already decided once you enter the shootout.
    Just lay down the controller and let the game play itself. Either you win or not. It doesn't matter what you do, at all.
    Also if you're up one goal after the 4th shot you already won, as the score won't ever tie on the fifth shot. The shootout also won't ever end before the fifth player of each team has taken a shot. Just more proof how everything is already decided before you even start to play.
    Posted by Gerbasgamer on 26 Aug 18 at 19:57
    Fooga Gerbasgamer is right. It’s already predetermined. No matter where you point when you reload, if you’re gonna miss your defense, you’re gonna miss it. The same goes for making goals as well. To test it I reloaded 3 times when I made it, pointing to where the goalie last blocked, and I made it every time.

    Losing the PK gives you a higher chance to win it next time. Just put the controller down and don’t even sweat reloading your save. It’ll give you the win on its own eventually. This garbage was just a rigged coin eater. The OG pay to win lol.
    Posted by Fooga on 17 Jul 19 at 02:32
    Test1 Haha, winning 6 in a row was harder than I expected.

    Using the 30 second games, twice I scored at 25 seconds left on the 6th game only to give up the equalizer goal, once with only 3 seconds left. I scored too quick and they went on the aggressive. Third time I scored with 21 seconds left and locked them down. Many failed attempts at 0-0 too.
    Posted by Test1 on 23 Jul 19 at 12:05
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