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Soul-Less in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Soul-Less125 (30)

In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, recover the piece of the Soul Key.

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Achievement Guide for Soul-Less

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Achievement won on 19 Aug 17
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Posted on 11 August 17 at 20:51, Edited on 24 August 17 at 12:50
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Hi guys,
This is the complete easter egg guide for Attack of The Radio Active thing. First of all, I recommend a LMG like the Auger in order to make your life easier. The wonder weapon on the map, the MAD, might help you out too, for reference on how to upgrade it, I'll reference you to my solution there:
Solution for MAD Proto in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

As for Fate & Fortune cards, I recommend anything that can help you fend off the zombies easily. I personally always play with Rising Phoenix, Coupon Clipper and Black Friday; but the cards you are most comfortable with will probably be good.

It is worth it to go for the Perma Perks by completing Skullhop, below you can find a solution for that too which was posted by the user J2B9:
Solution for Quarter Muncher in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Next up, Double Pack-A-Punch is also present on this map. The steps to complete this mini-quest are as following:
- Collect the Crowbar from the Maintenance Room in the Motel Pool area, it's on the back wall as you enter.
- Next, enter the Pack-A-Punch Projector Room through a blue portal and press the button near the door and it will turn green. Re-enter the portal to teleport to the RV interior.
- Inside the RV, use the Crowbar on the slightly-open cabinet above the window to your left when you appear inside the RV. Grab the Alien Fuses from this cabinet.
- To charge the fuses, collect the Cleaver from the dead shark in the Beachside Market and get zombie kills with it to refill the vial. This step is the same as when you do it to unlock the Pack-A-Punch machine.
- With the full green vial and alien fuses, you can place them in the center of the Power Station area. Look at the ground and hold cn_X to place the items. For help, this is the spot where the electricity trap zaps zombies.
- Find the broken Electricity Trap console. Repair it and spend points to activate the trap -- that will fully charge the alien batteries. To fix the trap, grab the part from the trash can behind the bus on the street outside the Power Station.
- As a final step, return to the Projector Room and install the Alien Fuses into the Pack-A-Punch machine by holding cn_X and you are ready for awesomeness.

As a last tip, to speed up your "roaming around the map"-problem (since this map is huge), there are 4 portals you can activate to fast travel. They are found in the following locations:
- Seaside Market Exterior: to the right of the street entrance to the Seaside Market, near the traffic barriers blocking the radioactive gunk-filled area.
- Elvira's TV Studio Parking Lot: in the parking lot of the TV Studio. Look on the fence wall to the right as you leave the studio from the parking lot door.
- RV Trailer Park: behind the silver RV, to the right of the covered picnic table.
- Power Station Bill Board: take the stairs up onto the concrete platform to explore the area behind the massive billboard, opposite the Power Station area that's up the hill from the Ice Cream Parlor.

That is all I can share for now, should there be anything you have problems with, don't hesitate to leave a comment or to send me a PM. Enjoy your Easter Egg run!

Step 1: Turning on the Power
The first thing that you need to do is to turn on the power. In order to do so, you need to find the Power Box on the hill near the Diner and the lever found on a zombie half-buried in the sand on the opposite side of the Spawn Area. With both the items at your disposal, head over to the Power Station and hit the Power Switch.

Step 2: Finding the Pack-a-Punch Machine
In order to find the Pack-a-Punch Machine, you need to speak to Elvira in the TV Studio and find a couple of items:
- Spell Book: Found inside a Safe near Skullhop Machine; Requires Power Activation
- Meat Cleaver: Acquired from the Marketplace Store, Counter’s Backside
- Acid Vial: Use Meat Cleaver to Fill the Acid Vial Completely

You must give the Spell Book to Elvira in order to acquire the Acid Vial from her. After filling the Acid Vial completely, return it to Elvira and let her follow her to one of the two possible Teleport Orbs. The TO can either be found in Trailer Park or on the backside of the building with Skullhop.

Step 3: Opening the Safe
The first thing that you need to acquire is the Crowbar. It’s located near the pool, inside a room next to Bombstoppers machine. Once you’ve acquired the Crowbar, head to the Marketplace Store and find a brown desk inside an office. What you need to do is to crouch and note down a four-digit number written underneath the desk.

After noting down the four-digit number, it’s time to move to the next step. Scattered all around the map are four pressure valves. What you basically need to do is to hit these pressure valves one by one with your Crowbar. However, you must not hit the pressure valves randomly. There’s an important thing to keep in mind here.

First of all, let us assume that the four-digit number that you noted down earlier is 2345 – do note that this is an example and the number in the game is completely random. After noting down the number, you need to find the first pressure valve and hit it with the Crowbar once to set off the needle and hit it again once the needle reaches 2 because it’s the first digit in our four-digit code.

Once done, find the second pressure valve and stop the needle at 3. In the following section, I’ve listed all the locations for all the pressure valves found on the map:
- Pressure Valve 1 – Right Next to Quickies
- Pressure Valve 2 – Right Next to BlueBolts
- Pressure Valve 3 – Right Across the Marketplace Store
- Pressure Valve 4 – Inside the Room Next to BombStoppers
Once you’re done, head inside the office from where you acquired the Crowbar earlier and pick up a receipt inside an open safe. You need to note down the number of a sheet of paper for later usage.

Step 4 – Building a Zombie
In order to build a zombie, you’ll need to find a lot of pieces. In this section of the guide, I’ve detailed everything you need to know about finding all the pieces.

- Head
You need to head over to the Pack-a-Punch area and hit the button on the wall. It should teleport you inside an RV with the item inside.

