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Piggyback! achievement in Halo Wars 2


Activate the Grunt Goblin charge 10 times. (Multiplayer, Skirmish or Blitz)

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How to unlock the Piggyback! achievement

  • Segendary TySegendary Ty654,281
    18 Aug 2017 18 Aug 2017 19 Aug 2017
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    This is the Special ability from the Hero unit from Yapyap. It is unlocked after the first upgrade for the Hero. After that you just need to activate it, nothing needs to hit etc. Note that you can build 3 of these units and you don't even need to upgrade them.

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    SAVAGESANGHEILIYou have to unlock the first upgrade for the unit.
    Posted by SAVAGESANGHEILI on 18 Aug 17 at 23:57
    AmethystineApparently, it's called 'Ultrahustle', though?
    Posted by Amethystine on 26 Feb at 23:33
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  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox602,827
    18 Aug 2017 18 Aug 2017 18 Aug 2017
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    Wow, the easiest Halo Wars 2 DLC achievements yet! This and the "That sweet smell of home" achievement were unbelievably simple.
    This solution details how to get both at the same time, although you can get either this way just as easily.

    Time to do just 'Piggyback!'--2 minutes.
    Time to do just 'That sweet smell of home'-- ~5 minutes.
    Time to do both: ~5 minutes.

    Just start a Strongholds match with these settings:
    Game Type: Strongholds
    Time Limit: 10
    Starting Pop: 60
    Additional Pop/Stronghold: 10

    Unit Ability Cooldown: 200%
    Fog of War: OFF!!
    Leader Powers: On

    Skulls: If you have these, it'll be helpful!
    Pain Train(50% faster units spawn)
    EMPEROR!!(powers recharge 2x fast)

    Enemy AI: Easy, Cutter's a good choice.
    Don't forget to select Yapyap!
    Start the strongholds on any map you choose, although Sentry will probably work well.

    As soon as it starts, spam 3 Yapyap's from your armory, call in the drop ship leader power Grunts from Above(if you need "Sweet smell of home") near your base, set a global rally point near the enemy base, then grab all the strongholds around the map.

    Now, spam infantry, but if you need the Methane Wagon achievement, make sure to leave at least 20 population cap so you can call in the drop ship Methane Wagon drop a couple more times. Or leave 30 pop cap, so you can call it in 4 times! headspin The Leader Power Grunts from Above has a 1:20 cooldown between uses with the Skull active.

    Everytime the Methane Wagon drops in, select it and press cn_Y anywhere close to get the cooldown going on it's ability as fast as possible. It's a 40 second recharge time with the Skull active.

    With the Yapyap's, select them and press cn_Y anywhere nearby to get Piggyback! after 10 times. He has a 23 second recharge time with the Skull active.

    You'll just have to wait for the Methane tanks to recharge.. that's the slow part. Yapyap will be done really fast. Protect your Methane tanks(I had a Spartan hijack one angry). Maybe just keep them at your base!

    Spam the unit abilities, build units for fun, play around until you get both achievements, then wipe out the enemy with a massive attack if you want. It's fun playing around with Yapyap's leader powers.

    It doesn't make any sense that Yapyap can call in a glassing beam though....!
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