Drying Out achievement in The Escapists 2

Drying Out

Escape the H.M.P Offshore prison.

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How to unlock the Drying Out achievement

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    Found a wonderfull site. If you don't know The Escapists Wikia, here it is: https://theescapists.gamepedia.com/The_Escapists_2

    There you can know all escape possibilities, solo or co-op. There are 6 ways to escape H.M.P Offshore. Number 5 has 2 different methods, done only solo. Number 1 can be done solo or co-op. Number 2 only co-op. Number 3 and 6 are done solo.

    All the text below is copy paste from the website! I take no credit!

    There is an electrified fence to the right of the dolphin at the very bottom floor of the map. Turning off the generator will allow you to break this fence and get on the boat. Can be done in multiplayer and requires a red key to get there.

    This way of escaping is the same as the Perimeter Breakout. The only difference with this escape is that you have to go trough the double red doors on the north instead of the double red door on the south that lead to the boat. The double red doors will lead you to a submarine instead of a boat. And that's how you do this one.

    Note: Check out the video below for a visual help tool to help you on this escape.

    The escape on Snooty the Dolphin will require you to do just that: ride on Snooty the dolphin to freedom. In order to do this, you will first need to get you intellect to 70. After that is done, you will need to craft a readied fishing pole, which can be created using a paperclip, timber and a piece of string. Next, you will need to ready the rod with a worm, which is done by combining the fishing rod with a juicy worm. (Most often found on guards) After you get the readied fishing rod, you will need to get a plastic red key. This will involve you mercilessly punching through hordes of guards until you find the one with the key. Once the plastic red key is safe and sound in your inventory, you are ready to attempt the first part of the escape.

    Go to the bottom floor and into the police area on the left. (Outside of your cells) Go down until you see a red door, and when you do, go through it. You will need to navigate to the area where Snooty the Dolphin is chilling. Next to that is a free space to water. Use your fishing rod to catch a fish, and gift it to Snooty like to an inmate. After you do that, Snooty will give you a favor, in which you need to find a book that translates dolphin tongue. After you find it, the favor will switch into a quest for 3 things: sugar, flour, and milk. Once you find everything, craft it into a cake, and deliver it to Snooty.

    And now, thanks to all of your hard work, you will get an achievement and an amazing getaway vehicle.

    Method 1
    This escape method will require you to do quite a lot of things, so strap in! First, you will need to get you intellect to 60 and get the woodworking job. Next, locate the guard in possession of the red key. You will need to create a plastic replica. After you find and replicate the key, you will need to create a half decent pickaxe. Lightweight or sturdy will do. Finally, you will need to create a breathable trash bag, just like in Rattlesnake Springs. After you get all of the needed items, it's time to make your escape.

    At night, head north of the kennels until you see a small building with two stairways, one goes up to the generator, the other goes to lower levels, so head down. Once you reach the bottom, you will find two directions, south leads to snooty, north leads to the back of the building where the escape will be made, head north. now just break into the building with your lightweight or sturdy pickaxe. Head to the that contains a golden looking pedestal and hold the breathable trash bag in slot 1 and press cn_A on the pedastal.

    Method 2
    When the time is right, get everything that you've been keeping (all the items from method 1 with the exeption of a cyan key along with the red key) and move to the woodworking job area. Once you're there, you will need to start chipping at the wall in the bottom right corner of the room, right below the metal detector. Once you break through, you will have to move through the different cyan and red doors until you reach a room that contains the golden looking pedestal. Now hold the breathable trash bag in slot 1 and press cn_A on the pedastal as you would in method 1.

    Congrats! You have escaped!

    You will need a red key and a guard outfit. First go to the east side of the ground floor, then go down to the bottom floor, and walk along the platform until you're in the building. Next, go to the top of that building and get on the helicopter. This also counts as a Perimeter Breakout.
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    This is NOT my solution! smile
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