- Torso
After acquiring the Crowbar, found in the room behind Bombstoppers at the Motel, repair and activate the Deep Freeze Trap. Once done, melee the Pig in front of the Torso and it will allow you to pick it up.

- Left Arm
It’s located inside the Firepit in the RV Park.

- Right Arm
After building the Seismic Wave Generator, head over to the Beach and place the SWG near the arm sticking out of sand in order to acquire it. The parts to build it are as following:
- Blueprint, behind the Ice Cream Parlor on the floor next to the door opening
- Coil, on the corner behind the Ice Cream Parlor close to where the Pack-A-Punch spawns
- Old Rod, on a red bench next to the Ice Cream Parlor front entrance
- Capacitor Unit, in the placeground area next to the fence and portable potties on the floor

Interact with the workbench at the back of the Ice Cream Parlor to craft it.

- Left Leg
After acquiring the Cleaver, found inside a shark in the supermarket, find and kill a Radioactive Zombie – causing it to drop the leg.

- Right Leg
You need to head to the backside of the TV Studio and find the leg stuck in a tree. Simply throw a frag grenade at it in order to acquire it.

- Glass Shard
While inside the RV Park, head inside the restroom and use your Crowbar to hit the mirror in order to acquire it.

- Car Mirror
After acquiring the Crowbar, head to the white car right in front of the Gas Station and hit the side mirror in order to acquire it.

- Hand Mirror
First, summon Elvira and while she is away from her seat, obtain her Hand Mirror from her place.

With everything at your disposal, build the Zombie Body in Spawn. In order to do so, place all the zombie parts on the hospital bed, place the Glass Shard on the table on the left side, place the mirror on the wooden crates, and place the other mirror on green/orange boxes. Once done, interact with the typewriter near the wooden crates.

Step 5: Acquiring the Key
After the previous step, interact with the typewriter again to type in ‘35648’ in any order. Do note that this step is hit or miss. The numbers can be in any order e.g they can be either 84356 or 56348 – or any other number as long as it involves these 5 digits. So keep on messing around until you get the number right.

Getting the number right will allow you to bring the zombie to life. Once done, head back to the typewriter and enter your number backward. For instance, if your number was 56348, you need to enter 84365. This will allow you to kill the zombie and acquire a key.

Step 6: Finding Nuke Parts
In order to find parts to put on the nuke, head to these locations:
- Part 1: Behind the Gate outside Elvira’s TV Studio
- Part 2: At the End of the Stream underneath the Bridge
- Part 3: Under a Red Cat between the TV Studio and the Motel

Step 7: Finding the Symbols
You need to head over to the Gas Station and activate the right-hand side Garage door. The door will allow you to access the Chemical Station. Once done, you’ll need to find what your ‘m’-looking symbol’s number is. In order to do so, head inside the Motel’s office and check above the radio.

After that, find out what your ‘O’-looking symbol’s number is. When in normal color, the symbols will have a ‘=’ sign. What you basically need to do is to change the color of the map by heading to Elvira’s studio and using the machine there. After changing the color, revisit the symbols all around the map and see which ones have an inequality sign after changing the color. The symbol that retains the ‘=’ sign after changing the color is your number.

As for the symbols, they are located in these locations:
- Under the Bridge
- On the Fridge in the RV
- On the Gas Station Door
- Right next to the Fridge in the Backside of the Beachside Market
Once done, multiply your ‘o’ and ‘m’ numbers and set the color to what Elvira’s TV says. For instance, if your numbers are 10 and 12, your number is 120. Also, remember to change the map color to whatever Elvira’s TV says and stick to that color for now.

In the comments, Itzz Sh0wt1m3 posted this:
Very detailed guide! I'd like to add to step number 7, you can effectively skip having to look for your O number, by simple reasoning. Just look up your M number and say it is for example 8. Now look at the TV next to Elvira, and it says for example Red is over 161, blue is 159-161 and green is below 159. You can assume that M times O is always somewhere near the numbers displayed on the TV screen. The O number will be 8 in this game (8 times 20 is 160, so the color you need is blue). You can skip having to check all spots with the = sign. I've done the easter egg at least 6 (both on win10 and xbox one) times now with this method and it has always worked.
Step 8 – Listening to the Radios
First, you need to acquire batteries from the zombie item drops and insert them in radios found at the Power Station and inside the Motel Office. Once done, listen to both the radios as one of them will contain Dr. Bright explaining which chemicals will work with the Nuke. He will tell you about the ones that he knows will be able to destroy the Radioactive Thing.

After that, you must concoct the chemical that Dr. Bright told you will destroy the Radioactive Thing. Below you’ll find a complete list of formulas that you’ll need.

First, acquire all parts to build the Chemical Mixer, which are as following:
- Chem Station Part #1: Found on the couch in the back office of the Beachside Market.
- Chem Station Part #2: A huge piece of computer equipment on the high hill overlooking the beach. Find the covered seating spots with benches.
- Chem Station Part #3: On the bench in the covered seating area in the Trailer Park.

