I want to Believe achievement in The Escapists 2

I want to Believe

Escape the Area 17 prison.

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How to unlock the I want to Believe achievement

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    This is prisons is pretty easy to escape from in the Classic Prison category. There are multiple unique escape methods for each level but I'll outline the 1 I feel is the fastest and easiest for this level. It requires a bunch of items but isn't too challenging to obtain them or time consuming.

    CAN BE DONE in local or online multiplayer.

    2nD Player will not get the achievement. I know what you're thinking.... find a person with a save file right before the escape and I can join their game and get the achievement right?!?! WRONG! laugh

    NOTE - That if you decide to play / collect the items needed for escape in multiplayer the 2nd player will have to quit out right before the escape as this is a single player escape method.


    - Intellect 60
    - X1 Black Ink (Common item in Desks)
    - X1 Feather (Common item in Desks)
    - X2 Plastic Items (Either comb or toothbrush) (Both Common items in desks)
    - X2 Lighters (Uncommon item in Desks or more commonly looted from guards)
    - X2 Talcum Powders (Common item in Desks)
    - X2 Toothpaste (Common item in Desks)
    - Security Pass
    - Maintenance / Civilian Clothes
    - Optional but funny (Plunger) laugh


    The 3 items will be crafting for our escape from these listed are:
    1. Plastic Red Key
    2. Plastic Cyan Key
    3. Security Pass

    Start off by accumulating all the uncommon and common items and increasing your stats especially making sure to get the Intellect up to 60. Once you've done that Combine x1 Talcum Powder with x1 Toothpaste to get x1 Wad of Putty. Do this a second time, now you have two non-contraband wad of putty to store in your desk. Combine x1 Lighter with x1 Plastic Item to get Melted Plastic. Do this a second time, now you have two contraband melted plastic to store in your desk. This IS a contraband item so be sure to hide them in your desk hiding spot with cn_X.

    Now once you've got your items, take a Blank Ink and Feather in inventory and beat up a guard who is on the cell block area (since it is far away from medics). Quickly grab the Security Pass off the guard and combine it with the Black Ink and Feather to make your own Security Pass, then QUICKLY place the security pass of the guard back on their body. The Security Pass is like a key, if you don't get it back on body you will go into lock down until they find it. If you weren't quick enough with replacing there pass quickly run and put your copy in your hiding spot of desk (another reason we beat a guard up in cell block area was for proximity to desk). Then place the guards pass on the ground and hide until the heat goes away or just die and respawn. Now you've got the Security Pass and are ready to make key copies. Now you'll want to find out which guards have red and cyan keys. Once you beat a guard up, and go into the loot menu of the guard's body with cn_A you'll see what key they have and also the game will mark it on the map and mini-map with a blinking key of the appropriate color above that guard's icon. Once you've got the right one's marked get rid of your heat. Now grab a wad of putty and wait until that guard is (ideally in the cell block) or at the very least away from other guards. Beat them up and grab the key and quickly combine it with a wad of putty to get a Key mold for that color. Replace the key back on their body. Again if you don't replace it you'll go into lockdown so if you're not quick enough again run and hide the Red / Cyan Key Mold in your desk hiding spot so you don't get it taken from you. Do this for both keys and then lose your heat. Once you've got both Molds, combine them with the Melted Plastic to get Plastic Keys for both cyan and red. Now we're basically ready to head out! On the way we'll grab the last item the Maintenance / Civilian Clothes!

    Equip the Plastic Red Key and Plastic Cyan Key and Security Pass. Be sure not to go through any METAL (contraband) detectors on your way. On floor 1 there is a giant room with a UFO in it surrounded by an electric fence. Head into that room and when the guards are not nearby, quickly use the Plastic Red Key on the door at the top of this room and then head to the room right above with a WRENCH icon on the map that requires a CYAN key to enter. There is a plumber in there but he won't bother you. Grab his spare clothes out of the desk and put them on. Now quickly head to the bottom left of this same floor 1 and this is the visitor's entrance / exit. Go through the door and then select your Security Pass to present to the receptionist and you've escaped!
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    FigbenderWhile this one is pretty simple I believe the rng is laughing at Me, I had everything needed for escape by day 2 except toothpaste of all things, I'm now on day 8 and STILL HAVEN'T FOUND ANY TOOTHPASTE, no one is selling it and none of the desks ever have it. Really frustrating as I'm basically just wasting time waiting for days to roll over so I can search desks and inmates again.
    Posted by Figbender on 05 Sep 17 at 15:34
    FNSUITE GHOSTHave you tried the non cell block desks? I kept finding it in the desk next to flying saucer UFO on level floor 1
    Posted by FNSUITE GHOST on 06 Sep 17 at 01:22
    FigbenderYeah I check those too, I'm just having bad luck I'd say haha

    Edit: finally got it, along with the great escape and cunning plan, all I needed was some toothpaste! laugh
    Posted by Figbender on 06 Sep 17 at 02:16
    FNSUITE GHOSTlaugh Toothpaste FTW! Great job! Congrats! clap Where was it hiding?!
    Posted by FNSUITE GHOST on 06 Sep 17 at 03:10
    It was in almost every desk on day 10, I guess the shipment was delayed laugh
    Posted by Figbender on 06 Sep 17 at 05:24
    FNSUITE GHOSTOr maybe your guys just didn't have good hygiene practice! Hate to smell those breaths! laugh
    Posted by FNSUITE GHOST on 06 Sep 17 at 05:46
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