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Full Speed A-dead in Resident Evil Revelations

Full Speed A-dead272 (50)

【RAID MODE】Complete "The Ghost Ship: Chaos."

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bobby trippe
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bobby trippe
Achievement won on 06 Apr 18
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Posted on 12 April 18 at 07:01, Edited on 20 May 18 at 21:44
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This is a strange one; a bit of a catch. Basically to clear this you will need good weapons + good parts. To get the best weapons and parts you need to beat Ghost Ship Chaos......I am going to give you some options.

Create a match or find a match to let someone run you through it. There are many people out there that play the hell out of this game. They have unstoppable weapons that make anything you have look useless. They want to run this for the chance to earn more BP or special weapons. So, don't feel bad if they take you for a free ride.

The best thing you can do in this situation is not get killed. Try not to run out of herbs or ammo for the boss fight. Equip fangs and a cornucopia/ammo magnet. For the first part try to conserve ammo as best as possible. Let them do most of the fighting. Help out when you feel you can.

For the final fight, there is a glitch that allows one person to be teleported outside of the helipad. It required one weapon to have the "light weight" option. Equip the light weight" weapon and stand at the back of the helipad(far west). The other person stands at the top of the stairs with a lightweight weapon equipped too. Person 1 runs across the helipad. As person 1 cross inner circle for the second time, person 2 enters the helipad circle. Person 1 should keep running across the stairs. If done correctly, person 2 should be inside the circle for the fight while person 2 sits outside the area for the fight. Person 1 should not attempt to shoot the first Norman as the rumor is that Norman 1 can teleport outside the circle. Person 1 should also not attempt to go back inside the deck area as this will freeze the game. So, bring along a lightweight weapon if you have one in case they want to exploit this glitch. What you are looking for is them to stand on the stairs and to signal to you to "go ahead."

For the Norman fights, it is probably best to stay back. Normal Norman will chase whoever inflicts the most damage. Just know this fact as you will probably be taking most of the red spot shots. Ghost Norman has two phases and have different tactics. In either case, you should heal after any damage as he can kill after 2 hits. The first phase is weak to pistol, machine gun and shotgun. The first can also be easily dodged by hiding behind the box. The second phase is weak to rifle and magnum.

If the person you are playing with stands their ground, it is possible to stun lock him on both fights. Follow their lead. If they fight you should fight too.

If for whatever reason you are unable to find one of those high level partners, you are going to have to find one yourself; create a boosting session. Your first goal is to find good parts and good weapons. To do that, there are some great parts in the Abyss stages if you are able to "Trinity" some of those levels. (suggested level+no damage+genocide). Also there is a weapon farming method for Ghost Ship Chaos that should give you some great weapons. Keep getting stronger until you resort back to EASY OPTION or at least be strong enough to contribute and not suck on your runs.

This game mode was designed to be played with other people. While possible to do this solo, you do really need have someone's help. Go for some trinity bonuses with someone and run normal Ghost Ship or Ghost Ship Chaos for weapons/parts.

Another thing to consider is that playing this stage at level 50 means that you will have to fight "Dark Norman". The level itself will be easier at level 50 but then you have to fight him..... again, a catch. The same thing applies to normal ghost ship. The good new about fighting Dark Norman is that he will give you great weapons and parts.

If for whatever reason you are not able to do the other options or you hate working with people or you just want the challenge, this is your ticket. Really, Raid Mode lowers enemies strengths when fighting alone. The enemies have lower HP. If you can get to the final fight with most of your ammo/grenades, you will do alright. Everything below this section is going to be all the information I have gathered or opinions that I have come to after playing for as long as I did.

-----The steps below are not necessarily meant to be followed in order-----
1. Play through the stages as best you can, leveling along the way. Keep parts you may think are useless now but might come in handy again.
2. BP and EXP farm Abyss stage one.
3. Weapon/part farm
4. Boost weapon points.
5. Collect parts from trinity bonuses
6. Run Ghost Ship Chaos at level 49

The quickest and safest route to take is this:
-Get the first elevator key.
-In the hold, take the route that has you swimming and get the key from this area(there should be a weapon case here too). Clear that room and get the key.
-Go back towards the casino and clear that room
-Get the key from the Solarium. You dont have to clear the whole room; just the back half to get the key. Most of the hard work can be done from the diving board by sniping all the enemies in the room.
-Head to the Promenade. Fight the first wave of dogs, hunters and buzz-saw-man. This will get a you a key. It is possible to stay in this little area between the doors and most of the enemies will get stuck behind the open doors. Next RUN through the next section to the elevator and then to the deck.