Crafting 3-Methy-l/2, 4-Di Nitrobenzen
- Mix 1: Drain Cleaner + Paint + Detergent = Methlybenzene
- Mix 2: Methylbenzene + Baking Soda + Vinegar + Detergent = Dinitro
- Final Mix: Dinitro + Racing Fuel = 3-Methy-l/2, 4-Di Nitrobenzen

Crafting Octa-Hydro-2, 5-Nitro-3, 4/7-Para-Zocine
- Mix 1: Racing Fuel + Quarters = Formaldehyde
- Mix 2: Formaldehyde + Glass Cleaner = Hexamine
- Final Mix: Hexamine + Vinegar + Plant Food + Detergent = Octa-Hydro-2, 5-Nitro-3, 4/7-Para-Zocine

Crafing 3/4-Di-Nitroxy-Methyl-Propane
- Mix 1: Vodka + Pennies = Acetaldehyde
- Mix 2: Quarters + Racing Fuel = Formaldehyde
- Mix 3: Acetaldehyde + Formaldehyde + Detergent = Aldehyde Sludge
- Final Mix: Aldehyde Sludge + Nail Polish Remover = 3/4-Di-Nitroxy-Methyl-Propane

Crafting 1/3/5-Tetra-Nitra-Phenol
- Mix 1: Motor Oil + Insect Repellant + Wheel Cleaner = Phenol
- Mix 2: Phenol + Drain Cleaner = Phenolsulfonic Acid
- Final Mix: Phenolsulfonic Acid + Detergent = 1/3/5-Tetra-Nitra-Phenol

For the components, I've included a list with spawn locations:
- Insect Repellent: found to the right of Up ‘N Atoms on stacks of wood
- Racing Fuel: found in front of the gas station
- Vodka: found in the market on an alcohol shelf
- Baking Soda: found on a shelf in the market
- Detergent: found on a shelf in the market
- Food Coloring: also found on a shelf in the market
- Nail Polish Remover: found in the motel office
- Plant Food: located outside the Snack Shack
- Table Salt: found in the freezer in the market
- Quarters: Crowbar melee all the pay phones in the town and you will get Quarters
- Pennies: Crowbar melee all the cash registers in the market to get pennies
- Ice: Crowbar melee the ice machines in the market if you are looking for some ice
- Fat: Cleaver melee the meat hanging in the freezer in the market to get some meat
- Motor Oil: found in the gas station
- Detergent: found on a shelf in the market
- Drain Opener: located on the toilet in the bathrooms in the RV Park
- Wheel Cleaner: found on a shelf in the market
- Paint: located behind the shack where Racing Stripes is
- Vinegar: located on a table in the back of the market
- Powdered Milk: found on a shelf in the market
- Chlorine: Chlorine is located at the side of the Motel Pool area
- Bleach: found in spawn area

After putting down the proper ingredients, you’ll also be required to put a number. This number is found by adding all the top and left number of each ingredient’s chemical diamond and subtracting whatever your ‘o’ symbol was.

For instance, it requires Quarters and Racing Fuel to create Formaldehyde. You search the map for chalkboards that contain Quarters and Racing Fuel. Since Quarters has 6/2 as the top/left number and Racing Fuel has 3/4 as numbers, you add them to get 15 and subtract ‘o’ symbol number to get your number. You basically need to input the number 11 into the machine inside the Gas Station to complete the chemical reaction.

Do note that the numbers on the diamonds change in different color settings that is why I recommend sticking to one color setting. As for the chalkboards, they are located in these locations:
- Inside the RV Park
- Inside the Gas Station
- On the Bench near the Water
- Backside of the Beachside Market
- Next to Bang Bangs outside the TV Studio
- Next to the Insect Repellent in the Spawn Area

Step 9: Creating the Nuke
After creating the super formula, put the parts onto the Nuke and add the super formula to it. After the fight, ensure that all the players interact with the Nuke simultaneously and wait for it charge before interacting with it again. This should allow you to teleport into the boss arena.

Once there, push the Nuke down from the stream towards the water’s edge. As soon as it hits the edge, the Nuke will get into the Radioactive Thing.

Step 10: Boss Battle
After the previous step, make sure to avoid attacks launched by the Radioactive Thing and use the Death Lasers in order to destroy its core. Don’t cease to stop firing even after the core opens up. After enough damage, the Radioactive Thing will stop attacking you.

At this point, you need to interact with the Nuke that will cause the Radioactive Thing to direct Crogs towards you. Head up the beach towards the bridge and defend until the radiations catch up to you. Make sure to avoid the lasers and reach the Nuke at the edge. Interact with the Nuke to get teleported inside the belly of the Radioactive Thing and input the code that you acquired earlier from the safe. Doing so the your first try will unlock you:

Call of Duty: Infinite WarfareSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare worth 204 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

After you've beaten the easter egg, don't stop playing just yet! Go to the pool area at the motel and interact with the book found on a table. Interact with it 4-5 times (let the conversations play out in between) to unlock yet another achievement:

Call of Duty: Infinite WarfareDear DiaryThe Dear Diary achievement in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare worth 73 pointsIn Attack of the Radioactive Thing, listen to all of Willard’s personal recordings.

For those that prefer a visual reference, I linked the achievement/trophy guide from MrDalekJD below

Happy hunting!
- MCore

Edit 17/08/2017: Added fast travel portals, double Pack-A-Punch and locations for all parts required to complete this easter egg.
Edit 24/08/2017: Added a comment made by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 for step 7
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Achievement won on 14 Aug 17
TA Score for this game: 4,393
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This is the main easter egg for the map "Attack of the Radioactive thing", it is quite unlike any other easter eggs, and takes a very long time. It is decently straightforward up until the bomb step, which, once you understand how it works, is easy, just time consuming, but figuring out how it works is very difficult. This can be done with any number of players, but I would suggest you do it with either 3 or 4, mostly for the final laser step at the end, as with 2 it is easy for you both to mess up simultaneously, instantly ruining a very long run.

