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I Am Your Father...

Fight another player in the U.S.S Anomaly, when you are both armed with energy swords.

I Am Your Father...+23.3
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    CAN be done in local or online.

    ONLY level with energy swords available is USS ANOMALY

    REQUIRES 70 Intellect

    CRAFTABLE requires 3 different non-contraband item:

    x4 Battery
    x4 Wire
    X2 Broom Handle

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Broom Handles
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    You can increase your Intellect in the Library by completing the mini-game. This is located at the BOOK icon on the map accessible via cn_back.

    Once you've got your intellect to 70. First craft the Energy Module with x2 Battery + x1 Wire. Take this Energy Module and combine it with x1 Broom Handle and x1 Wire to get the Energy Sword. Do this a second time to obtain a second Energy Sword. Now simply give an energy sword to your co-op partner and then attack each other with the swords to unlock the achievement.

    ADDITIONALLY if you're a lucky type of person, nuttywray has pointed out that it can be quicker perhaps doing this in Versus Mode. You'll have to get lucky and get the Prison as the randomly selected one. In versus mode there is the added benefit that one of the vendors will have them in stock and you can purchase one free of charge and this will not require you to have Intellect 70!
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    I did this with a second controller on versus mode

    • keep loading up versus with a second controller until you get the uss anomaly level

    • keep checking the vendors until you get two energy swords
    (Watch out for the scanners ) ( vendors are marked with a coin symbol and items from the vendors are free )

    • Equipped both controllers with the swords then hit the second controller with your main controller.
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