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Pot Planter achievement in Minecraft

Pot Planter

Craft and place a Flower Pot.

Pot Planter0
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How to unlock the Pot Planter achievement

  • TehMeatyWalrusTehMeatyWalrus
    25 Aug 2017 25 Aug 2017
    All you need for this is three bricks which is acquired from smelting clay which is usually found underwater in rivers or lakes. Smelt the clay into three bricks and you can craft the pot and place it for the achievement.

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    The Mr KillerThis seems to be one of the easies achievements ever but: I cannot find any clay in my world. It is an imported World from my Xbox One Edition but are there worlds that do not contain clay at all? I played probably 100 hours in this world already, did nearly everything there is to do. Found everything like underwater monument, Haunted house, villages, defeated the end, end-village, have a huge house, etc. I really explored everything but still: Not a single piece of clay so far.
    Posted by The Mr Killer On 12 Jan 18 at 07:56
    BonkekookFor anyone attempting this is one of the Xbox One Edition tutorial worlds that they import, I found some clay in the tutorial world that I imported. -402, 63, 428 has some clay around it, if anyone wants to stick to the tutorial world instead of launching new seeds.
    Posted by Bonkekook On 09 Jan 20 at 23:25
    JonBonStainsbySeems this may be bugged. I've made 3 plant pots and placed them, none of them activated the achievement.
    Posted by JonBonStainsby On 16 Mar 21 at 11:04
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  • MakkerMakker
    01 Jul 2018 01 Jul 2018
    If you're having difficulty finding clay in your own world there's a very quick and easy way around this.
    1. From the main menu choose Play, Create New and then Create New World.
    2. Under the game settings choose Survival and Peaceful difficulty. Scroll go down to Seed and click the arrow to the right of the text box. Choose the pre-defined "Cliffside Village" map. Enable the "Show Coordinates" option and then click Create. The actual seed for the map is -334399639 if anyone's interested.
    3. Spawn in, look behind you and you'll see a pool of water. There's some clay in there at coordinates 356, 63, 7 (you only need a total of 3 clay).
    3. Punch a tree for wood and make a crafting table. Make a wooden pickaxe.
    4. Mine some stone and make a furnace.
    5. Use wood as fuel to smelt 3 clay into 3 bricks, then use the Crafting table to make the Flower Pot.
    6. Plant the Flower Pot to get your achievement.

    This game seems to have a delay between meeting the criteria and the achievement popping. Don't know if that's because I'm playing in Realms or if it's just how the game is but I always have to wait 5-10 seconds before my achievements actually show up.

    Constructive criticism always welcome. Happy to revise the solution if anything's unclear. Happy hunting!
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    BonkekookThanks! Just a heads up though, the Cliffside Village preset seed was no longer available to pick(at least for me), but putting the seed string in worked to perfection.
    Posted by Bonkekook On 09 Jan 20 at 09:50
    bbyraspberryI followed very closely to this guide. I wasn't able to choose the cliffside village as said above but the seed string worked when you type it in. Also it saves you some time if you just opt for the bonus chest as it has a crafting table, a wooden pickaxe and some wood for fuel! And my achievements are the same, it never pops up immediately and I'm in a good ol regular world.
    Posted by bbyraspberry On 07 Jan 21 at 23:25
  • MinionOperationMinionOperation
    12 Oct 2019 05 Oct 2019
    The solution to this achievement is quite simple:

    First, find a river/ocean, then search underwater for clay. When you find some clay, break it and you will get 4 clay, smelt it in a furnace and you will get some bricks. You will need 3 bricks to craft the pot. Once you have crafted it, simply place it and you will get the achievement.

    I hope this helps.
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    SubtleEel4I have done that twice, and no achievement. Not sure what the problem is.
    Posted by SubtleEel4 On 26 Feb 20 at 16:16
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