This boss fight is unique in that you never actually shoot the boss with your weapons, so you do not need incredibly powerful weaponry. I would suggest everyone hold onto their starting pistol and double pac-a- punch it, your other weapon is up to you.

For this guide I will not be going over getting the power on, and I will be assuming you are familiar with the map layout (perk locations, etc.) Without further adieu, let's get into it.

Step 1: Building a zombie

This step is very long and requires you find and pick up a number of zombie body parts around the map, some are very easy and you can get them right away, others take a lot longer, I'll tell you everything you need to have done in order to be able to grab every single part:

-Turn on power
-Have access to the meat cleaver (in the supermarket, look left as soon as you enter coming from the freezer area, it is lodged in a dead shark).
- Unlock pac-a- punch: I'll explain how do that because it is quite a bit more complicated than other maps. Once the power is on, head over to the skullhop machine (inside the diner right outside of spawn) and you will see a large safe, hold cn_X on this to grab the spellbook. Now head to to the TV studio and hand this to Elvira, she will give you a vial.
Now you must kill a couple of zombies using the meat cleaver, which slowly fills the vial, all players can help with this as long as they have the cleaver. Once filled, return this vial to Elvira and she will get up and start following what ever player gave her the vial. If you are saving a zombie, make sure you keep her away from it, because she will kill it. This player needs to lead Elvira to either the trailer park, or behind the diner, where she will some spells or some sh*t and a pac-a- punch portal will appear. This portal will alternate between the two aforementioned locations after every use.
-Have access to the crowbar. In the pool area, when entering from the bridge area, head let and up the stair, the first door you can enter has the crowbar in it (this replaces your meat cleaver, but you can keep alternating between the two as much as you want).
- Have built the seismic wave generator in the diner, the parts are as follows:
Blueprint: Looking behind the diner, it is on the ground against the wall.
Coil: Near where the pap portal is, in the corner.
Rod: Sitting on a bench near the entrance to the diner
Capacitor Unit: As you leave spawn into the diner area, turn left into the playground area. Turn around and find this piece against the left fence leading out of the playground area.

With all of this in place, you can now start collecting the zombie parts:

Head into the pac-a- punch room and look to your left to see a button on the wall, press it and teleport out. You will now be inside an RV. You will immediately notice the zombie head sitting on a dinner plate.

-Arm 1:
In the RV park it is lying in the fire pit.

-Arm 2:
Take the seismic wave generator to the beach and find the zombie arm sticking out of the sand (where you find the power switch) place the seismic wave generator on top of it and wait a few seconds before grabbing the arm.

Head over to the supermarket and activate the freezer trap (right by where you grab the cleaver). I should add you need to build this trap first by grabbing a part over in the gas station area left of the garage. Once the freezer trap is finished, melee a chunk of meat covering the torso hanging from the ceiling using the crow bar and grab the torso.

- Leg 1:
Once you have acquired the cleaver, the first glowing green zombie you kill with it will drop this. Note that it will not despawn so make sure you are paying attention to where you kill this zombie.

-Leg 2:
Head to the sandy area behind the TV studio. There's a large tree to your right as you enter this area. Shoot this tree with and explosive weapon or throw a frag grenade at it, it will drop the leg.

-In addition to the body parts, you also need 3 mirrors, their locations are:
In the trailer park, melee the right most mirror in the bathroom
After Elvira leaves to open the pap, she will leave behind a mirror on her sofa.
In the gas station area, there is a white car, hit the side mirror with a crowbar to aquire this.
With every zombie part, head into spawn and hold x on the hospital bed to place the zombie. Place 1 mirror on the table on the left side of the room, place another on some wooden crates, and the final on some orange boxes.

And a punch card, located on the desk in the ghost hop room.

Step 2: Bringing the zombie to life and killing it (RIP)
This step is quite simple thankfully. In the same room as the zombie is a typewriter which, when you hold x on it, will activate a kind of minigame where you need to press x when the orange light is on a specific number. Using this, you need to type in a 5 digit code that changes every game. The numbers will always be: 34568, but they can be in any order. So you could have 56843, or 54863, or any other combo. There is no way to figure out what the code is, you need to just trial and error your way until you figure out what it is, so go through each possible number for the first spot, and so on. To enter a number you need to wait for the orange light to reach the desired position and press x, this requires some decent timing, and the lights are not numbered. It should be noted the lights start at 0, not 1, so to input the number 5, for example, you want to press x when the orange light is in the 6th position.

You have 3 attempts to input the code correctly before it resets and you need to try again from scratch (the code will not change, so keep track of the ones you know you have correct).
Once the code is inputted correctly, take note of the final code. The zombie will be shot by a laser after a few seconds and be brought back to life. Now hit up the typewriter again and input the same code you just inputted, only do it backwards, (so 56843 will now be 34865 as an example). The laser will now kill the zombie, and turn it into a key, which you must grab (all that work for a single key). And now its time for the incredibly difficult, annoying, time consuming, and frustrating nuke step.

Step 3: Build a nuclear bomb (easy right?)
Take that key you just got to the gas station and use it to open up the garage, this is your workstation.
Before you can even start on the difficult part, there’s a bunch of things you need to do first:

Build the chemical station
Part locations:
-A large piece of equipment on the large hill overlooking the beach, it will be on your right going up the ramp from the beach to the trailer park
-In the covered seating area in the trailer park (right side) sitting on a bench
-On a bench behind the supermarket
Build this on the bench in the garage.