The fight section here is not that bad. It is really the same as the one on the regular ghost ship except that enemies are stronger. The hardest part of this stage is getting here. Try to get to this battle without using herbs or grenades. Hopefully you have a Cornucopia/Ammo Magnet and Fangs equipped.

Rockmen are weak to grenades except the purple one which is not weak against grenades; take that one out first.
The Rachaels can be defeated with stun grenades and malee atacks.
Ghost Norman is weak against shotgun, pistol and machine gun in his first phase. His second phase is weak again rifle and magnum.


-BP+EXP farming can be done on Abyss stage 1. You are basically going to run to the end while fighting as few enemies as possible. If you set your character's level low enough payoff at the end will sky-rocket. I was seeing 5,000+ EXP and around 150,000 BP depending on how I had the level set.

You will need to equip the medal of courage to make this really efficient. The level adjuster will work alright if you don't have the medal of courage. Also equip BP booster to all weapons and Metal detector to everything too. Start at the suggested level and work your way down. There is not point in going lower than 10- the suggested level as the bonus does not increase. Once you are more than 10 levels lower than suggested, it really does not make any difference. I ran it at level 1 and did not receive any bigger bonus


-Weapon farming can be done on Ghost Ship Abyss. Fight your way through until you get the elevator key and take it down
Ghost Ship Chaos parts and weapons:

Flooded hold~weapon-in the back control room there is a case on the table. This is the area with the two ladder into the swimming area.
Long Hall/lab area~weapon-kill the crowned Rachael
Lab~custom part-the part-after running through the long hall, you will be in a room with a red pool. Clear this room out for the part.
Side Deck~2x illegal parts and weapon-this is the long outside area with the lifeboats overhead. Kill the small rock man for an illegal part. Open a gate to find a weapon and illegal part sitting in front of the door.

[b]Key rooms Clearing the back part of the Solarium or the whole Observatory with net you a key. You can only get 1 key though; clearing both will not get you 2 keys.
Solarium~weapon and custom part~Swim under the shit in the pool to find a weapon. Clear out this half of the room. After clearing, a small rock-man will appear by the ladder to the diving board. Kill that for the custom part
Observatory~2x weapons- one is sitting opposite to the elevator and the other you get when defeating the final monster.

Cafeteria~custom part- in the upper floor, there is a bedroom with a wall blister(the things that fall down and twist you). The room is 302. It is closer to the dining hall than the elevator.
Bridge~weapon- Kill the purple sharkman (it might have a name on it).

Promenade~illegal and custom parts-killing the final three Scadeads(fat guys with buzz saws)


-The best parts to have that you should never sell in order of importance are:
Gluten, Cornucopia, Bottomless Pouch, Auto Reload(autoload), Full Burst, Burst 2/3, Medal of Courage and Fangs/fertilizer. The rest of the parts you may find useful depending on how you play or some parts are only useful on certain stages or situations. (dehumanizer is useful when EX farming Abyss1, Hunting Gear for wolf/hunter stages and Cloak is useful when going for trinity awards with someone.)

These are the parts you will get for earning a Trinity award for each stage. To earn them you must clear the stage with no damage, defeat all enemies and play at the suggested level. The misconception is that you have to play lower than the suggested level; truth is it can be the same. However, if you are playing with someone, they must also be at the suggested (level or lower.

Abyss Stage 1-3 burst 2 or pouch 1 (burst fires multiple shots and pouch recharges grenades)
Abyss Stage 4-6 charge-shot 1~2 or pouch 2
Abyss Stage 7-9 medal of courage or pouch 3 (medal of courage allows you to play lower stages without your weapon's stats being affected EASY TRINITY BONUSES)
Abyss Stage 10-12 cornucopia 1~2 or pouch 4 (cornucopia recharges ammo)
Abyss Stage 13-14 burst 3 or pouch 5
Abyss Stage 15 grenade launcher
Abyss Stage 16-17 charge-shot 3~4 or pouch 7
Abyss Stage 18-19 cornucopia 3~4 /pouch 8
Abyss Stage 20 pouches 5~6~7~8
Ghost Ship- gluttony 5 (magnum)
Ghost Ship Chaos-STARS 2, FBCA 2, BSAA 2 (STARS2 is an auto-loader for any weapon and reduces recoil by -60%, FBCA 2 replenishes ammo x10 every 30 seconds and acts as a ammo magnet, BSAA 2 replenishes a grenade and a shock grenade every 180 seconds)

