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Deal nine hearts of damage in a single hit.

13 January 2020 - 1 guide

How to unlock the Overkill achievement

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    This guide is for people, like me, who are using the elytra tutorial world to try and get as many achievements from this game as possible. If you need any additional information, see Biovate's solution, here:

    Minecraft: Xbox One EditionOverkillThe Overkill achievement in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition worth 62 pointsDeal nine hearts of damage in a single hit.

    If you tried doing what he said, you'll notice a few things. 1. no autosaving anymore-something done in a world is permanent. 2. the experience point bottles do not give you 30 levels. they only give you 18 (more or less).

    So what i did was i grabbed said bottles, and also went to the redstone area and broke as many ores as i could find, as well as roaming for a while and killing animals. (in case you really wanted the xp..) I recommend getting ~15-20 levels. I had 18.
    >Once you have the XP

    1. Grab iron from the forge area, make a pickaxe, break down a diamond block, and make a diamond sword.

    2. Either near the forge area or in the enchantment area, there is a book with fire aspect 2. Grab that.

    3. In the enchantment area's chest, there's 32 lapis. Take them.

    4. Go to the enchantment table. You should have a diamond sword, some lapis, and around 15-20 XP levels.

    At this point, i pressed Save & Quit, then at the main menu, i COPIED the world. Once done, load up the COPY.

    Back in action, press the enchantment table (LT). You should be able to use the second (middle) enchantment. So put in the diamond sword, 2 lapis in the slot next to it, and press the middle enchantment tab. On my sword i got SMITE II. If you got sharpness II that's also ok. Anything weaker, go to the main menu, delete the COPY of the world, remake a new copy from the original, and try again. I only used up 2 experience levels doing this (i went from 18 to 16).

    >Either way, once you have the enchanted sword

    5. Head to the anvil in the forge, and merge your sword with the fire aspect 2 book. This should cost 4 XP levels.

    6. We will make a potion of strength to compensate for the lack of damage. So, go to the redstone area again, and underneath the chest where most of the ores were, you'll see a glowstone block. Destroy it and grab the dust. Heading back to the brewing area, grab the Nether warts, the blaze dust, and 3 bottles from the chest. Put the blaze dust on the top left tab, the nether wart in the middle, and fill the 3 bottles from the cauldron next to you, then slide them into the brewing stand as well. This will make an
    >awkward potion, then put blaze dust in the place of the Nether warts. After that brews, replace the blaze dust with the glowstone dust. This will make the Potion of Strength..stronger.

    Once all of this is done, wait for nightfall and make sure the game is on Easy. Approach any enemy (preferably not a zombie), drink the potion, and lure it to a ledge. You get bonus damage (crit hit) from falling, so when the enemy is close enough, fall down and strike.
    That should do it!

    Before someone asks, the reason you need ~20 levels of XP despite only using 6 is because the enchanting table requires a certain level to work. That's why you can't use the level 30 enchantment slot.

    Get a diamond sword, make a Strong Potion of Strength, ~20 XP levels, Fire Aspect 2 book from chest in enchantment room. Make diamond sword (using lapis) enchanted, then add the book. At night, find any enemy except zombie, bring it to a ledge, drink the potion, and strike when falling. This will get you the achievement (i tested 3x)

    Happy hunting
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    Instapissed KC As it appears TA didn't create a new profile for Minecraft after the BT update, but there is no longer a tutorial world. Reading thru the comments, getting a smite diamond sword crit is the easiest way to do this.
    Posted by Instapissed KC on 12 Apr 18 at 19:17
    Varba2 No more tutorial world, I hate all these guides that only tel you how to do it through that world
    Posted by Varba2 on 29 Jul 19 at 19:27
    ScoobyDoobyD0nt @varba2 even though the tutorial world doesn't exist anymore, the steps given can very easily be replicated in your own world. this was also written back when the world existed and thus was helpful to people then. Just get a strong sword and potion and strike an enemy as you fall down, thats it.
    Posted by ScoobyDoobyD0nt on 17 Aug 19 at 04:46
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