Find the Nuke parts:
-Between the motel and the TV studio there is a red car, beside the front right tire, go prone to grab it.
-From the racing stripes perk, head towards ElVira’s and before entering the area, it is on the right fence in a bush.
-On the beach under the wooden bridge, look at the stream, it is difficult to spot.
Add all this to the nuke in the garage
Find the nuclear launch codes
To my knowledge, you are still technically able to beat the easter egg without doing this, but it is nearly impossible and requires you to guess a 5 digit code by trial and error in about 30 seconds.

To get this code, you first must head to the office in the supermarket, prone under one of the desks and you will see 4 numbers written on the under side, remember these numbers.

Now get the crowbar. You need to input each one of these numbers into 4 different pressure gauges around the map, located:

-In the power area behind the shack
-The same room where you grab the crowbar
-Right beside the quickies perk machine (The area just outside of spawn)
-Behind the gas station

You will see that the pressure gauge has a needle fluctuating between numbers, you need to hit it with the crowbar when it is on the desired number, if you mess up just smack it again to get the needle going again. Put 1 of the 4 numbers from the desk into each pressure gauge (order does not matter, just make sure each number is represented by a separated pressure gauge)

When all are inputted, head back to the office area where the numbers were and you will see an open safe. Grab the code from inside and you will see it flash on your screen. You can check this code at any time by checking your score, but, when it comes time you need to enter it, you won’t have this ability, so I suggest you write it down somewhere.
With all of this built, you can get going on this awful step.

Finding the correct colour

Now, basically, this entire step is finding out what chemical is needed to make the nuke functional, and constructing it, unfortunately that is easier said than done. I’m going to try and lay out the order you should do everything, but you really don’t have to follow this order. Firstly, you need to find out what colour you will need to change the map to (I’ll explain why we change the map colour in a bit).
To do this you are going to need to numbers from around the map, which change every game. The first number is easy.
I’m going to call this the ”M Symbol” because you are looking for a strange looking letter m written on the map as: M=(whatever number). Thankfully, the position of this never changes.

Head over to the motel area, and look for a small kind of shack (I think it’s like a front desk office or something) right by the pool, near the exit heading to the TV studio. In here, on one of the walls, is the M symbol and its number, if you are facing the Tv studio, it is on the wall behind you, top left corner, it is pretty easy to spot.

Write down the M number, you will need it later.

The second number is much harder, I’m going to call it the ”Circle number”, as with the m number, the circle number is written as a symbol (which is a circle with two letter “T’s” on the edges) and equals a number. The only difference is, it is written in multiple spots throughout the map, and each symbol equalling a different number. You need to figure out which number is correct. To start, I’m going to give you the locations where each symbol is written:

-At the bottom of the large concrete bridge, visible from the beach area.
-In the office area of the grocery store, on the wall just right of the refrigerator
-On a door to the right of the garage door.
-In the pap room, press the button on the left wall and teleport out, arriving at the RV, you will see the symbol on the refrigerator in the RV

Now, solo, this is quite tedious, but with multiple people it’s not too bad. One person now needs to head to the TV studio. Opposite where Elvira sits, on the other side of the wall, is a control panel. Interacting with it will change the colour of the map to either: blue, green, red, or back to normal. It is free to use and on no cool down.
Have another guy go to anyone of the symbol locations, while there, have the other guy cycle through the 3 colours. Check the equals sign when each colour changes, you are checking to see if a slash goes through the equals sign (turning it into a not equals sign) when any of the colours are activated. If this happens even once, you know that number is incorrect, and you should go to the next location and run through the colours again. If you find a symbol that never shows the “does not equal” sign after cycling through all 3 colours, you know this is your correct circle number, and don’t need to check anywhere else. Make sure you write this number down as you will need it at multiple points throughout the easter egg.

With both the circle number and M number in hand, you’re just about done this part. Multiply both the M number and circle number together, this will give you your eye number. With your eye number in hand, head over to the small TV right next to where Elvira sits, you will see a series of inequalities (greater than and less than symbols), as well as the words “green, blue, red” You need to find where your eye symbol fits into this, as an example, say your eye symbol was 12, and the tv screen showed:
- <13 Blue
- 13-15 Red
- >15 green
Because 12 is less than 13, you know the colour you need is 12. Just a quick refresher < means less than, and > means greater than. If you find your eye number is nowhere near the TV numbers, its likely you have either an incorrect M, or circle number, and multiplied wrong. As in the example above, if you got an eye number of 30, it is very unlikely you have the right numbers, because it is so far away from 15.

Okay, so now you have the correct colour, but what is it used for? Whatever colour you found is what colour the map needs to be in (controlled by the panel in Elvira’s studio remember) while you look at the chalk boards containing chemicals.

The chalk boards containing chemicals

It is likely you noticed these already all around the map. They each contain a series of chemicals/ products and a diamond containing 4 numbers written beside each chemical. The numbers in each diamond will change depending on what colour the map is, and these numbers are very important. The colour you got in the previous step is what colour you must be looking at these boards in when you start needing them.
Now, you are free to just keep the map in whatever colour you need, but I found staring at this for a while started to hurt my eyes. I suggest you set the colour and then go around to every blackboard and take a picture of them with your phone (making sure you can read the numbers). The locations of the blackboards are:

1.In the parking lot area outside of Elivra’s studio, right beside Double tap (bang bangs).
2.In the spawn, in one of the tunnels
3.On the beach, when facing the thing, on the left side right by the water.
4.Coming from the power area to the grocery store, before entering the grocery store, turn left at the door, and walk forward, it will be on your right.
5. Where you build the bomb, right beside the chemical station
6.In the trailer park area, up against an RV.
These are very obvious and you should have no problem finding them. If you decided to take a photo of each chalk board, you can switch to the normal colour scheme at this point, just make sure you only look at the photo numbers when you need them.
Finding what chemical to make

To figure out what chemical you will need to make (it changes every game) you will need to hear it from one of the 5 radios around the map, located:

1. In the alley behind the gas station
2.On the beach path going from the beach to the trailer park
3. In the motel reception office (where the m symbol is) on a couch
4. In the TV station.
5. Near the bathroom in the power room, in the corner.

