Operation Plunder

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Operation Plunder

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Operation Plunder

Reach the Central Europe Theater

Operation Plunder+26.0
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  • Strategy OneStrategy One642,774
    27 Jul 2017 27 Jul 2017 27 Jul 2017
    13 1 8
    Operation Plunder

    Ok this was just added today basically replacing Western Front for 3k. If you merely passed 3k medals but are below 3k medals now the achievement will unlock retroactively. Western front is now 2.4k Medals required.

    If you want advice on what units to use its simple, use a defensive set-up or offensive set-up and stick with it. Continually upgrade those units and fight, much, much fighting. I do not know exact details but there was an update that instead of losing the amount of medals your enemy gains you now lose less medals than the enemy gains from winning so its much easier than it used to be.

    Units not to use:

    Used for defense but not worth the 6 CP. Epic? more like eh poop.

    -Flame Tank
    You might think this is SICK but its really SHIT. Its basically good for defense but nothing else, a bigger version of the flamethrower but absolutely unnecessary since it costs 6 CP.

    -Rifleman Squad (Epic version, not the white colored one)
    This is possibly the worst unit in the entire game, definitely my least favorite. Reason? Everyone always has anti - infantry (like grenades) and those can kill a squad with half the CP. The only 2 times this unit is useful is when the enemy is distracted and used all their CP, or is split up by spawning directly in the middle of your 2 bunkers.

    The main qualities about the units above is that
    1) They are EPIC (when they suck).
    2) They all cost 6 CP when they really aren't good. Use cheaper units if you need to defend yourself. you can drop them quickly and where you need them (Makes a world a difference).

    So do yourself a favor by sticking with the same Strategy, not using the units above.
  • NerdrageXNerdrageX528,594
    27 Jan 2018 27 Jan 2018 27 Jan 2018
    7 1 3
    I popped this January 2018 with $0.00 spent on this game. New troops are released occasionally, but I used a team that seems very stable over the last several months. Level ranges give you an idea on how much power you'll need to break into the 3,000's.

    User level: 10 - Increases bunker/ship HP and DPS.

    Medium Tank: Rank 8. Your main DPS source vs. bunkers.
    Sniper: Rank 4. An alternate bunker pressure DPS source. Often forces an awkward answer from your opponent, which you can then trade into at advantage. Can also support your Tank if your opponent is using Bazooka's as Anti-Armor.
    Rocket: Rank 11. Cheap reach. Decent Anti-Infantry (murders Aux, Officers and Rifleman swarms outright), and modest Reach for lategame situations when you just need a tiny bit more damage to drop a bunker. Great at sweeping Anti-Tank mines and pinging down buildings like Comms Towers and Tank-spawning Garages. Don't waste Rockets on power infantry like Machinegunners, Mortarmen, and Bazookas, even though it's tempting (unless you vastly out-level them). You'll just leave them at 2 hp.

    Mortarman: Rank 9. Unmatched troop-clearing power. Might be slightly tricky for some to learn, so put this guy in your deck early and get used to him. Decent at supporting your Medium Tank if you need to cycle your deck with some offense.
    Rockets: See above

    Machine Gunner: Rank 11. These guys are locked away for a while, but once you unlock them, they do work. Great anti-armor troops and pack a punch on offense when pressuring behind your Medium Tank. Melts emplacements people like to use to stall Tank pushes.
    Auxiliaries: Rank 10. Good vs. Tanks and creates decent pressure on a bunker if left unchecked. Not quite Machine Gunner-good, but perform the Anti-Tank role adequately.
    Machinegun Nest: Rank 10. Plop these guys down right before an enemy tank is in range of a bunker to redirect its wrath. MGN also counters Jeeps, Biplanes, Aux's, Zeppelins, Commandos, Dive Bombers... all for just 3 mana.

    Fortify: Rank 6. Ah, the ol' Sandbags. This item seems underwhelming until it single-handedly wins you games vs. gimmick "Direct-Damage" teams. Fortify was more important in the broken Fighter era, but they still perform. One deck slot is a small price to pay to never lose vs. Bombers, Fighters, Squadrons, enemy Naval Strikes / Rocket snipes ever again. Just 2 mana, you'll always trade up for a massive advantage.

    This is a defensive reactive team that thrives on making good trades with your cheap troops vs. your opponent's expensive ones. If your opponent isn't spawning anything here is your offensive set play:
    Spawn Machinegunners or Mortarman at the back (behind one of your bunkers), then spawn a tank near the bridge as they advance to cover their approach. If you have 2 mana to spare, spawn a sniper at the opposite bridge to create pressure.

    Post in comments about specific units and I will tell you why they are bad! laugh Or at least what troop you can replace in this team if you REALLY wanna use something that isn't listed.
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