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Iron Belly achievement in Minecraft

Iron Belly

Stop starvation using Rotten Flesh.

Iron Belly+0.4
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How to unlock the Iron Belly achievement

  • CaptainAdeCaptainAde
    30 Aug 2017 30 Aug 2017
    Starvation is the point where your hunger levels are so bad, you start to take damage to your health, so simply run around, doing what you normally do and let your hunger level run down. When you start taking damage, eat some rotten flesh and the achievement is yours. It is important to note that your hunger levels do not deplete if you are inactive, so you cannot stand still and wait for hunger to kick in.

    It is wise to have some normal food, such as steak, to hand as well, as rotten flesh can give you food poisoning, which could do further harm.

    The easiest way I found to get rotten flesh was to run into a cave armed with bow & arrow, as zombies only spawn at night. You could also find some by building a simple shack in the middle of no where with a bed in it, wait till night time and then sleep till morning. Any monsters that will spawn at night will be cooked in the daylight, leaving behind their drops (apart from creepers and spiders)

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    MrWhite2UCan’t get it to unlock.
    Posted by MrWhite2U on 11 Jan at 22:38
    JasonYou only need one rotten flesh. Jump around until hunger bar is gone. Wait for health to get to 1/2 heart. As soon as (but after) it gets to 1/2 heart eat one rotten flesh. You can then eat other food if you need to heal. The achievement will be yours. The notification doesn't always pop up right away (or even at all) sometimes you'll need to just wait a few seconds then check the achievements in game to confirm.
    Posted by Jason#5669 on 29 Jan at 18:15
    Gmer ScorThumbs up from me 👍
    Posted by Gmer Scor on 18 Dec at 22:46
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    14 Apr 2020 02 Dec 2021 03 Dec 2021
    If you truly are struggling with this achievement I have a solution that worked for me. I tried everything. First of all put your game on hard, and get at least 20 pieces of rotten flesh on a new survival world. Then dig a whole and block your self in. Just keep jumping in till you have no hunger left. Let your heart deplete till it’s the last half heart left. Eat the rotten flesh and keep jumping let your hungry deplete again. Then eat rotten flesh again keep doing it over and over and the achievement should pop. It took about 6 eatings for my achievement to pop. Remember if you don’t eat as soon as your hunger is fully gone, that last half heart will go and you will die. If this has work for anyone please message saying it has for others. Thank you.
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    Anubis Gamma+1, this work for me. 🖤
    Posted by Anubis Gamma on 13 Dec 21 at 18:18
    el FrenoxWorked!
    Posted by el Frenox on 22 Dec 21 at 21:50
    PrimeBigTimeJust got it today after trying for hours on different worlds. I ended up getting it on an achievement world and just did it 50 times in a row until it eventually popped.
    Posted by PrimeBigTime on 27 Dec 21 at 00:02
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