In order to activate a radio, you need a battery. Batteries are dropped b y zombies in their backpack, this is a rare drop on early rounds, but eventually they start dropping them all the time. With a battery, go up to a radio and listen carefully to what the guy is saying.

Some radios are just straight duds, he will list a bunch of ways of synthesizing random compounds, which is helpful for later, but never changes between games, so I’ll give you all of the recipes here soon. There are only 4 compounds that will actually work for the nuke being:
1. 3-Methyl-2, 4-Di Nitrobenzene
2. Octa-Hydro-2, 5-Nitro-3, 4/7-Para-Zocine
3. 3/4-Di-Nitroxy-Methyl-Propane
4. 1/3/5-Tetra-Nitra-Phenol

These may seem kind of intimidating at first, but just listen carefully to the radios, after each statement, by the radio guy, you need to hold x on the radio again (you don’t need another battery) and he will say something else. After he’s said everything that radio has, you can repeat it anytime. Pay attention to what is being said, he may say something like “I’ve found (whatever chemical) does not work in killing the radioactive thing.” Or “My research shows (whatever chemical) might work in destroying the radioactive thing”. You need absolute certainty, so even him saying something might work. Something to the effect of “I’ve got it! (Whatever chemical) will defeat the radioactive thing”. If you mishear whatever chemical it was, remember you can replay the recording without the use of another battery.
Once you know the compound you need, you can begin synthesizing it, which is very difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing, in order to make any of the final compounds, you will need to make a few preliminary compounds, which are synthesized from chemicals you just find lying around the map.

Recipes for each final compound

In this section, I will highlight the order you should synthesize each compound, you are not able to make the subsequent mixes until you make the initial ones, because one or more of the compounds required can not be found around the map, so find what compound the radio told you is required, and mix the chemicals in the right order. For example, for the first compound below, it requires Dinitro, which itself requires methylbenzene, so to make it the first thing you need to make is methylbenzene. I will be going over how you synthesize each soon after, this is just the recipes:

3-Methyl-2,4-Di Nitrobenzene:
Compound 1: Methylbenzene= Drain cleaner + paint + detergent
Compound 2: Dinitro= Methylbenzene + baking soda + vinegar + detergent
Final compound: Methyl-2,4-Di Nitrobenzene= Dinitro + racing fuel

Compound 1: Formaldehyde= Racing fuel + quarters
Compound 2: Hexamine= Formaldehyde +Glass cleaner
Final compound: Octa-Hydro-2,5-Nitro-3,4/7-para-zocine= Hexamine + vinegar + Plant food + detergent

Compound 1: Acetaldehyde= Vodka + Pennies
Compound 2: Formaldehyde= Racing fuel + quarters
Compound 3: Aldehyde sludge= Acetaldehyde + Formaldehyde
Final compound: 3/4-Di-Nitroxy-Methy-Propane= Aldehyde sludge +Nail polish remover

Compound 1: Phenol= Motor oil +Wheel cleaner + Insect repellant
Compound 2: Phenol sulfonic acid= Phenol + drain cleaner
Final compound: 1/3/5-Tetra-Nitra-Phenol= Phenol sulfonic acid + Detergent

Now, all these recipes may seem like a lot to take in at first. The important thing is you remember that you only need to worry about 1, whatever of the 4 compound the scientist guy on the radio says will definitely kill the radioactive thing, is the only one you need to worry about. So first synthesise compound 1, than use compound 1 to synthesize compound 2 etc.
Now, you will also need to know the locations of the base chemicals (stuff like detergent or drain cleaner, these are just found around the map, and most formulas require some of them). You are not given a prompt to pick these up when you are close to them, but when picked up you will notice whatever you picked up shows up on the bottom left of your screen. The locations are:
-Insect repellant: On some stacks of wood to the right of Up and atoms in spawn
-Racing fuel: Right beside the entrance to the nuke garage, right side on the ground.
-Vodka: In the market, the leftmost display when entering from gas station side, by where you refill your fate and fortune cards
-Detergent: From the vodka, turn right around and it is on the shelf right in front of you (yellow and blue box)
-Nail polish remover: In the reception office by the pool
-Plant food: Just to the left of quickies on the ground
-Vinegar: Near the entrance to the market coming from spawn, on a table to your left.
-Wheel cleaner: Middle isle of the grocery store, purple spray bottle on a shelf.
-Glass cleaner: In the supermarket, on a shelf in the aisle near the Holly’s sign, spray bottle.
-Quarters: melee the pay phones on the right side of the building with the garage (use a crowbar).
-Drain cleaner: Campsite restrooms
-Paint: Near the racing stripes perk machine
-Motor oil: On the floor in the garage with the nuke.
-pennies: in the market, melee the blue cash register (near the front door) use a crowbar.

I should also mention there are a number of other ingredients around the map, I imagine they are useful for something in the map, but not for this easter egg, so I won’t bother mentioning them.