Ghost Ship Chaos Custom parts:
Damage 2-7, Long Magazine 7-10, Auto Shot, Medkit 2, Harvest 2, Giant Killer 1, Bind 4, Daze 3, Edge Runner 2, Aura of Strength 2, Harvest 2, Fire Rate 2, Critical 2-5, Poison Lure 1, Hunting Gear 1,

Ghost Ship Chaos Illegal Parts in order or rarest:
Auto loader 1-5, Gluttony 1-4, Cornucopia 5, Full Burst, Out Range 3, Infighter 3, Ammo Magnet 6-9, Giant Killer 2-3, Hunting Gear 3, Poison Lure 3, Dehumanizer 3, Green Belt 3, Fangs 3, Pick Pocket 3, Bottomless Pouch 5-6, Reloader 10, Ammo Magnets 4-5, Hunting Gear II, Poison Lure 2, Dehumanizer 2, Green Belt II, Fangs 2, Piercing 2, Bottomless Pouch 1-4, Reloader 6,7,10,


-some weapons suck despite looking cool or having great specs. Sell them. The ones to hold on to and look for are the ones with many slots.

-This is the order of rare weapons:
(Rare)Orange, Purple, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White(Common) The color means they have higher specs and more slots.

-Special level 51 weapons have a purple outline and usually have 7 slots. Hold on to these if you get them as they are the best in the game.

-Each weapon can have 30 permanent upgrades added. They are really expensive and the change is not always great. However, after several upgrades it does make a big difference. After you get to level 50, this is all you have left to look forward to updating. Usually firing speed can only be upgraded 5 times.

-If your weapon does not have a title you can change it but you can not change it again or remove it. Special named weapons cannot be changed though. Below is a reference of weapon "tags":

~From Berserker's guide-
Description: Provides scope-assisted firing and increases long-range power
Statistics: +16% Ranged Attack Power
+10% Movement Speed
-10% Short-Range Attack Power
Description: Increases longe-range power and critical hit power
Statistics: +26% Long-Range Attack Power
+35% Critical Hit
-15% Short-Range Attack Power
+25% Recoil
-10% Rate of Fire
Description: Increases physical attacks, knife attacks and defense
Statistics: +20% Health
+30% Knife Damage
+9% Defense
-15% Rate of Fire
Description: Allows the user to move more quickly but reduced weapon power
Statistics: +25% Movement Speed
+150% Dodge
-16% Attack Power
Description: Increases short-range power and daze
Statistics: +14% Short-Range Attack Power
+40% Daze
-14% Ranged Attack Power
Description: Increases short-range power and rapid fire
Statistics: +22% Short-Range Attack Power
+20% Rate of Fire
-18% Ranged Attack Power
-25% Ammo Capacity
-25% Critical Hit
Description: Increases hit-zone, daze and stopping power
Statistics: +150% Attack Range
+80% Daze
+100% Stopping Power
Description: Increases hit-zone, daze and stopping power but removes one Custom (will not remove a from special level 51 weapons/purple background)
Parts slot
Statistics: +200% Attack Range
+10% Rate of Fire
+15% Reload Speed
Description: Increases reload speed and capacity
Statistics: +35% Reload Speed
+30% Capacity
-10% Rate of Fire
Description: Increases rate of fire and capacity
Statistics: +15% Capacity
+35% Rate of Fire
-20% Reload Speed
Description: Increases critical hit and decreases recoil
Statistics: -60% Recoil
+60% Critical Hit
+15% Rate of Fire
There is a VERY good reference site but it needs to be translated from Japanese and some of the names of parts and weapons are not the same. It has everything you want to know there thought. This is my favorite quote as they were talking about a youtube video:
~"As the moving image owner also has rice, things of the throwing system are quite necessary for the elements of luck."

Also, is a great spot to checkout too. You can get parts and weapons there. They usually do contests and chances are that you might have won a part or weapon without even trying.

For the time being, If am willing to help anyone with this. I will not be able to play xbox from July2018-Feb2019. Just send me a message on Live.
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