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Collect all seven familiars in the game.

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    There are 7 of these to get and here are their locations and in the order that you should find them, they are as follows:
    Faerie Familiar:
    This one is located in the Library section of the castle, when you are in the biggest room in the Library on the steps change into a bat and fly to the left onto more steps, in the room to the left you will find an Antivenom, a Potion, an finally the Faerie Familiar Card.

    Bat Familiar:
    Go back to the room where you previously fought Slogra & Gaibon, on the right side of the room change into a bat and fly upwards and go into the room to the right, break the glass orb and collect the Bat Familiar Card.

    Sword Familiar:
    Head to Olrox's Quarter's, in the large room containing a fountain, in the bottom left of the room head left into a long hallway which leads to the Royal Chapel, near the end of this hallway there is a breakable ceiling, you need to equip a weapon which can swing upwards and forwards such as a mace type weapon, or a sword that "slashes", the axe sub-weapon works perfect for this, a weapon such as a rapier or stabbing weapon will not work for this. Break the ceiling and go through it, head right to find the Sword Familiar.

    Demon Familiar:
    Make your way to the Abandoned Mine, there's a switch off to the right in the wall that you cannot press, go down, and left past those pesky Gremlins to find the Demon Card. Hint: Go back to the switch and turn the Demon Familiar on, the Demon will now press that switch.

    Ghost Familiar:
    Make haste for the very top of the castle where you fought Dracula as Richter in the beginning of the game, at the beginning of the broken stairs, change into a bat, fly upwards, go into the room on the right where you will find 2 life maxs', 2 heart maxs' and the Ghost Familiar Card.

    Now the original Japanese version contains an additional 2 familiars that were cut out in the North American version of the game, they are as follows:

    Fairy Familiar: This one is a bit tough to explain, go to Olrox's Quarter's and is in another breakable ceiling I suggest opening this map to help you
    (It will say sword card on the map)

    Nose Demon Familiar:
    Go to the Colosseum, in the uppermost hallway containing the skeleton blademasters, in the beginning of the room above there is a breakable ceiling, and again, you will need a weapon such as a mace type weapon or the axe sub-weapon to break it open, go into the room above to get the Nose Demon Familiar. Voila! Achievement unlocked.

    For those of you who prefer a visual guide, here is a video showing you the 5 familiars, however they do not contain the additional Japanese familiars. (I couldn't find a video pertaining to the Japanese familiars, sorry). Credits go to Smeer516 for the video.
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