Synthesizing the chemicals
Now you will be making the compounds in the chemical station in the garage. This is quite a bit more difficult than just adding all the necessary compounds. You need to do two things to synthesize any chemical:
1. Place the necessary ingredients on the chemical bench in the garage, make sure you place them left to right (order does not matter) on of the 4 spots. . So look above at what the ingredients are, if they are common ingredients have someone go grab one (you can only hold one at a time), if one of the ingredients requires you first synthesize a preliminary compound, you will need to do that first obviously, this is unfortunately the easy part in creating a compound.
2. Find out the right 2 digit number you need to input into the large machine above the chemical station, explained below.
So to figure out the number a little bit of math is involved. This is where the photos of the chemical boards you took earlier come in handy. And again, it is very important you be looking at these chemical boards with the map in the right colour, because the numbers beside them change every game, and with every different colour, and if you have the colour wrong, you will keep messing up the chemical creation, and won’t understand what you are doing wrong.
Effectively, for every synthesized compound, there is a never changing formula you must follow to figure out the necessary number, the formula is (I’ll explain what it means right after)
Summation of ((a +b) for each chemical) – circle number, where a= top number and b= left number

So to figure this out, first locate the first chemical of the compound on one of the chemical boards (make sure the colour is correct) You can either run around the map looking for it, or save a ton of time and just look at. Look at the little diamond to the right of it, and add together the top and left numbers for just the diamond beside the ingredient in question (ignore the bottom and right numbers, you will never need them). Write whatever number you got down on a piece of paper. Now you want to do this with the next ingredient as well, find it on a chemical board in the right colour, add the top and left numbers of the diamond, and write down your result.

Do this same thing for every ingredient in your desired compound, even some ingredients that need to be synthesized first, they are still shown on the chemical boards.
Once you have done this for every ingredient, you will have 2-4 numbers, each corresponding to one of the ingredients. Now you need to add these numbers together, pretty simple.
Finally take this number and subtract the circle number you discovered earlier (found by cycling through the different colours and looking at the different areas of the map). After all this math, you finally have the number you need to synthesize your chemical.
So head into the garage, place the correct chemicals in their spots, input the number you calculated in the machine above, then press the largest button on this same machine.
If you were correct in everything, the compound you made will appear on the bench to your right, to be used for future compounds, if you are wrong, you will take a bit of damage (not enough to kill you). And you need to figure out where you went wrong. The nature of making a compound means that there are a vast number of places you may have screwed up.
First of all check your math, and make sure you did not make an error. If that all seems sound, make sure you have the right ingredients, unfortunately you will need to grab the necessary ingredients from their spawns every time you screw up, which can take a fair amount of time if they are far away. Also make sure you are making the right chemical in the first place, if you don’t need one of the compounds, it won’t let you make it. If you try multiple times and just can’t seem to get it, it’s possible you were in the wrong colour when you looked at the chemical boards, and thus have the wrong numbers, so you would need to repeat that step.
Remember you need to make multiple compounds using this method, each one having a different number and typically using ingredients you previously synthesized (which are found on the table in the garage). You will need to craft about 3 or 4 compounds, so it is important you understand how to do this. It is very daunting at first, but after making a few compounds you will start to get the hang of it.

Something of note, if someone joins your game in progress, the numbers they see on the diamonds will appear different to them, than to you, and you will need to follow the people’s perspective who were in the game to begin with.
After finally synthesizing the compound you need to build the nuke, you are finally ready for the boss fight.

Step 4: Fighting the radioactive thing

Finally you’ve made it here. Take the final synthesized chemical and add it to the nuke, don’t start the boss fight just yet, make sure you are well prepared. I would recommend every player has 5 perks, tuff nuff, up n’ atoms and stamin’ up highly recommended. All players should have a twice pac-a- punched starting pistol (I’m not going to mention how to unlock double pap because I’m lazy, so just look up a guide). As well a high ammo bullet weapon, I personally always used a once paped trencher (which you can buy off the wall), I also suggest you activate a perk insured faf card if you have one, and don’t be afraid to use other faf cards during it to help you out.
When you are ready, have all players hold x on the nuke in garage, wait for the visual effect on it to go away, and hold x again to teleport to the boss fight. The boss fight takes place on the beach, and you are trapped here until it is finished or you die. It is split into a number of parts, with zombies spawning pretty much constantly.

Escorting the nuke

As soon as you spawn in, you will see the nuke sitting on top of a trailer, and you need to escort it to the shoreline, where the radioactive beast is. If 1 player is beside the trailer, it will slowly move forward. I would suggest 1 person head to the shoreline and train up zombies away from the other players escorting, some zombies will still be a problem for the other guys, but just shoot them down. Aside from zombies the Radioactive thing will consistently shoot great balls of fire at you, which do a ton of damage. If you are under the large concrete bridge you will be safe, but otherwise watch out. He will not shoot them too close to the shoreline, so if he does start shooting run as far forward as you can and you should be safe. You do not have to be right beside the nuke the entire time, so if he starts attacking the area, run away and then just run back to the nuke. This is pretty easy as long as you have one guy running zombies and keep an eye out for the fireballs.

Shooting the death rays

When the nuke reaches the shoreline it will launch at the radioactive thing. At this point, the second stage begins. Zombies will continue to spawn, but now the radioactive thing has a number of different attacks. He will do a very powerful slam which sends a shockwave forward and does a ton of damage, he will launch salvos of crogs and he will shoot a laser from his antenna. It is during this laser sequence that you need to act. A glowing green weak point will open up on his chest during it. This allows him to be damaged using one of a number of death rays located around the area. However, I highly recommend you have just one person stay on a death ray (preferably the one up the wooden stairs heading towards the gas station area), while the other players protect him. Since the guy on the deathray can not defend himself, make sure you are shooting any zombies near him. The guy on the deathray needs to just unload into the green spot on the chest when he does his laser attack. If you are accurate with this, you can actually get through this part very quickly, as you can hit him multiple times per sequence. All players need to be mindful of what the radioactive thing is doing, I suggest the deathray guy relay what attack he is doing to the others (laser/ slam etc.) so they know to get out of the way fast. It is difficult to know when this step is done, the radioactive thing kind of slumps over.

