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I've Got A Cunning Plan

Perform 7 unique escapes across the Classic prisons.

I've Got A Cunning Plan+87.1
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    MUST BE done on a Classic Prison

    MUST BE unique escape methods.

    EACH PRISON has multiple UNIQUE Escape Methods (3 Unique per Classic Prison with exception of H.M.P. Offshore having 4) - Some are multiplayer and some are single player)

    DOES NOT count Perimeter Breakouts escapes as "Unique Escapes" towards this achievement. Maybe this is because this escape is on multiple prisons and is therefore not "unique". I've confirmed this is true via a dummy. Shout out to nuttywray for bringing this to my attention!

    MULTIPLAYER escapes can be done in local or online.

    YOU CAN check your escapes in the CRIMINAL RECORD section of the main menu screen (in the out of game menus). This will show you escape names. Ones you've completed will have a filled in key icon.

    IF YOU DID ALL ELIGIBLE (i.e. ones that count) ESCAPES per the first 3 Classic Prisons (Centre Perks 2.0, Rattlesnake Springs, and K.A.P.O.W. Camp), you could earliest do this by the completion of your escaping H.M.P. Offshore Prison at least 1 time.

    NO NEED TO START new game for a prison to try a different escape. Once you've escaped once you can continue and the game will load right before your escape and you can try a different escape and not have to worry about maxing out your strength, speed, and intellect stats again.

    UNIQUE ESCAPES that do count for the prisons / achievement are listed under their prisons below.

    * = Escape REQUIRES at least 2 players to perform

    Classic Prisons are:

    Centre Perks 2.0 - 2 Unique SOLO Escapes
    1. Meet The Crew
    2. Last Post*

    Rattlesnake Springs - 2 Unique Escapes
    1. Zip It Up
    2. Take Out The Trash*

    K.A.P.O.W. Camp - 2 Unique Escapes
    1. Speed McQueen
    2. Glide To Victory*

    H.M.P. Offshore - 3 Unique Escapes
    1. Bad Intentions*
    2. Trash Talk
    3. Swimming with Dolphins

    Fort Tundra - 2 Unique Escapes
    1. Rock-Hammer Hard Place
    2. Fun With Jeeps*

    Area 17 - 2 Unique Escapes
    1. I'm Only Human
    2. Alien Technology*

    USS Anomaly - 2 Unique Escapes
    1. Race From Space
    2. Peas In A Pod*
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