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Diminishing Returns in Path of Exile

Diminishing Returns60 (10)

Reach level 90.

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Achievement won on 24 Jun 18
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Posted on 09 July 18 at 14:22
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While this seems like an obvious "keep playing and you'll get it" type achievement, it is possible that you can hold yourself back longer than necessary from getting to level 90.

By this point you should have long since been completing Maps. You'll want to keep pushing the tier of map that you're running as higher tiers contain higher level monsters, so reward more XP (also if you're playing in areas where the monster level is too far below your level you will gain a reduced amount of XP).

The major caveat here is that dying is really going to ruin your run to 90 - when you die in a map/high level Master missions/Eternal Labyrinth you will lose 10% of the XP required for the next level. e.g. if your next level requires 2,000,000 XP and you're currently 150,000 XP through your current level and die, you will lose all of it (you'll never go down to a previous level though).

So if you're using all 6 of the portals for a map to re-enter after deaths you're inevitably not going to be making any progress. This means you need to be careful with the map mods you're running; depending on your type of damage you probably need to avoid mods such as "Monsters reflect x% of Physical Damage" or "Monsters reflect x% of Elemental Damage". If you're playing a trap/totem/minion build these modifiers are less of a concern as the damage is not reflected back to you, as you're not delivering the damage to the monsters, though the mods can still make the map a bit of a pain due to you needing to re-summon a lot more frequently due to your traps/totems/minions killing themselves with the reflected damage.

Others that are worth watching out for include:
- "Players cannot Regenerate Life, Mana or Energy Shield" (If you're comfortable killing monsters at that map level this may not be too much of an issue as you should hopefully plow through them and keep your flask charges topped up to keep your life going. If you're running a build that doesn't use a mana flask though this can be really annoying as you just won't be able to cast anything).
- Watch out for combinations of curses assigned to the player, as they can do quite a bit to reduce your overall offense/defense, the reduced movement speed from Temporal Chains is annoying enough on its own.
- "Area has patches of 'x' ground" generally not too bad, though be aware that you shouldn't be standing still on whichever one it is. Also note that shocking ground will shock you (all other sources of lightning damage have a chance to do this), increasing the amount of damage you take, in the case of shocking ground you'll receive an extra 20% damage; so if this combines with increased crit chance/crit multiplier/faster attacks etc you can quickly receive a load more damage

Map mods are generally there to make life more difficult for you, the key is just being aware of the game mechanics and being aware of what mods you can/can't run.

While the higher tier maps give you more XP, if you're struggling to stay alive and/or struggling to kill things quickly it's not worth pushing to that tier as you'll end up dying and losing XP, or staying alive but completing the map so slowly that your XP rate would be much better at a lower tier map. If you are struggling with one of these areas it probably means that your health/defences are too low, your damage is too low, you've not got great gem links set up, or perhaps your flasks aren't setup right.

This is going to be general advice as builds can differ quite substantially:
- Health/Defences: your resists (not Chaos) should be at their cap, which is 75% by default, higher with certain skill tree nodes/items. If you're mapping, as a rough rule of thumb you should have at least 5k health (summoner builds can get away with a bit less compared to self cast builds as they shouldn't be taking hits themselves). If these are then in the right place you should be able to get a gauge on whether your current Armour or Evasion (if your build goes for one of them) is not enough.
- Damage: this will vary a lot depending on whether you've a physical damage/elemental damage/summoner build, and really it'll be down to what your main skill is. I would suggest checking some existing builds (if you're not using your own) that use the same main skill, and see what offensive stats they recommend looking for, once you get used to how each skill works you'll start to know what stats are useful in which builds.
- Gem links: for your main skill it's really valuable to have at least a 5-link chest piece, even if that's at the cost of losing some stats on your chest, you should be able to compensate for these elsewhere, and having the extra damage that 4-5 support gems provide is really going to boost your offensive output. There are a lot of "popular" links as well e.g. 4-linking Cast When Damage Taken => Immortal Call => Increased Duration Support => Haste/Enfeeble, CWDT means that after taking a certain amount of damage the linked spells will automatically cast, Immortal Call gets rid of your current endurance changes and makes you invulnerable to physical damage for an amount of time (very useful), the 4th linked spell such as Haste/Enfeeble will either increase your attack/movement speed for a period, or lower the damage/accuracy/critical strikes of enemies for a period. Having these cast automatically is a massive boost to your utility and or defense/offense. Other useful links include things such as Leap Slam/Shield Charge/Whirling => Faster Attacks => Fortify => Blood Magic to ensure you have a quick to use movement skill that also gives you a bit of defense, and that doesn't use up your mana pool (using life instead via Blood Magic).
- Flasks: again these are going to be heavily build dependent, but if you haven't already you need to get out of the mindset of just using Life/Mana flasks (you should be getting enough regen or leech to keep these both topped up without flasks most of the time), and potentially a quicksilver flask. There are a number of flasks that can significantly boost your stats while they're in use and create a pretty big difference between your default unbuffed character and your fully buffed character. While you're mapping, if you've made sure you've not pushed too hard and are at a level where you're at quite a high level but still comfortably killing monsters, the density of enemies should mean that you can essentially constantly have your flasks in use as you can activate them and then kill a large enough pack to refill them before the effects run out. Gemcutter's Stones, used to improve flask quality, aren't too common but they can be used on your flasks and will increase the duration of your flasks effects. Flask usage during bosses can be a bit different - if you're at the level where you can finish them off fairly quickly then it doesn't matter too much - as you get to more prolonged/multi-stage boss fights some flask management may be required to ensure you don't instantly run out then struggle, i.e. using defensive flasks when a certain skill/phase comes out from the boss. You may also use the tactic of opening a portal at the beginning of the fight, playing as normal, then when you're out of flask charges return to your hideout to refill them and go back into the map (just make sure you don't use all the portals and rob yourself of the kill!).

Gear: If you are following a specific build, the creator should hopefully give a good steer on what stats are most important for that build, and what, if any, required items there are for it. In general your weapons want only offensive stats on them, boots want a high movement speed roll (speed is great for offense/defense/utility), chest wants to be 5-link minimum.

Helm/chest/gloves/boots/belt are where you can really stack some good life/resist rolls to make sure you don't die.

Rings/amulet can also have good life/resist rolls, but can also get some nice offensive stats as well.

A lot of it will come from practice and incrementally updating your gear for you to get a feel for what works and what you can improve/sacrifice on each piece of gear. I would recommend trying other peoples' builds just to experience the levelling process in a guided manner, before then being able to come up with your own with the knowledge you've harnessed!

This ended up being a bit of a general guide, if anyone has any other tips, or corrections, I'm all ears.
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