Survive for a bit

Once you have done enough damage, all players need to run down to the cart carrying the nuke and hold x at the same time.
Once this is done you will see a blue electrical outline of the nuke appear, meaning you did it right. Now everyone needs to very quickly run to the opposite side of the beach, underneath the concrete bridge. A max ammo is available on the small hill where the zombie hand holding the power switch is.
The radioactive thing launches a ton of damaging sludge over the area, and the only safe part is at the back under the bridge. Basically, you just need to stay here for a little bit until the final sequence starts, be shooting at the zombies with your paped starting pistols and keep an eye out for when the radioactive thing launches a number of green balls into the air, if you switch to a hitscan weapon, and damage will destroy these, because when they land they turn into grogs. This step is quite easy, and as long as you don’t run out of ammo you’ll be fine.

The infamous laser step
This is easily the hardest part of the boss fight, and it can quickly end a multiple hour run. Once you do get the hang of it, it is decently easy. After a while of shooting zombies, the radioactive thing is going to launch a grid or orange laser around the beach area, zombies will stop spawning at this point. All you have to do is very quickly have all players navigate their way through the lasers to the nuke cart and hold x on it at the same time.
Time is a huge factor here, you don’t have time to dilly daddle. If you managed to keep jug and stamin- up to this point, it will make it much easier, because touching a laser does not automatically fail you, but it damages you. Without jug, you can down very quickly unless you do it perfectly. Memorizing the path you are going to take and knowing when to slide and jump is key. The laser grid never changes no matter how many times you repeat it. Remember if even one person does not make it, you won’t succeed, every single person in your game needs to reach the beach alive.
Understand that it is very unlikely you manage to navigate these lasers your first go, you are so pressed for time you have to basically keep moving forward without stopping, so you don’t have time to look at the laser and figure out what move to make. You also don’t have enough time to prone and crawl under any of them, you need to slide. A small tip that is helpful for some areas, is that you can flow right into a jump out of a slide, you do not need to start sprinting first.

A timer does not show up right away, but once there is about 5 seconds left it will appear on the screen, if you don’t think you’re going to make it, just stop where you are to avoid downing, because it is very easy for every player to down at the same time here. If you do fail, it is really no big deal, as long as you act fast. The lasers immediately disappear once the time runs out, and all players need to run to the bomb cart and hold x. There’s a good chance at least one player is down here, so quickly revive them first, if you are quick enough, you will activate the cart before the zombies start spawning in.
Once the bomb is activated it is basically a repeat of what you just did, run to the back of the map to avoid the toxic goo, and survive there for a little bit. On subsequent goes of this part you do not need to last as long, as the laser step starts sooner. You do not get a max ammo on your second attempt, but you do on your 3rd, and every second attempt after that. The laser step is identical when you get to it, all players need to reach the bomb cart and hold x at the same time.

During the laser step, as soon as you see one team mate down, stop right where you are to avoid downing yourself (because if someone downed it would be impossible to finish anyway). As long as you are quick to go start the step over again when you fail, and you grab the max ammo whenever it is available, there isn’t really a reason to fail on this step, short of everyone dying to the lasers at once. My first go it took my team about 10+ attempts to get through the laser step, so don’t get discouraged if you can’t figure it out.

Activating the bomb
When every player passes through the lasers and reaches the bomb cart, hold x at the same time and you will be teleported inside the belly of the radioactive thing. Now, this part is easy, but some (like myself) might find it a bit annoying, especially considering the small window of time you have to do it. Remember that code you got from the safe by smacking the valves with the crowbar? Now it is time to use it. You won’t be able to bring up the score screen at this point, which is why you should have it written down before hand. To complete this step, that code must be inputted by every player in the game into the bomb. You input the code the same way you did to turn the built zombie to life, pressing x when a light is in the right spot, this one is much easier because the numbers are labelled. Again, if you mess up 3 times you need to start over from scratch, and you only have about 30 odd seconds to complete this before you are teleported out. If someone finishes their code, they can actually come and input another players if they are struggling. This is what I did because I, for the life of me, couldn’t time the numbers properly, so a teammate had to do it for me.
If you run out of time before every player inputs their number, you are teleported back outside the beast, and need to activate the bomb cart again to repeat the survival and laser step. What’s worse, there’s an achievement for inputting the codes correctly on your first attempt, so if you run out of time, you need to do the entire easter egg over again to even attempt this again, so try not to mess this up. If the code is inputted by all players (or if someone inputs it for another player), you will be done the easter egg and be given the achievement.


This easter egg seems incredibly daunting at first. I assure you, however, that after learning how everything works it is quite easy. I’m able to get through this whole thing in just over an hour with a full team of guys who know what they’re doing. You will be getting a few achievements along the way while doing this, and make sure you listen to all of Wyler’s recordings in the same game you complete this to get another achievement (located on a table by the pool).

I’m sorry this guide is insanely long, I just wanted to make the complicated steps as detailed as possible, because they can be very difficult to understand.
If you have any questions about this easter egg feel free to message me directly or leave a comment.
Good luck!
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