Your Journey Begins achievement in The Long Dark

Your Journey Begins

Escape the ravine after your crash.

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How to unlock the Your Journey Begins achievement

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    As you start a new Wintermute campaign, you will begin trapped in a ravine following a plane crash. This segment of the campaign features several vignettes meant to introduce major gameplay elements, like a tutorial. Before we get started, if you ever are not clear on what your current objective is, you can bring up the radial menu and navigate to the Journal.

    The first sequence immediately follows the crash. When you take control of McKenzie, you'll need to follow the prompts to remove a metal shard from his hand. You should quickly survey the crash site, making sure to grab the contents of a first aid kit on the ground. Also, grab any sticks you see.

    Enter the cave a short ways from the burning wreckage. You'll need to bandage your wound (don't miss the first aid kit!), and start a fire. Use the radial menu to select Place Campfire inside the cave. Then McKenzie will drift off to sleep.

    Day 2: When McKenzie wakes, he will be very hungry and thirsty. You need to get him food and water in this sequence. An MRE can be found in a tin near some of the wreckage, and while you're outside you'll want to grab some firewood. Go back to the cave and restart your Campfire. Tab right in the Campfire Menu to find the options for Melt Snow and melt half a liter. Now, boil that water so you don't get sick, and drink it. Finally, you need to apply antiseptic to your wound to prevent infection. The antiseptic is found in another container near the airplane wreckage. Apply it, and the sequence ends.

    Day 3: When you wake up again, it will be late afternoon and there will be a blizzard outside. Your job in this sequence is to build a fire that will last 9 hours. PLEASE NOTE: The sequence will not end until the counter in the Campfire Menu exceeds 9 hours, so you cannot build a fire in increments up to it.

    It is imperative that you use the remaining daylight to collect as much wood as you can. After the sun goes down, it is nearly impossible to see, and you can't use a torch outside due to the high winds. So, emphasize the crates and firewood around the wreckage and the sticks on the ground. After that, break down branches until there is just enough light left to find your way back to the cave. Once inside, restart the campfire and keep adding wood until you pass the 9-hour mark. The sequence should now end.

    Day 4: Your priority this time will be food. Specifically, you're going to want to climb up the huge fallen tree to the right of the cave exit to the ledge on the left. Up there you'll find a deer carcass ready to be stripped. Also, there's a locked case belonging to Astrid up there, which will trigger a cutscenes if you interact with it. Whether you do or don't, use your improvised blade to harvest the deer carcass.

    While up on this ledge, try climbing up the escarpment. You will fall and sprain your ankle. No worries. Harvest the rose hip plants at the base of the escarpment, which you'll use later. Climb back down the fallen tree, and return to the cave. Restart the fire.

    Before you use the fire, go into your inventory menu and tab down to the bottom, where you can prepare ingredients. Before you can boil the rose hips, you need to prep them, so do that now. Now access the Campfire Menu and cook the deer meat, and the rose hips. Consume them, leaving a steak (or two) for later, and the sequence should end.

    Day 5: Time to leave the ravine. Climb the fallen tree to the ledge again, and make sure you pick up Will's Coat if you haven't already. The climb out is easy, just a series of escarpments to climb, and you won't fall this time. Be sure to grab all the rose hips on the way up. Once you reach the top, turn left and walk a while, and you will see the upper area of the plane crash. A cutscene will follow, and the achievement should pop.
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    KungFuStu72This is a perfect solution for the original game but we now have the "redux" version that reformatted the first chapters.

    There is now a section of game back in civilization before the crash. Then after the crash all you need to do is bandage your hand, light a fire in the cave, sleep the night then climb out of the ravine. Day 2, 3 & 4 of this solution no longer take place and you find Will's coat by the plane.
    Posted by KungFuStu72 on 04 Jan 19 at 16:47
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